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So, here we are at the last stretch of the semester. Overall, I can proudly say that I’ve really enjoyed this CT 101 course. I love the fact that the assignments we’re given don’t ever feel like it’s a burden to complete. I love the fact that it’s a class that is set at our own pace. This has been a great advantage because I do have much more demanding classes this semester. I also love how we’re being pushed to be creative and authentic. Not a lot of courses give you the chance to do something like that. However, just like any other class, we were tasked with a midterm blog post questionnaire.


Below I have provided the main questions asked and my honest answers. 

What have been some of the main skills that have been discovered, learned, and applied? 

The main skills I’ve discovered while in CT 101 is the art of using memes/gifs. Memes/gifs are used as another form of communication, it expresses relatable feelings/thoughts using pictures. Another skill I’ve discovered is creating logos, this skill came about when we created our domain names. I knew I wanted an original logo, so I decided to use my helpful internet & YouTube to learn the process. I was surprised at how easy it was to do and how enjoyable it was to make them. Here some samples: 

What do you know now that you did not know before the class began? 

All the different concepts thus far that we have learned were all new to me. I knew of gifs and how to personalize but I didn’t know how to embed them or even make it move on a post.  I didn’t know that a website took a lot of customization. I thought we would’ve made a domain, change some coloring and effects around, then we would start blogging weekly. We spent 3 classes just setting up the logistics and background information on the front page to look personalized. 

What are your strengths so far? 

I believe my strengths so far is writing and organizing my thoughts in my post; Everything seems to flow & synchronize. Also, I think my creativity is a strength, I have a lot of ideas and I like to play around with content to ensure it’s perfect for my liking. Thirdly, I’m a fast learner so the new concepts we learn each week aren’t difficult to execute. 

What do you need to work on and make improvements on? 

Comments more on my classmates’ posts. If I improve on this it would ensure that I’m fully completing all the requirements for the class. Also, looking/commenting on others’ work can help me come up with ideas when I have writer’s block. I would like to work more on embedding videos into my post, that’s one concept I haven’t used yet in any of my posts. 

How have the assignments helped you as a communicator? 

The assignments have been a lot like written tutorials to the skills we’ve been learning. I feel as though I’m able now to fully explain myself, where people can fully understand. This is a great skill set to have in writing because it ensures your reader is understanding and following the ideas/theme of your writing/body of work. 

What grade do you feel you have earned so far in our class?

I think my grade should be ranging in the A category. My work is always done for the most part and I provide really good blog posts. My work is authentic and reader-friendly. 


Information on my website:

Three weeks ago we registered our domain name. I chose RAAIWLou.com as my blog post domain. “RAAIW” is an abbreviation for Read All About It WIth Lou( Short for Louannie lol). Check the hyperlink to check out my recent post and feel free to leave a comment! Thanks! 

Louannie N. Smith

Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

“The Journey Begins!”

**Please read through this post carefully as it contains a lot of important information**

Two LIVE ZOOM tutorials of this process will be screen recorded and placed at the bottom of this blog post starting today 10/15. The first recording will be on 10/15 @ 10am 

Last week we began talking about Domain Names and what role they play in creating a digital identity on the web (and as a part of this class.) If you missed last week’s post on that, please review it here first as it has context and will help make this next step a bit smoother. 

This week we are going to get started! We are going to register a domain name and also set up web hosting, which will allow you to put files up online and will be discoverable through your new domain name! We are going to use a form of ‘shared hosting’ where you get a portion of a server – think of it as having an apartment in a building. With this shared hosting you will be able to do a lot of things including installing your own instance of WordPress (remember, this is NOT wordpress.com) so you can start building your website for your domain name.

We use a company called Reclaim Hosting, with which we have a contract with so you will enter a coupon code and start your account for free.

*The coupon code will be e-emailed to everyone via blackboard on the morning that your class meets during week #7 – so please check your York College e-mail address to get the coupon code. (the code can only be used one time)

We chose this hosting company because they have a lot of experience working with students just like you, that are likely getting their first domain name and web hosting account. You will be creating an account just like you would with any online vendor with which you want to purchase something. So it’s not a ‘CUNY’ account, we’re just giving you the coupon code to pay for the year’s service.

You do not need to pay for anything, so please reach out if you have questions – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

Again, 2 LIVE ZOOM tutorials of this process will be screen recorded and placed at the bottom of this blog post. The first recording will be on 10/15 @ 10am.

With that said, you will need to provide a name, address, and phone number. Lets go to this sign-up page <— to get started.

1. First you will need to pick your domain name, make sure that it is available and make your selection to proceed.


2. On the next page, check the ‘add ID protection.’


3. On the next page you should see two items in your cart and a price of $32 with ID protection, you will then enter the needed information for your account and provided coupon code and validate it. (you will NOT be charged for this, its already included in the course.)


4. Your total should now be $0. If it is not then check the items and your cart and adjust.

5. You should now fill in your personal information, and select the payment by mail option. (again, you will not be charged anything.)

6. Complete the order and check your email for your account information and a verification of your e-mail. With your new account information, log-on to Reclaiming Hosting.



***Here is the NEW Tutorial below that Ryan made in class during last semesters class on  10/15/20 – the process is the same so please follow along and pause the video as you go!


Passcode: xm0g%qi4


*Here is the Tutorial that Ryan made in class during last semester’s class on  3/26/20 – the process is the same as above so please follow along and pause the video as you go!


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