Vapor Wave Review

Reporting Live:

So, for this post I decided to go from a journalist’s perspective, I want to start off by saying that this art website has some pretty impressive vaporwave art. After all my browsing I noticed a theme throughout most of the designs. There were a lot of Roman/Renaissance sculptures inspo use. Whether it be the well-detailed columns or the head of earlier Roman sculpture models. I also notice the use of neon yellow, blue, and purples. From the overall viewing of the Net Art website, I can confidently say that vaporwave is a combination of modern and old visuals with an enthesis on warm neon colors. 


Personally, I don’t really like the moving or blinking lights vaporwave trend. The moving/blink colors and/or images hurt my eyes and if I look at it for too long it reminds me of a form of hypnosis. However, I do love many of the artwork from the website. I like how so many of them are personalized to the artist and that the artist uses other depictions other than the normal Roman Era inspo. 


Here are a few of my favs: 

From just looking at the picture I know that the artist is graduating this year. This is definitely an inspirational piece because I too will be graduating in May of next year. 

I loved how this artist uses the faded feature and the different line combinations to compliment the detailed visuals. Also, the colors aren’t too loud where the user is distracted.

This piece of art is different, that’s why I like it. Although there is the usage of the neon warm colors, I noticed it doesn’t have any sculpture aesthetics. I think it pretty cool how he made a waterfall flowing out of Arizona can. It’s Beautiful!

Louannie N. Smith

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