CT101 Final Blog Post/Cindy Abreu

This class has been nothing but good vibes and an amazing class. It’s helped me release stress and it’s a completely different class compared to other ones. One of the main reasons why it’s a different class is because of Professor Seslow. Our professor has been great and he’s truly one of my favorite professors ever. I know I will definitely remember Professor Seslow as the chill professor with who I have a hot drink on Tuesday mornings.

Also, the one professor who I know has the same or close addiction with amazon as me because he gets packages often throughout classes.

Plus I’ve learned stuff in this class that I will be using outside of class and in my free time. That’s something I can’t say for all classes. For example, I’ve learned how to create and customize a website, how to create decent blog posts, add memes, gifs, and how to use sites like Photopea to create masterpieces.

I feel like I did good on staying on track of the assignments and overall a good job on the assignments themselves. I enjoyed doing them all and can’t believe this is my last post for this class. It feels like just a week ago I started this semester and was nervous about posting. Through my post, I wasn’t trying to be anyone else just my authentic self. This class has helped me feel more secure in my writing and has motivated me to write more than I already do. Seeing my classmates’ website has also helped me get more motivated because I get excited about seeing others progress and great work. I can say that because I feel strong in this class and the work I’ve done I deserve an A…plus.

The skills that I’ve learned will definitely be in good use outside of this class. I already have plans on helping my boyfriend create his own website. In the future if anything I know that I can also help others create cites. I also plan to learn more on customization so I can escalate more. I will also most definitely be keeping and maintaining my website up to date. I’ll add more personal blogs and at the same time provide informational blogs like the one I did recently on a money-saving technique.

This semester like mentioned earlier I was able to create my own website. It is Vibewithcindy.com. The reason why I choose this domain name is that I wanted to create a site where people can go a vibe, relax, and hang out with me. I know that during times like these where we’re living through a pandemic, people feel alone and the mind can wander to depressive thoughts. I know how hard it is to struggle with depression and I want to be someone that can help others get through it. I know it something that can’t just simply vanish in a day. I like keeping a positive mindset and although it can get hard sometimes, I’ve learned throughout the years that the mind is powerful. As long as we keep our minds with knowledge and positive thoughts we can accomplish anything.

Good luck everyone, happy holidays, and please stay safe.

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  1. Excellent – excellent work on this!
    Thank you so much for a great semester full of energetic content production!
    Thanks you for the consistent hard work and well crafted posts.
    Your website came out great and you must keep it going!
    Good Energy!

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