Final Post- FIN

About Course and Skillsets

Taking Ct101 has been a fun and exciting journey. I initially thought this class would have been a lot of work but I was totally wrong. I thought I would’ve had to be computer savvy and be able to have prior experience of using the internet and different software. But boy was I WRONG! This course is very user friendly! Professor Seslow is so great at his class course tutorials; that even if you missed a week of work you would still know how to do the assignment.

There were a lot of times where I missed a set in a live class session and the zoom recording saved me. Lol

I have learned so many skill sets like gif and meme-making, hyperlinking, embedding videos, creating my very own domain, and challenging myself to learn how to create logos. The CT101 website was set up in a way where every week we were learning a new skill set and were encouraged to recreate content containing all we learned. These assignments were never too difficult in my opinion, seeing that I am a millennial and the content was familiar to me. 


It’s a bittersweet feeling to know that this course has come to an end.

Website Information 

Because I enjoyed how we were able to pick and choose how we wanted to do things and we had most of the creative authority. Especially when it came to our websites! (Heres the link to mine)

I thought I would have had more time to develop my website. I created my website with the intent to self journal. So, I would blog about my self-care ideas, quarantine-safe fun activities, and/or my every day-to-day struggle as a young adult. One major success is that I was able to follow the step thoroughly to develop my website. It wasn’t hard to customize it to my liking because I had a visual in mind already. I was going for a stylish but simple look because I am girly but not too extreme. One of my biggest frustration during this process was TIME. Between my other demanding classes and CT101, I didn’t get a chance to post as much on my website as I wanted to. But seeing that I’ll be done with classes this week, I will definitely keep up with posting. I feel as though writing can be very therapeutic and so this is why I will upkeep my site.  

My website is set up pretty much like the tutorials the only thing is that I have included an about me page and a gallery. The about me page is just a little summary of me and what the website will entail. The gallery is just there for all the logos and/or pictures I make upload in my blog post. 


I feel as though I deserve an A, A-, 


I have managed to complete all of the week’s assignments. Also, I have put my best effort into creating content that was completely thought out and structured. I was always taught when you do something make sure you give it a 100% and that’s what I did in this course!

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Registration

I’m officially an owner of my very own website.

So out of my 3 domain option names, I chose to go with RAAIWLou.Com!

I personally felt that they name was fitting for all the thousand & one ideas I would like to incorporate into my website. I’ve settle on doing a blog, self journal kind of blog website. So, each week I would sure one idea and/or event that has been the highlight of the week. In doing this, it gives me the opportunity to share all my ideas I came up with in my last post. (Here’s the link to checkout my brainstormed ideas:

This process in registration goes my domain was soooooo easy. It was so effortless and user friendly, that I was able to register from my IPhone! It took me about 2 minutes to read over the instructions and another 2 to complete the process! Lol


I wish I would’ve did it the day of when we got the assignment. I know, It’s the procrastinator in me!

Here are come screenshot of evidence that I’m registered:

1st Pic: I got an email welcoming me. How sweet?!

2nd Pic:This was the last in which you had to do, which is to verify my email.

3nd Pic: I just clicked the link reclaim provided & my email was verified in less than a minute.

Overall, this was one of the easiest assignments to complete. You just had to follow instructions & your good to go. For the future assignments, I think it’s going to get more difficult because I’ll have to make the final decisions about everything for my website. And boy am I my best believe biggest critique! But I have high expectations/hopes to create phenomenal content!

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Name Process

So I have finally created my domain name!

The winner is

I have decided that since I already have this username for my youtube channel why not make this into a full brand.

I plan on putting content of videos and skits etc showcasing my passion for acting. The process itself was very smooth and I am very excited to finally say I have my own website!

Besides my youtube content, i want to make it scary themed talking about paranormal stuff, conspiracy theories and stuff that people are afraid to discuss. I find the paranormal itself very fascinating because people get a huge adrenaline rush and so I want to create horror themed content!