Assigment #6 – The Progress

Evolving is the word that I describe myself when I ask myself how I’m doing in this class. The skills and the way I have approach the blog post are very different from each post. Every time I learn little by little, a new thing that comes in hand to make a more efficient post. I love how I have learned to transmit my feeling on the blog without limiting myself as much. This is part in part to the skills that have helped me express my thoughts.

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I’ll like to talk a bit about the commons’ website. Just because how wonderful it helped me showcase my ideas. It’s a simple way for people with no programming experience to make posts without programming background. Every time that I make a blog post I use a forum that require me to use HTML and CSS, which is very tiring to have to code everything just to make a comment. I see myself both using the visual and the text option while making a blog post. With this tool that commons have gives me makes the developing process way faster than I’m used to.

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I think I have been doing pretty strong. I have always submit my assignment on time… Yeah, about that! Did not age so well. But I have always completed them and I love participating in the class as well. Specially with how the professor make the class flow. I don’t think I have any red flags or anything. I love participating, commenting and talking to my classmates on the comments! Wishing there was a thread we could all discuss.

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Most of the things I learned, I had experience with them. But there is something certain I did not know how to make a blog post  like I have made them here, I always use a different style. I know, I know, there is one more blog post I own the professor. I made this bet. Not only that, but I’ll make it soon, but right now I have a bunch of midterms. Likewise, I enjoy doing blog post so is not really  a problem for me.


1 thought on “Assigment #6 – The Progress”

  1. Thank you!
    Good work on this, Im happy to know that you are enjoying the blogging process and also having fun with the front end stuff, haha – the html and CSS knowledge that you have is super important, and when those skills are mixed with front end design style and aesthetics, you are unstoppable on the web!
    Creativity is a huge part of how we can express ourselves, and your work shows a great steady weekly evolution! Thank You!

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