Domain Registration

I’m officially an owner of my very own website.

So out of my 3 domain option names, I chose to go with RAAIWLou.Com!

I personally felt that they name was fitting for all the thousand & one ideas I would like to incorporate into my website. I’ve settle on doing a blog, self journal kind of blog website. So, each week I would sure one idea and/or event that has been the highlight of the week. In doing this, it gives me the opportunity to share all my ideas I came up with in my last post. (Here’s the link to checkout my brainstormed ideas:

This process in registration goes my domain was soooooo easy. It was so effortless and user friendly, that I was able to register from my IPhone! It took me about 2 minutes to read over the instructions and another 2 to complete the process! Lol


I wish I would’ve did it the day of when we got the assignment. I know, It’s the procrastinator in me!

Here are come screenshot of evidence that I’m registered:

1st Pic: I got an email welcoming me. How sweet?!

2nd Pic:This was the last in which you had to do, which is to verify my email.

3nd Pic: I just clicked the link reclaim provided & my email was verified in less than a minute.

Overall, this was one of the easiest assignments to complete. You just had to follow instructions & your good to go. For the future assignments, I think it’s going to get more difficult because I’ll have to make the final decisions about everything for my website. And boy am I my best believe biggest critique! But I have high expectations/hopes to create phenomenal content!

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Name Assignment

So this the assignment I was waiting for all along, the starting up of my very own website. It seems like I would have it together seeing that I’ve been waiting all this time. But in reality, it seems that I have some writer’s block! It took me a whole week to complete this post. In all honesty, I don’t have a clue as to what I want my website to be about. I have so many ideas and I’m not sure if it’ll all flow together.

My current mood is this Giphy! Lol

I’ve decided to just write down all the ideas I’m currently thing about.

My first idea is to create a self journal where I document my daily activities. I want to incorporate daily inspirational quotes/bible verses to start off my blog post. It would be like my very own journal but digitally, I’ll discuss daily struggles, my wins, and any changes in my life. My purpose behind this is to inspire someone who may identify themselves with me.

Another idea is to document all the fun and exciting things to do in NYC. I would document my experience with pictures, videos and a brief summary/rating of the place was. I’ll be like a self-made critic. With this idea, I intend to also give my audience some quarantine safe activities to do, due to COVID-19.

The last idea would be to create a website where I can share my fashion, hair care, and skincare tips. It’ll be all about self-care for women, its good to always take some time for yourself. We all have busy lives but treating yourself once a week at least can release some stress and help you unwind from a world that’s always on the go.

Some of the domain names I have in mind are:

  1. AllThingsLou.Com
  2. Simply_Lou.Com
  3. ReadAllAboutItWith_Lou.Com or RAAIW_Lou.Com
  4. LouannieNSmith.Com