website progress

This semester was probably one of the most challenging semesters I’ve ever had to deal with in my college life thus far. From having a full-time job to being a full-time student and getting ready to transfer from York college, I really need life to slow down a bit right now.

I came to CT-101 hoping to get an easy A, but I got more than that. Thanks to this class, I am better at photoshop(barely), can create memes, and even have my own website!

I feel like an IT technician lol.

Honestly, my communication skill could use a lot of improvement since it’s pretty hard for me to get my words together when writing a paper or summary. Still, Co-Vid19 gave me enough time to work on that.
Hopefully, I get a pretty decent grade in this class!

Also, here’s the hyperlink to my website, i hope you guys like it.