Website Ideas.  

I actually owned this domain name for a while. I created a website where I was selling infographic (self help ,Psychology and business) book summaries. I didn’t want to fall into legal issues so I just let go of the project.

Infographics are great way to engage your reader. 

here is an example:

getting_things_done = click for pdf.

( just a side note, the infographics were outsourced) 

I love reading books and talking about them.  There are some really interesting popular psychology books that anyone can benefit from. 

This is different from the previous website in that my goal would not be to make money but to review books and even recommend them.

I love psychology. However I hate impractical knowledge. William James the

most influential psychologist  also felt psychology should be a practical


I agree.

In this blog I would take psychological principles and write with a heavy

emphasis on practice.

In this website I would take psychology principles ( both practical and theoretical) and explain it to psychology and non psychology majors. The target audience would mostly be college students who are trying to learn for their exam. 

For the past 5 years I have been  taking notes of the new insights I come across from books , personal life, or  other sources . I take these insights and store all of them on an app called Google keep. These notes  also contain my person opinion and thoughts. I also try to connect ideas using this app.

Some of these insights are personal, however I think I would love to publish them one day.