Assignment #7- Checkpoint

Before I begin this, I won’t be using that many images for this. I’ll only be doing one. Please understand that I’m doing this out of respect.

I’ve been doing…moderately well in this class. At least, I feel that to be the case. I’ve only missed one assignment, and that’s only been due to my mental health and personal health getting in the way. Speaking of which, I think I went from a solid “A” to a “B.” Luckily, I was able to do one of the two assignments I was missing.  It’s a steady process. (I’ll put a list of hyperlinks at the end of this post). I definitely need to improve on my participation, both in class and in the comments. My issue with participating in the class is that I don’t really feel the need to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always willing to answer questions about how I’m doing personally, but there are never any questions that feel related to the subject of class. Maybe that’s too hyperbolic of a statement to make. For comments, however, that’s entirely my fault. Simply put, I tend not to comment because of poor time management. That included with the notion of me not caring enough to do so—the latter reason not being a good one. Perhaps the lack of care came from my mental issues.

Academically speaking, I’ve learned to make memes, gifs, inputs for faster functions (screenshot, hyperlink, etc.), and other websites for creating websites. While those are good things to learn for my career, I find that this class teaches me more psychological lessons and habits. For example, this class has taught me that being consistent with work does not have to come at the expense of my health. Meaning, I don’t have to, nor should I overwork myself to the point of burnout.  I reference this class specifically because of its fluid work system. Said work system has also helped me with time management. While not perfect, I’ve learned to make compromises with my workloads. The most significant aspect of this fluidity being acceptance. Acceptance of making mistakes. I have a hard time accepting my flaws, as do most people. Yet, this class has a more lenient feel to it. Our professor is incredibly understanding when it comes to learning styles as well as just life in general. He understands that unexpected things happen, which has led me to question my morals about work ethic.

I feel my work for this class is rather stale creatively. It has passion and emotion behind it, but I wouldn’t say it’s necessarily creative. Begrudgingly, I answer the questions that are provided to me without getting too off tangent or too “creative”. Making the visual aspects is where I tend to get the most “creative.” However, I wish I had more of a hand for drawing, pixel art specifically. Maybe I’m just a tad bit disappointed in my lack of control of the gifs appearance. As of right now, I do not have the time to learn how to make pixel art. So alas,  I’m stuck in my limited creativity.


This isn’t the one image I’ll be using. It’s too impersonal. Guess I broke my rule, lol.

What am I to do then? Well, I did get into this class for storytelling purposes. Perhaps I’ll tell some stories! While I can’t think of anything on the spot for today, I have another treat for you guys. I’m going to share one of my very first written works on the internet. It’s incredibly embarrassing compared to my current work, but that’s a good start for this new work method.

Seriously, thank you.

(After looking at all of my posts, I’m realizing I’m missing #3. I could’ve sworn I had done it)


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5 thoughts on “Assignment #7- Checkpoint”

  1. Hey Tyler, I missed one assignment as well. I think we still get an A+ in this class despite missing one assignment you can always submit it before the semester is over. There are no due dates, so there would be no penalty. Just make sure your content is creative and you follow the instructions. You got this, just try to stay on top of all your assignments.

    1. I highly doubt an A+ will be given to anyone if any assignments are missing! How would that be possible? Remember, we have loose deadlines so that we can continue to update and revise the quality of our work. Student will not get an A in the class simply because they complete the minimum requirements of the course. Lets keep asking ourselves how we can improve upon our work and make it better and better! The evidence is super transparent in our class as it lives on the web! We got this! 🙂

  2. This is great work, Tyler.
    I really appreciate the thoughtful and very reflective series of statements here in your post!
    I find that taking assessment of things every few weeks is super helpful to keep us on track. I too follow the exact same routine and always check in with myself. I really want everyone to feel that they always have the time and resources they need to make their course work the best it can be. And its all good if that means we are always making little additions and tweaks along the way. We are here to learn and grow together, but certainly not at the expense of our health, emotionally, mentally or physically.
    Thank you again for the continued great work, and of course you are maintaining an A.
    PS -Speaking in class is not mandatory by any means, we have other options and you easily utilize the chat feature and it sets a great example for all! Thank you!

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