Assignment #2:A Gif Story

To be honest, my initial feeling of this class was of all my other classes. It was another 10 o’clock class that I had to get up from my Cozy cover for.

I think everybody can relate to not wanting to wake up for an early morning class. lol

My mindset was immediately changed when I signed on to our first zoom meeting and here was the class was all about. I was intrigued!

I was overjoyed at how well detailed, laidback and understanding Professor Seslow was. I also loved that I could go at my own pace in this class.

My thoughts towards being able to set my own workflow pace were like:

“This class finna be a breeze!”

I love that the lessons are user friendly. With the recorded tutorials, our class work is self explanatory. I feel as thought this course can be used as a crash course”Blogging 101 for dummies.”Lol

What I’m really looking forward to is creating my own blog website!

I already have so many ideas as to what o want to blog about. It’ll be like my personal journal that I share with the world & my fellow
CT101 classmates.

I LOVE HERE!!!!!!!

Im so ready to create/explore all kinds of creative content to build my portfolio.

I can’t wait to see what our next assignment is all about. Should be FUN!!!!!!

(Disclaimer besides the websites given to use to create gifs, I used some content also from tenor.)

Louannie N. Smith