Final Blog Post

So this is really goodbye…

The end of the semester…

CT101 has been a tremendous all around fun ,learning, unique experience.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this course.

For the most part, I feel so much more comfortable being able to express myself through a blog.

I learned how to support my feelings and emotions using GIFS, videos, images and text that are super short and simple.

One thing that I REALLY REALLLYYY, I mean reallyyyyy enjoyed about this course was the freedom to blog about my own interest!

Throughout the semester, I frequently blogged about my favorite athlete, there was simply no better feeling being able to just blog about something that I actually enjoyed.

No seriously, I literally blogged about Lebron James multiple times throughout out the semester, here’s a quick recap of previous blog posts.

In addition to this, I was able to create my very own Website for the first time!


My website is strictly NBA CONTENT!

like whatttttt

I literally own a website where I can publish what I want!

CT101 allowed me to learn, create, edit, publish and allow me to post! This was a great experience! Also, I had peers who commented and gave feedback on my website! That was really awesome! I appreciated it a lot.


I appreciate Professor Seslow’s clear instructions and guidance as well. Being able to look back a Zoom sessions, really helped me a lot in learning how to create my website.

Now, after many many weeks of building knowledge and learning how to create and publish. I finally got to complete my website!

Overall, the only thing that I can say was a bit stressful, was me not wanting to miss a step. I viewed Zoom sessions carefully, so I didn’t have to miss any important steps.

But it was all part of the process!

Now… what grade do I believe I earned…

I have to admit… I believe I earned nothing less than a A-!

I say this because I completed all assignments, in addition I tried my best to include everything I learned over the semester in my work!

Overall, every good thing must come to an end!

And the semester is upon completion!

I appreciate you all! and everything I learned in CT101!!



CT101 Final Blog Post

So this is going to be my last post Professor said.

All emotions aside, it was a great experience! I enjoyed exploring the internet. Especially giphy, if you haven’t already noticed^^

There were 3 things that I learned, which  I am considering using in the future. GIFs, vaporwaves and how to create my own website. I am planning to add more things in my website to expose my creativity. I feel that keeping up with my website will allow me to explore myself as well. I dont know how much potential I have honestly, but I believe that starting with something like this can really help me become an open minded student.

My grade

I believe my effort matches a grade that has the letter A and a plus right next to it. Trying to be funny here! I dont know why I found it hard to save images and removing pictures from one place to another. Because of that, I think I should get an A+ because that was by far the most difficullt thing I did throughout this semester and I managed to do it! Good Job for me! I also believe that nobody should be judged by their creatiivity, so a bad grade shouldn’t exist. Am I right?!


My website will consist of traditional recipes from my mother who is from a place called Yemen. It’s in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, as of right now my wesite does not have alot of content  because I have been busy with school. But, I hope I will continue and make it better when I have a break so that I can share my culture with the people out there. I share food because I believe that just like how food brings people together, sharing food recipes can do the same thing as well. This website does not discriminate!

Speaking about my website, I struggled in the begining with buliding it. I wasn’t use to the features the website offered, so I would get frustrated. I had so many things happening, from school work to home work. It was frustrating for me to complete my work , especially with other classes in mind. But, I managed to do it! This was a fun class and I wanted to enjoy it without having to think about other things. I mean, it wasn’t awful because Profesor Seslow is an amazing teacher! But, I wanted to show more! I wanted to go out and put in!

Heres my attempts for making a vaporwave. Im getting there!

This class allowed to open up to the arts of the world! It was a pleasure being in this class. It was fun and exciting being a student in CT101!

Stay safe everybody!