Assignment#1- Internet Happiness


The Internet nowadays is everyone’s right hand. It has become a helpful and reliable resource over the years. Especially this year, with all the challenges we are facing such as the coronavirus pandemic, transitioning from in person-classes to online classes and working from home. It’s been a crazy year!

Internet happiness to me is watching You Tube videos and Netflix. I also love reading articles based on science and other non-fictional books. On You Tube, I mostly watch baking tutorials. I love baking!

Recently I binged watched The Crown, a series drama on Netflix.

I watched all four seasons and let me tell you something, It was AMAZING!!!

The Crown is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. It’s worth watching it !!!



Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

There are so many things on the internet that make me so happy!!! One of them is Netflix.

Netflix GIFs | Tenor

I could not have survived this pandemic without staring at an HD screen enjoying the most memorable moments of modern tv. Whether you’re in the mood for something terrifying or rewatching the good all Office, there is nothing like going on ONE app/website and getting it all!

The Michael Scott Face! GIF | Gfycat

Trying to survive this pandemic has been a real struggle. Watching continuous hours of Hunter X Hunter, Dexter, or Sister Sister can be soothing when trying to avoid the chaotic actions around you. It may not seem like the best escape route, but it sure does the trick!

However, we should not avoid the inevitable outcomes of this pandemic. Sometimes we just need to take it all in and learn to live with it. After all, we are in this together and need to overcome it together.

Struggle Struggling GIF - Struggle Struggling FatCat - Discover & Share GIFs  | Funny cat videos, Best cat gifs, Cute animals

I mean, if the cat can get through it, so can we!!! (I hope)