The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

The Mid-Semester Assessment

This past 6.5 weeks in CT101 has been a great learning experience. I have learned so much in such a short time. I think embedding a video and hyperlinking were two great things that I learned. It is not overly complicated but it was good to learn how to express myself by putting videos and hyperlinking word in my blogs.

Post #1  was about me expressing myself and the happiness that the internet brings to my life. I posted a video and some Gifs that showed people a little bit about my sense of humor.

Post #2 allowed me to talk about my major in school and reason for taking this class. I was also given the opportunity to create my own Gif which described how I felt about CT101.

Post #3 was about the art of memes. I began this post by searching up the history and origins of memes. Memes help people express their creative sides, it also allows us to relate to one another. What I like best about memes is the ability to relay your messages in a clear and concise manner.

Post #4 allowed me to choose an assignment and replicate its outcome. I chose to do a collage which was a combination of my bucket list ideas through images. I also had to insert a caption in each image to tell the reader what my bucket list goal is.

Post #5 was the most interesting because it allowed me to choose my domain name and talk about what my website will be about. I inserted a screen shot of my favorite car website and place a couple hyperlinks for car websites I visit often. I enjoyed doing this post the most because I got to talk about cars and it is the first step before we start creating our website.

How am I doing in CT101? What grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

I feel like I am improving in every new post I create. I think I am currently maintaining a B grade in the class because I still have to go back to my post and add some more content to them. Since I learned new things in post 5, that means that I can improve on my earlier posts.

What have I learned the most? What is my greatest learned asset in this class so far?

In my opinion, I have learned how navigate online generators to create Memes and Gifs the most. My greatest asset I learned in this class so far has to be hyperlinking and embedding videos. Although they are simple tasks, not everyone knows how to embed videos or create hyperlinks.

What skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my posts?

I have developed the ability to create a chronological flow in all my post. I have also been able to combine memes, gifs, videos and hyperlinks in all my posts.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I think the best way for me to assess my performance through self-reflection is to read the comments that people post on my blogs and make adjustments if needed. I also feel like if I comment on other people’s post it will give me a different perspective on how I view my own post.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

Before this class I did not know how to create a meme, gif or hyperlink words.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I see my blogs flourishing as I advance in my blogs. For example in Post # 4 I was able to combine the meme generator with the collage generator to create my collage project. I feel like the more I learn the more creative my posts become. I cannot wait to learn more and add them to my future and previous posts. If my posts are stuck in a loop I will seek out new types of generators or be more creative with the subject of my posts.

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  1. Hey Robert , nice post.

    I agree with you reading others’ comments is a great way to assess yourself.
    I like the way you organized your post, it flows nicely. I also like how you use appropriate memes and GIFs. Good job.

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