Assignment #6 – Its Mid-Semester Assessment Time

How am I doing in CT101 you ask? Well if you must know, I’m doing just okay in the class I would say.


I would say I am maintaining a grade of a B- at this point of the semester. The evidence is shown by doing all the assignments but only missing assignment #5 at this point. I plan on completing the assignment this week. I went back and revised assignments #2 and #3 to make them better. I respond and engage with my fellow classmates in their posts. I try to respond to one classmate for each assignment we do. I participated in a class hand full of times and showed my camera once. I believe I can improve in this aspect. Here is a list of my completed blog posts.

Assignment #1 – What Makes Me Happy on the Internet?

Assignment #2 – Thank you, professor. 🤝

Assignment #3 – art Is memes

Assignment #4 – Music Mashup

What I have learned the most from CT101. The greatest learned assets in this class so far is learning how to express myself more through written word. I would say that I am not the best when it comes to writing and expressing myself however, this class has forced me to think about how I feel, what I am thinking, and how I go about in what I do. Some new skills I have learned and have displayed in my posts are using hyperlinks, using gifs, and using those aspects to create a story through my posts.

One thing I know now that I did not know before this taking this class is how the art of blog posting. I have never written blog posts before so this is all new to me and I am really enjoying it. I would say my blogging work has been expanding creatively slightly by the use of more gifs and the content of the blog post being more extensive. I will work toward a better second half of the semester.

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1 thought on “Assignment #6 – Its Mid-Semester Assessment Time”

  1. Excellent, thank you so much!
    You are doing great work and I certainly see the improvement from week to week with you posts!
    Blogging takes practice for sure, plus having a variety of topics and problems to solve helps one develop their stylized way of communicating. You got this, more to come!
    Thank you!

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