Midterm Assignment

Mid-semester already??!? I refuse to believe that this semester is halfway already. It feels like just last week I learned how to make memes, how to include hyperlinks in my posts, and how to customize my own website. In previous classes, I’ve created websites but it wasn’t anything like the one where I can create the website of my dreams. For years I wanted to create a website with personal hacks I know of, tips, how-to, recipes, blog posts, and so much more but never knew how. However, now I do and can’t wait to fill my website with all these.

A strength of mine in this class I believe would be my blog post. I’ve always enjoyed reading a blog post and always wanted to create one myself. In CT101 I have a serval blog post all of which I enjoy doing so much. It’s so relaxing to sit after a stressful day and write blogs about whatever interests you.

I do feel like in this class I’ve learned many new skills but still need more improvements. I would like to work on adding more hyperlinks to my blog post because I feel like I lack in that. I remember the first blog post I’ve created, Internet Happiness. I included a few hyperlinks there but now that I know more, I’m going to be adding more to my blogs. I also feel like blogs have helped me as a communicator because I can use pictures, GIFs, Memes, and more as a way of communicating. I feel confident in this class and I feel like I’ve earned an A. I’m in each class, have a hot drink along with Professor Seslow, do the assignments, and comment on other’s amazing post. Something else I need to continue working on is customizing my website. For my domain name, I went with Vibewithcindy.com. I was nervous about creating my website but also so excited because it felt like a beginning to something great. If you would like to see what my website looks like now, click here. I know that whenever I’m stressed out I can go on my website and type away my stress. I always had a passion for writing and through this class and my website, I can fulfill this 🙂


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