Final Blog Post

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THE END IS NEARRRR. Throughout this course, I’ve learned a ton of things. Such as building my own website, using wordpress the correct way because during the past I was really struggling with it. I believe I’ve earned a good amount of credit grades for this class for my assignments for the effort I put it.

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What did I enjoy you ask? Well to start off the professor is amazing and very caring with the work. I enjoyed making the memes and gifs and finding out that there are two different ways to say “jis or gifs.” The tutorial videos were very helpful and fluently understanding. Assignments are very straight forward, it was not a challenge at all, it’s all about your creativity and how much fun you want to put in.

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As I’ve stated in some of my previous blog post, I will try my best to maintain this website for future references and see how far my creativity will take me. Check out my recent works:

And be sure to check out my website:

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1 thought on “Final Blog Post”

  1. Thank you!
    It was a fast semester, chock full of learning and energy!
    Im glad that you enjoyed the class!
    You have displayed an evolution of progress through out the course and learned how to troubleshoot through the many challenges here in CT101!
    Forward we go, and please be sure to populate your new website with new content! It takes practice as you well know by now.
    Thank you for the kind words too!
    Have a great summer!

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