The Grand Finale – Final Blog Post

Well Here We Are

I Learned So Much More Than I Expected..

We’ve finally arrived to the end of the semester. In terms of CT101, it really has been a fun ride on the way here. I’ve learned so much since the beginning of the semester and look forward to using what I’ve learned in my internet ventures to come. I learned how to make my own memes via giphy, create blogs utilizing WordPress, create expressive internet works via and began to write a lot more creatively. Out of everything we learned, I believe that’s one of the things I’ve noticed I have gotten better at. Comparing my first entry into cuny commons up to now, I realized that the way I would type was a bit robotic. By the end of this semester I definitely became more “loose” and started to let my own voice/humor translate through my posts. I would personally like to thank Professor Seslow for such an amazing semester. I took on more classes than usual and along with also working, I was worried about how that’ll effect my studies. Thankfully it couldn’t have gone any better and I believe it’s the way that the professor formats his class that was incredibly helpful. Now, with that being said, let’s get on with the recap!

It’s Recap Time!

So in total we had about 12 assignments excluding this final blog post:

Assignment #1

This assignment was titled Things That Make Me Happy On The Internet. This was a nice intro/icebreaker assignment that really helped introduce me to the blogging process and starting to put my voice out on the internet. To top it off, what better way to do so than by talking about some of our favorite things to do on the internet.


Assignment #2

With this assignment, we were tasked with creating our first memes. This is probably one of my more favorite assignments of this semester as it allowed me to participate in one of my favorite internet mediums, memes! I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to go about creating our own gifs/memes. The funniest part was that I always knew about the website giphy but I had no idea I could actually use it to make memes. Thinking about it it’s pretty ironic how that happened.


assignment #3

For this assignment we were asked the question if memes could be considered a form of art. To this question I answered absolutely! My reasoning was more on a technical level about how art is purely subject and it is up to the viewer if by their standards, something can be considered art. Overall it was an interesting topic to think about since I’ve never once wondered if memes can be considered an art form.


assignment #4

In this assignment, we were tasked with choosing two projects from the DS106 Repository and complete them. The two I went with were:

Web Assignment: Guess The Story

AnimatedGIF Assignment: TV Show GIFS

The web assignment, I was tasked with taking four gifs and posting them in order to describe an internet folklore and have the viewer guess what that folklore is. SPOILER WARNING, the folklore I was trying to describe was none other than Slender Man. With the animatedGIF assignment, I was tasked with taking my favorite TV show and creating 4-6 gifs utilizing scenes from the show. My favorite show of all time has to be Mr.Robot so that is what I used for this assignment.


Assignment #5

This is the assignment I was able to try out the website and got to stretch some of my creative muscles. Around the time I started doing this assignment, it was the same time that I was binging all of the Star Wars mainline movies with my significant other (she never saw any of the Star Wars movies) and figured that it was the best opportunity to create a Star Wars themed Along with this assignment, we also had to define the meanings of immediacy, creativity, and intuition.


Assignment #6

This was our sort of midterm assignment where we were tasked to go back and reflect on our assignments up until that point. Kind of like how we’re doing now. It was to, at the time, think back and realize how much I’ve really come to learn so far. Pretty cool to come to that realization.


Assignment #7

For this assignment, we had to make a list of at least 5 domain names and select one to be our official website domain. I actually found this to be pretty challenging as I’m not very good at coming up with names.


assignment #8

For this assignment, we had to choose a domain name out of our list and actually start to get our websites up and running. Out of my list of names I gravitated more toward Thankfully it was a pretty straightforward process to since the name I wanted was eligible on the first try!


Assignment #9

With this assignment came the biggest learning curb of this class. We had to learn how to use the customization tools within WordPress in order to actually make our website’s interface. I’ve decided to base my website around helping entry level programmers combat imposter’s syndrome by allowing them to post their code for review. Thankfully, with the help of professor’s lecture tutorials and YouTube, I was able to at least get the landing page of my website to look pretty presentable.


assignment #10

I further customized my website by downloading other third party themes/plug-ins and was able to use a pretty clean design on my “about” page. From there, I was able to change around the new template and add my own wording, pictures, and even wrote up a summary as to why I started this website and what’s its purpose.


assignment #11

In class we were shown by the professor what can be done creatively with the panoramic setting on our phones. The class broke into two groups and created different scenes by using this technique. The scene I created was the finals week process. A sort of phase by phase process that I personally go through when preparing for the end of a semester. This was a pretty fun assignment to do overall since I was able to test out what was possible with the panoramic setting.


assignment #12

So this assignment was actually broken up in two parts. The first being to share my website url on in the comment section, The second part was to explore my classmate’s webpages. They all came out amazing! The one that really caught my attention was the webpage I mean come on, it’s practically a meme museum!


Now…About Grades

Now that I’ve about wrapped up everything, of course, like any student the grade I’m hoping for is at least an A.  However, since I do feel as if the assignments I handed in are of good substance,  I wouldn’t be disappointed with a B/B+. The time at which I handed everything is no one’s fault but my own. Crossing my fingers for the best outcome!

Introducing My Completed Website

I have to say that I’m really happy with the final product. The inclusion of the third party theme Astra, and then the third party plug-in Elementor, definitely made the process so much easier. And now, the time has come to present







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  1. Excellent!
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    The final posts always display the best of the skills learned and applied! Plus, the individual and unique storytelling skills that one acquires!
    Great work across all CT101 criteria!
    Great work on your website too!
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