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It isn’t mid-semester, I know! We’re behind and as the gif above says: I gotta keep up! So, I will be introducing this post as if I were in mid-semester. WE ARE ALMOST OVER WITH THE SEMESTER, YAY! This has been one stressful semester guys! I feel like everything has been happening: sickness, piled up work, work schedules, family issues – you name them! But we’ve made it and now it’s just a couple more weeks to hit the door!
With my progress in CT 101, I will admit – it can better. It can be 100% better but I do believe that with all the work that I turn in, I always try to give my best! I always make sure I watch the videos and apply what I learn from them. I always make sure to remember gifs, hyperlinks and just adding my own twist to each new post that I post. What is fun about working on these blogs is adding my own twist to them and just having the freedom to get as creative and fun as possible. I think the main thing that I learned about this class is just learning how to incorporate gifs into your story and also how to edit their sizes and edit what fits and even how to make your own GIFS.
the simpson
Something that I loved about working in CT 101 is that the assignments are a mixture of facts and opinion-based. You are allowed to give your opinion and not me deducted points for it. You are allowed to share your thoughts and you’re even allowed to talk about yourself and what motivates and pushes you! I had an entire assignment where I was able to rant about my own passions and what I love to do as a person, how cool is that? It is similar to the assignment we had when we first started in the semester where you had to talk about things that were making you happy that week! I just am in love with the idea that you get to tap into that side of yourself!
There are many skills that I was taught when taking this class including how to make my own GIFS on apps like Make a Meme and GIPHY.  
I also learned how to follow an assignment on the DS106 sheet where it gave you assignments from making your own GIFS to making your own photos with words and other ways to use technology to your own creativity. I thought all of this was super fun to just engage with and learn.
Something that I did not know how to do and learned by taking this class is making your own domain name and claiming it. We did it with a site called reclaim hosting and it was super fun to do! When doing it in class, it was super easy for me to follow along with Ryan and it got me excited because I got use this site for whatever I want and even promote my own social media accounts or display my trips or whatever else I want!
omg this is insane
Now , when it comes to this class: the work speaks for itself. I hate to admit it, but I will – I have not been on time with turning in my work and that’s because of my own personal issues. I am trying now to make it up, but Ryan was right, ha! This is going to take a lot of work especially when you got finals coming up! So here is a site guys that gives you some tips to get through finals, we are almost out of here!
When I think about the grade I deserve and am striving for, everyone of course wants an A but you gotta put in the effort to get the A and I understand that and I am trying to work hard for it (better late than never right?) But if I am being realistic, I would bless the floors for even a B. I enjoyed this class and what it had to offer and I want to do right by Ryan and turn in the work he deserves!
I believe when watching the videos, I learn more from Ryan and it shows in my posts and how I develop telling you guys how I do my posts. I love seeing the development and seeing the class develop as well! When it comes to commenting, I try my best to leave comments that are encouraging and that give students a good vibe!
With me, I am behind on work.. I am. It’s like every semester, you say you’ll stay on top of the work and God comes out of left field and says “girl, you know that is not true.” So here I am, trying to serve you a post with ambition and just straight facts on how the semester is going for myself!
I am currently behind on about 4-5 assignments which I want to say is okay but it is not and I am working to get them in! At least I did claim my domain name and am working on that, holla! Once that is white listed I will be letting you guys know!
Thank you guys for tapping into my blog post and we are almost out of here.
bye guys

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