Assignment #11 The Grand Closing

After the first week I was starting to understand what I had to do and made the assumption that this course was going to be easy. Up until we were given our first assignment which instructed us to create our very first blog post and it’s also where the journey begins. The post asked what makes you happy on the internet and since I use Youtube on a daily basis I decided to include it. Youtube is a social media platform on the internet that I use every day, where content creators would upload their work and entertain their users. Assignment #2 instructed the class to express their thoughts on how they feel about the course so far in which I went into thought it was generally a really interesting class. This assignment mainly was for testing our abilities to use Gifs and Memes to which goes into the next assignment asking whether Memes are Art or not. I answered this question in my blog post stating that Memes are Art. 

Artblog | Making art in the Age of Memes

In this class, my favorite blog posts were Weeks 1,2,3. These were my favorites because I felt like this is where I was most creative and I was really proud of the results. Each week challenged my storytelling, creativity, and writing skills. We are always telling stories whether writing them online or in person. These skills I have learned in this class will be put to good use.

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This is me.

Assignment #4

Assignment #5

Assignment #7

Assignment #8

Assignment #9

Assignment #10

My fellow classmate Elijah Adkins has created a website called People’s Voices. I think he did a great job with the overall design and how he made it very digestible. I learned that he was a journalism major, and I think that the website fit well with what he was going for.

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My second blog post is about a day I spent in Manhattan. I recently spent some needed time with my girlfriend. I really needed to clear my mind and to have a day where I could reset. We went around to get food and just have fun. We honestly didn’t shop a lot, we mostly walked around talking about our future. I really enjoyed it as it helped me clear my mind.

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  1. Thank You, William!
    Good Work here and across our course criteria.
    I appreciate the hard work and the commitment to completing all of the classwork with your new skills!
    It was fast and fun semester, as always, but one chock full of learning, sharing and the extending of the CT101 community here on the commons!
    Nice work on your site! I hope that you will keep it going!
    Happy Holidays!

    PS – you forgot to send me the URL to this final post, which is super important – I found it though, please e-mail it to me when you can – ( full info is here –

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