Final Blog post

What have I learned? 

This is going to be one of the hardest assignment things for me to do, I feel like I have learned so much from this class that It will be hard to list but I will give it a go.

I will list everything that I learned in this class with Link or picture of the work that I have done.

Blogging I learned to created blog post on a already existing website like our class website , where I was able to created a variety of blog post and comment and view some of my classmates blog post as well.

Internet happiness

MEME’s  I learned a lot about MEME’s, if they are art or not. I learned how to create them using imugur. I created a mean defining MEME as an art.

GIF’s I learned how to created GIF’s using imugur , I was able to create a couple of GIF’s from my favorite TV show Game of throne check out my blog post on it.

Domain name I learned all I needed to know about Domain names and guess what? I was able to create my own, I wrote a wonder blog post of my process on the CT 101 class website here is the link .

WordPress I was able to create and update my personal website portraying some of my school projects, Thanks to professor’s Seslow  Tutorial videos posted on the class website under Course schedule. Here is a Link to my awesome website. 

Images bellow as well

VaporWave I learned a little about a new form of art called vaporwave Check out my post on it you might like it.

Copyright  I learned about a very important thing on the internet call copyright, it was great to hear others thoughts on in check out the class website for some of my classmates thoughts on it.

After listing most of the things that I learned in this class I do have to say that my favorite assignment was creating my website , the fact that I was able to create my own space on the internet from scratch was awesome!  and I will definitely keep updating it with other college projects assignments that I complete.

I feel like I was very successful while completing every assignment that I had to do, mainly because of the great professor that I had which took the time to create not only great blog post detailing every assignment that we had to do, but also tutorial videos, always kept the class involve and interesting. I am super excited to take future classes with him, please check put his website as he has some awesome content on it.

Grade  as for the grade that I feel like I deserve I would give myself an A only because I have to grade myself for the assignment. I believe that they are greater things to gain from a class than just a good grade and that is exactly what I think I gaining from this class more than just a grade.