Assignment #2 – Making our first GIF post!

Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narratives!

Assignment #2 – (scroll down for the full video tutorial)

Exciting times! Lets make some GIFS and explore the history, contexts and potentials of this Internet Culture Sensation! GIFs are obviously here to stay! How far will they go?

But First, and Importantly:

What makes a successful, compelling and engaging Blog Post?

We have a contrast and a result to work from now that we have published out first assignment, looking back, did you cover all of these aspects listed below? (you can always edit and update your existing posts!)

Good Blogging:

  • is thoughtful with your post titles –  How will your audience know what the post is about if you don’t make this clear and engaging?
  • giving your opinions, feelings, insights & philosophies – Ct101 is a platform for you to share, express and discover the potentials of creative writing through media and narratives.
  • backing up your resources, inspiration and research with links, we need to see where the information has come from.
  • proof reading your grammar and punctuation. Its OK to work stylistically, but it should be kept consistent.
  • and always embedding cool media that’s made or found from elsewhere to give context and keep the audience engaged.
  • what could we add to this list?

(you can click on the images above and they will re-direct you to their websites. I did this by selecting the “custom URL” option in the media / image uploading specifications area and added the URL)

Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to explore and create GIFS with! They have a HUGE repository to choose from! In our Zoom class this week (week #3) lets check out both of these platforms in a series of live video tutorials, both Imgur & Giphy are free to use and work with. (You can sign up for your own account, both are free) Lets experiment with both platforms this week as we work on this post. Be sure to share our thoughts on what you think about both, did one work better for you? If so, what were those features?

**Below is the class video tutorial for week #3. Referring back to the video will be helpful in completing the assignment.

Passcode: LO^q8s&$

*The Assignment Details:

Lets publish a NEW BLOG POST of your own and comment on one of your Classmate’s GIF Posts!

This week – lets create a NEW blog post using your CT101 Author access on our class website and embed a series of new Reaction GIF s that narrates your feelings about our CT101 class so far! How can you tell your story in GIFs so far?

Think about these questions; What did you think on the first day of the CT101? Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes? Also, address what the potentials of this class are?! (yes, you can make this post as long you wish and make it flow like a story – This assignment description that you are reading is also a BLOG post example of the assignment!) Each reaction GIF that you use should be accompanied by a sentence or two or three of verbiage to help describe the GIF and narrative you are communicating.

**And be sure to also comment on one of your Classmate’s GIF Posts!

Here is an example of me responding in GIF expressing above : “Demonstrations and examples will be shared and executed in our class Zoom lab time, don’t miss it!” (and if you do miss it, Ill post the video tutorial from class here below) Sinister audio fades in and out as Skeletor GIFs himself into oblivion!

Lets get started!

**PS – Here is a handy tutorial on how to make a GIF from a YouTube URL using Imgur from Prof. Smith a few years back –  My first GIF post

How do you say it / pronounce it? Gi-f or Ji-f?

The battle continues! And the Internet will not ever let us 

Oh, and what about some GIF history?

Here is the WIKI for the GIF file format – its a good read.

Smithsonian – History of the GIF

Mashables take on the History of the GIF

A good article for WIRED on the 30th Birthday of the GIF

**In case you missed it above – Below is the class video tutorial for week #3. Referring back to the video will be helpful in completing the assignment.

Passcode: LO^q8s&$

Assignment #2 – Sooo Many GIFs!

Last semester in my advanced sculpture class, I made a very good friend.

She is currently a CT major, and was telling me about what her classes were like. She said that they do coding, web design and animation, which sounded very interesting to me!

She recommended that I take CT 101, and told me that it was a lot of fun.

My first impression of this class was that it would be very exciting, but I was still a little nervous at the time because I had never really done anything like blogging or creating content like this online before.

Picking out a video to create my first GIF was a little nerve-wracking because there was so much to choose from!

….But 20+ GIFs later, here we are!


Assignment #2:A Gif Story

To be honest, my initial feeling of this class was of all my other classes. It was another 10 o’clock class that I had to get up from my Cozy cover for.

I think everybody can relate to not wanting to wake up for an early morning class. lol

My mindset was immediately changed when I signed on to our first zoom meeting and here was the class was all about. I was intrigued!

I was overjoyed at how well detailed, laidback and understanding Professor Seslow was. I also loved that I could go at my own pace in this class.

My thoughts towards being able to set my own workflow pace were like:

“This class finna be a breeze!”

I love that the lessons are user friendly. With the recorded tutorials, our class work is self explanatory. I feel as thought this course can be used as a crash course”Blogging 101 for dummies.”Lol

What I’m really looking forward to is creating my own blog website!

I already have so many ideas as to what o want to blog about. It’ll be like my personal journal that I share with the world & my fellow
CT101 classmates.

I LOVE HERE!!!!!!!

Im so ready to create/explore all kinds of creative content to build my portfolio.

I can’t wait to see what our next assignment is all about. Should be FUN!!!!!!

(Disclaimer besides the websites given to use to create gifs, I used some content also from tenor.)

Louannie N. Smith

Assignment 2- GIFS!

The first day of CT 101 was beyond my expectations. It was really fun and I was very intrigued on learning the content of Digital storytelling. When we were introduced by the website it looked quite appealing.

When we were told to sign up and make weekly blog posts on this strange new website that’s when I got nervous because I don’t have any experience in digital storytelling what so ever.

However things got much simple when we got to know Professor Ryan and seeing how chill he was and how easy the website was. I was able to easily sign up and make my first blog post.

Compared to my other classes this has to be hands down the most interactive class as of yet. When I heard no exams I was a happy man. Finally a class where I can just be creative and forget about studying for exams in which I probably won’t use in the future.

Assignment # 2: GIF Post

On the first day of CT101 I was a little bit nervous. Even though classes are online I was nervous because I’ve never taken a class like Digital Storytelling before.

At the first Zoom meeting, it was nice seeing Professor Seslow because I’ve heard all good things about this class and on how fun it is. Already being on week 3, I couldn’t agree more. This class is so much fun and different from all the other classes I’m taking.

Ct101 is also one of the coolest classes I ever heard of and compared to my other classes this semester it’s the class which I enjoy the most.

Since the class is at 10 am, sometimes it’s hard for me to get up from my bed. Sometimes I even change my alarm to wake me up around 9:50 when I originally wanted to be up by 9 am.

However, once turning on my computer and logging into zoom, I see professor Seslow smiling at us and I feel like I made the right choice in picking this class.

(I had to add an Office Gif, it’s one of my favorite show ever! Dwight and Micheal are some of my favorite on the show. Here’s one of my favorite clips, click here. )

Overall, I’m so excited for what else that class has in store for us all :).




Assignment #2 – Gifs!

Before starting this class, I was freaking out a bit!

Scared Freak Out GIF by The Meredith Vieira Show

I’m not the brightest internet user, so… I was relieved when I found out that the course was for beginners, and you didn’t need any knowledge on the net. Unlike my other courses, whom I have to read 20-40 pages for, CT101 seems a lot more delightful!

Scripps National Spelling Bee Yes GIF by ESPN

When I logged in on the first zoom class, I was surprised how relaxed Professor Seslow made the class feel. It was friendly, NOT intense, and something I can see myself enjoying. I felt like I could do this!

season 4 starz GIF by Outlander

That all changed when Professor Seslow mentioned we would be using “the commons”!?!!?!

Oh No Omg GIF by Friends

I honestly had no idea what the commons were, and it sounded really complicated. But after navigating through the site, it didn’t feel so scary anymore.

I realized that this is doable!

Now, I am ready for what’s to come. And I feel confident I will get the work done!

fallontonight fashion wow omg work GIF