The Final One

Alright, so boom this is the final assignment/ blog post for this class and my final assignment for York College in general. What better way to end off than a blog post for CT101.

This class has taught me a lot of new skills and tools I can use. From simple and fun things such as making my own memes and gifs to more complex things  but still fun things such as making my own website and taking panoramic photos. I knew I would love this class when one of our first assignments was to post gifs and use those gifs to tell a story of how our first day of class went. Also learning hyperlinks has been such a useful tool to just insert information and links whenever you want.

Assignment 4 taught me you can do storytelling however you want through your own designs like I did, through audio, pictures, videos, writing, animations however you want to express yourself. Now one of my favorite assignments to do was assignment 11 taking panoramic photos is a skill i feel like I will use quite often in the future when I am out and want to take a dope picture or while at work and want to capture the entire event setup in one shot which is something I have always struggled to do when taking pictures of the hall. I feel like I can never capture the full picture but now I can so this skill will be very useful for that. Now the second half of the semester is where we focused on making our websites and the whole process was very exciting while confusing at times. Before I get into that though I would like to discuss my grade. Now I will not lie, I do not think I deserve a high grade for this course. At best I deserve a C. While I put 100% into all the work I did and applied all the tools we learned in class the majority of those assignments were late and I take full accountability for that. 

But lets get back to the main program. My plans after graduating is to continue gaining experience in event planning for a bit and then start my own business focusing on that. That is where I got the idea for what I want my website to be. At first I wanted my website to be a layout of everything my business will offer with pictures, services and prices but I do not have enough resources and experience for that yet. But in the future  i will definitely like to update my website once I am ready to move forward with my business. So instead I wanted to showcase something I take pride in and that is setting up events Here is my website. 

Let me give you guys a tour. This is my home page with the slogan “If You Can Imagine It We Can Make It Happen”. A menu with the following access to pages home, about, photography, and contact and some of my favorite setups recently at the banquet hall. On the home screen itself you can find my latest blog of the most recent event my team and I decorated and it will change with every new event that we decorate. I walk you through how we set up for a wedding reception in this blog and the final results. 


If you scroll to the bottom of the page you can find widgets in place that tells you about the website and where to find the banquet hall where these pictures were taken if you ever want to book an event. 

If you click photography it will take you to the page where I showcase multiple event setups for different events. For future reference I will like to include the type of event, and info about it the day off so it has more information. But I hope you guys enjoy some nice setups, feedback would be appreciated and the last thing would be how to contact me and on that page I provide my email. But that’s a wrap. I really enjoyed this class, thank you Professor Seslow for everything you have taught me, one of the best professors at York. Andres signing out.

1 thought on “The Final One”

  1. Thank you so much!
    Wonderful work this semester!
    Thank you for the consistent and regular practice!
    The final posts are always a great survey of the skills learned and applied.
    You have completed high quality work across all of the ct101 criteria and then some!
    Great work on your website project, so cool to see it applied to your business!
    Have a great summer!

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