Assignment 6- The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

So far I think I’m doing pretty good in CT 101. I have learned to use tools like GIPHY, Imgur, Imgflip, the DS 106 assignment bank and the class website. The class let’s me explore my creative side as well as the internet. There are so many cool and free pages that can be used to express your ideas.

I believe I’m maintaining an A grade. I have tried to complete all the previous assignments, and even edited some with the suggestions provided in the comments. I am missing assignment number five. I had some difficulty with signing into the page and I also have to add a small tutorial explaining how I created my gif in assignment number four. The following are my assignments completed:

Assignment #1

Assignment #2

Assignment #3

Assignment #4

In my opinion I have learned how to write a clear and well structured post. In other words I was able to find a format that worked for me. I like how I can both write and show my feelings through writing and gifs. My greatest learned asset in this class so far is knowing how to use Giphy, although it may not seem like such a useful asset. I liked that my ideas can come to “life”, I turned still pictures into “moving” pictures and somewhat seems like going back into that memory.

Seems like I’m starting to sound like a broken record but I regularly include gifs and now that I think about it, I also include hyperlinks to most if not every post I make. I have also kept in mind to make the added files all the same measurements so that the post looks more pleasing to the eye and that it has a sort of balance.

Besides posting my own assignments I try to read my classmates’ posts and comment on a few. Sometimes it’s hard to have my camera on during class time because my siblings are around but I do stay focused in class especially during the tutorials. I take notes just because going back to the recorded video can be forgetful at times.

I have learned to use many tools. Outside of class related knowledge I have learned that there are deaf people who can still speak and hear. I have also learned to be more considerate of people who might use tools like description under images, most of us don’t struggle with certain stuff and aren’t aware of what a difference that can make.

I feel like my work is in the middle of expanding creatively and being stuck in a loop because I like to insert a lot of gifs but I try my best to make it a different gif. Not solely one movie/show reference or only one “movement” but a variety of gifs. I could also change my posts by learning how to use other websites and/or adding my own “art”.


4 thoughts on “Assignment 6- The Mid-Semester Assessment Post”

  1. Well stated and illustrated!
    Thank you so much for the continued great work! Each week I see more and more progress!
    I really appreciate the tutorial flow dialog, it is so helpful for our classmates!
    Your grade assessment is spot on! The evidence in our class is very transparent.
    Thank you so much for regularly commenting and engaging with your fellow classmates as well!

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