My Journey……

Me searching for an easy class with a good professors the last week of registration. 
Me finding CT 101 with professor Ryan Seslow After hours of searching.
Me on zoom hoping not to make eye contact with the  professor so he doesn’t call on me.
Me being inspired by professor Seslow.
Me working on my first blog
Me hoping the professor liked my first post.
Me seeing the professor respond to my post.
Me working on creating my first GIF


More GIFs

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( This is my  customer and friend Carlos, he is 70 years old.

Carlos is 70 but has more energy than an 18 year old. No one

messes with Carlos on the block.)

Internet Therapy

I have a confession to make. 

I hate the internet. But I also love her (sometimes). 

There is 1 thing that makes me happy on the internet…….


Yes this is a waste of time and counter productive if done in access , but 1 funny comment can uplift your mood. 

It’s like therapy but it’s free. 


From 2015- 2020 I deliberately avoided looking at any youtube comments because I was wasting hours responding to  comments every week.

Then 2020 came ……….


One day in the middle of the pandemic I was watching a video (maybe for class, I don’t remember) 

 My curiosity got the best of me and I decided to read a youtube comment for the first time in 5 years. 

SOOO… I scrolled 


And read a  few comments. 

I don’t remember the video or the comment, but it was very funny. 


It was so funny that I decided to start reading youtube comments after I got my work done. 

A lot of these comments are really funny. Many times even funnier than the actual video. 

A few examples: using the funny scale ( 1-10 )


Comments: 10





Comments: 10




Comments: 8




Reading Youtube comments can be very addictive in high doses. 

Just like anything in life, moderation is key. 


To everyone: I wanted to make this post longer but many of my images are not posting.