The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

CT 101 – “Makes Me Smile”

Before taking this course, I had no prior knowledge to using the internet and crafting your creativity onto it. I had to do an advisement and due to my former Journalism advisor, professor Lewis retiring, I needed a new one. I chose Prof Moore and we discussed what courses would best fit my path and schedule. When going over courses I could take, CT 101 was brought up as a potential option and I remembered it being mentioned in his classes every time as something that’ll help Journalism students with using the internet to their advantage. I decided to enroll into CT 101 and wanted to try it out, without fully knowing what I was getting myself into. Reflecting back to that time now, I have realized that I made a great choice in choosing Ct 101 as it heightened my internet skills and made it more diverse.

Currently in the semester, I feel like I am doing alright with the blog posts. There are some blog posts that I did fantastic on, but there are others that I have yet to expand on. The reasoning is because I have four other classes and of those four other classes, three of them are Journalism. Journalism deals with a lot of writing and every course, but this, has made me write about 750-1000 words while also having to do homework almost every day. It takes a toll and takes time that I could have spent on blog posts to make them better. However, I am still determined to go back to my blog posts and add in more to them.

The current grade I believe I am maintaining is a B+ to an A-. I feel like it’s not hard to get an A+, unless I make it hard on myself. Editing is a skill that is taught in this course and it is certainly something I need to do to achieve a higher grade. Also, I am lacking in the peer review since it’s an requirement in other courses as well. Once I get these dilemmas solved, I believe I will be in a better position and have the potential of earning an A or A+. Blog 1 was my first blog for this class in which I discussed what made me happy on the internet. I think I could add in more videos to illustrate the excitement of the reaction videos. Blog 2 presented the challenge of using Gifs which I was familiar with, but did not do often. I was informed that I did a good job, but a step was missing so that’s another Blog I will have to look at. Blog 3 presented the challenge whether memes are art to which I answered yes to in meme form, while also creating my very own meme. I did a good job considering it was my first time creating a meme. Blog 4 made the class write about the work that they decided to do on the ds 106 assignment bank to where I am mostly familiar with writing and found an assignment that challenged me to write from the point of view of an object. It was fun to do and I put it into poem form. Blog 5 I made a critical mistake in forgetting to hyperlink my actual assignment and instead, hyperlinked the website. However, this blog I will not make the same mistake.

Just Edit The Blogs

In terms of what I have learned the most and what skills I have acquired, it would be a great list. I have learned how to make a meme, I have learned how to organize a blog, I have learned how to hyperlink better, I have learned the importance of the sizes of images, I have learned that memes are art, and I have learned the most that the internet is a tool that uses people’s creativity as an advantage. I have acquired skills such as using gifs within blogs to express something. I have rarely used gifs before and it’s fascinating how something that would be viewed as only entertaining, can be educational and helpful as well. These sets of skills will definitely help branch out my Journalism work and create a more entertaining and open field to writing. No longer is writing tiresome and boring if you add some style to it.

Yes, I indeed see my weekly work expanding creatively because in every assignment, there’s always something new that I do not expect and it’s fascinating to say the least. It feels like I am in a class of skills where the objective is to learn a new skill every week. This class is enjoyable and unique as it challenges your creativity and makes you use that creativity to craft something spectacular. I have a feeling we’ll be revisiting the ds 106 assignment bank because we were told to only do one assignment, which was the easier one. I am guessing now we will dive into the more difficult one soon.

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  1. Great work on this!
    Thank you so much! I like the formatting of how you organized your previous posts and how they flow into the paragraphs. Thank you for placing the emphasis on a written description and how you are and will proceed!
    Much more to come here in CT101!
    Thank you!

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