Hi guys, it feels like we were just learning how to create memes and Gifs. I had a great time and I wanted to share everything that I have learned from CT101 and my classmates.
First assignment

The first assignment was like an open world video game, where we were given the choice to express ourselves to the fullest regarding what makes us happy on the internet. I have a few references from “Regular show” and “The office” because I love to watch videos on the internet. Check out my first blog post . I had a lot of fun creating my first blog post because I was not sure what to expect from this class.

Assignment #2

After we went through our syllabus, I definitely had a duh moment. I thought this class was going to be very technical because I read that we had to create a website. In actuality, this class was meant to teach us how to properly create a website while creatively using the proper tools to enhance the details of our website. Check out my duh moment at


Memes are art

The “are memes art” was my favorite assignment because I was able to create my first 10 memes that really let me express my personality. I never thought of memes as art but after CT101 my perspective has changed.

My first collage

This assignment was pretty cool because we had the choice to pick a project and complete the project while sharing our process. I have never created a bucket list collage before but with the Befunky website. I was able to put my collage together. I will definitely be using this website to create collages of my future travels.

Here are a few domain names I came up with for my website. Junkorjuiced, gear2gear,speedstars, rockyowhip, flipthewhip, sharegear, feedmyspeed, gasforbrass,speedspectech,speedsweatech. I learned how to embed videos about what my website was about, which was very helpful when sharing the contents of my potential website.

Finally my website was up

After following the instructions , I was able to create my website .

First website blog

I shared my website with my friends and family and they all left some comments on my first website post. I have a couple friends who love cars so it was cool to get their opinion on what I have accomplished so far.

Classmate websites

After visiting some of my classmates websites, I decided that I will be adding short stories on my website. It was good to see that my website layout was different than my classmates. I was also able to learn about the content my classmates were sharing, which was pretty interesting. My content was completely different and they did not have any competition content on their websites like I did.


Our last post was about copyright.  I learned a lot about how others may not see your alterations as enough changes from an original idea. As a new creator of a website it is important that I follow the guidelines of fair use. By ensuring that my website does not get any financial gains or increase my likeness by using someone else’s work, I should be fine. At the same time, I will not limit my creativity because there are no real original ideas. Everyone has an idea that stems from someone else and we all have protection against those who chose to steal the work of others for personal gain.

Here is the home page of my website. I created this website to talk about cars and host friendly battles based on which car the viewer likes better. In my week one battle , the Honda Type R had more likes than the Subaru STI, based on the comments. In the second week , I have the Nissan 400z as the first battle car and people seem to be excited about it. I am waiting to see who my viewers will pick as the Nissan 400z rival. One of the hardest things about creating my website was creating the layout because I want it to be more informative. I also want my viewers to have access to adding their own pictures to the website. I am not happy with the current layout and will work on it over the summer because I want to keep my website up. I love talking about cars and this is a great way to connect to other car enthusiast.

Overall I think I deserve an A-. I created a total of 14 posts and I got to accomplish the goals of my website, which was to conduct a car battle and have information about exotic cars displayed. I feel like I should have commented on my classmates posts which would have helped me with more of my classmates browsing and commenting on my website. As my final post I feel like I have learned a lot from this class and I will continue to build my website until it is to my liking.


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  1. Thanks so much, Robert!
    Congrats Graduate!
    This is such a wonderful re-cap and synopsis of the semester! Great work on this!
    A stellar example!
    You have completed great work this semester!
    Have a great summer!
    Thank You!

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