Assignment 6: Immediacy? Please don’t rush!

When I opened figma I instantly closed the tab and said: nope!

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I know this assignment is all about creativity but I’m actually terminally avoidant of overly blank canvases. I preferred mmm because it had a ‘smaller’ canvas and I was able to really consider what I wanted to do within the confines of those restrictions. I drew out a little starting point to get the mental juices flowing. 

Back in 2012 my college had this mandatory freshman orientation where we were basically kept awake from dusk till dawn the week before classes started. It was, as I was later told, partially a way for us to get used to the campus but also a way to keep us from becoming homesick that first week and having a breakdown. It was torture and the summer was especially hot so we were baking in the sun for our “week of pre class fun”. 

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The one reprieve was the daily ‘workshop’ we were each allowed to choose a class that seemed interesting and go with a small group to participate. Some chose soccer, theater, or some kind of science experiment. I ended up choosing bookbinding. I had no idea what it entailed as I had never previously bound a book but the professor who ran the workshop that day was also a professor for the art program, not someone hired in or borrowed from another campus. 

She was completely at ease as she showed us around the classroom and explained the process of what we would be doing that day. Each of us was presented with the components for a book: thicker cover paper, multiple sheets of interior paper, a needle, and thread to bring it on home. But we were also presented with a massive stack of magazines to peruse. I was initially confused but the professor went on to explain that the book needed a cover and a part of the exercise would be to cut out and paste these clippings in a way that spoke to us. 

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Now I weirdly have this fear about collages. I hate to cut things out of magazines because I feel like it ruins the magazine and destroys the “perfection” of a thoughtfully arranged piece of print. Exacto knifing out a tangerine felt like punting a baby penguin to me. Easy, but unimaginably traumatizing. I cannot explain to you in words how difficult it was to make that first cut. I truly agonized over it. 

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But cut I did. And after the first one, it was easier. There was no more sanctity to protect so I went through looking for things to pull together to suit my vision. The piece is now lost to time but I put together a sort of sunset using a single actual sun and a collection of unrelated images that came together just so to trick the mind into thinking “wow. This is the sky.” I felt so happy and proud during my little show-and-tell session at the end after we’d all sewn our books.

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I couldn’t get quite the same feeling from this assignment as I decided to tackle a different anxiety: scrapbooks. I love scrapbooking. In theory. In practice I have the same fear of imperfection like “what if I lay this doilies lace around this photo so wrong that my house burns down?” I don’t know what God of Scrapbooking I would have to offend to make that happen but it lingers all the same. I collected a few images that were related to my interests and then combined them with little stickers that mmm provided. 

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While I tend to have a similar concern about the daunting permanence of sticker placement in the virtual field I felt as free a bird. Placing and replacing with ease as I made my design come to life. I knew I was done because it just made me happy to look at in the end.

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Everything had color and movement and flowed well to me. It reminded me of the brief period when I would decorate my laptop with stickers (until I found out it tanked the resale value).

You asked what it means to be alive. Maybe nothing, honestly. Not in some, “Woe is me!” sort of sense but in a cosmic sense. Maybe being alive has no meaning. It’s like the wind and the rain and the sun. Life and being alive happen because they must. All things have their cycles and the part that makes me happiest is that we as humans get to make our own meaning. We get to decide what our lives mean, and what our loved ones mean to us. Whether or not to even have loved ones. I’m still discovering what my life means. It might not mean anything to the greater cosmos but maybe the discovery is the point. Maybe my purpose is to learn and keep learning and sharing that knowledge.  Either way, I’ll be the one to make my own meaning for myself in this life.

Here’s The mmm

Assignment #11– The Last Of CT 101

Tried something out with the title for this one haha.

It’s the end of a *really* grueling semester. So much has happened in my life over the last 15+ weeks. 

Semester Memes for University Students |

Despite all that has happened in my life during the course of the semester, I’ve procrastinated much more times than I could count. Although I knew I could make it through, life just kept getting in the way and the workload from other classes became so unbearable. Try balancing that out with working on multiple commissions on the side along with planning and performing for a talent show… it was just one thing after the next. But I had to finish the semester strong!

21 Pictures That Sum Up The End Of The Semester | Student memes, Funny photo captions, Funny pictures

I feel that I’ve maintained at least a B in this class. I was a bit behind with a few blog posts, but now I’m all caught up. Commenting on other blog posts were a challenge not because I didn’t want to, I just didn’t get to make the time to do so. However, It was truly a pleasure learning about different types of art, memes, and digital storytelling. The history behind blogging; everything is categorized separately but they all unite together to create something special.

ct 101 meme – CT101 Digital Storytelling

I was always fascinated about having my own website and using it to talk about my passions and interests and sharing my experience with others. I definitely see myself continuing on with my blog website. Since the semester is over, I have a lot more time to focus on my website. There are still a few features I am navigating through.

My published blogs:

Assignment #1 – Ramen Hacks

Assignment #2– When Words Fail, Art Speaks

Assignment #3– Are Memes Art?

Assignment #4– What I Am Passionate About

Assignment #5– Journey To The Center Of Digital Storytelling

Assignment #7– Mid Semester Reflection

Assignment #9 & #10– Domain Name, Registering: Pt. 1 & 2


The name of my website is pretty straightforward. I went with the thebrianf as the name, which is the same as my Instagram handle (@thebrianf) and it’s something easy for people to remember. There are several people I know that call me by my Instagram handle whenever they see me. My goal is to keep my blog site filled with various things I am passionate about such a pro wrestling, TV shows and movies, food and my experiences at shows, concerts and what not!


Building a website wasn’t as difficult as I made it out to be. The Zoom recordings were very helpful. Something that felt very frustrating  became much easier to do with guidance and practice. I guess it’s my patience haha. Once I started playing around with the site, it all worked out well.


Assignment #9 + #10 Domain Name, Registering Pt. 1 and 2

Overall, registering my own domain was pretty easy. It didn’t take me too long to find a name. “Once you choose a domain name, you can’t change it” was stuck to my brain while I was in the process of choosing it. But it didn’t take very long to make that choice.

I chose Twenty Twenty One as my theme and chose a solid purple background. In the future I’ll go with something different. In the mean time, I’ll keep it simple.

I went with the thebrianf as the name, which is the same as my Instagram handle (@thebrianf) and its something easy for people to remember. There are several people I know that call me by my Instagram handle whenever they see me.

Now that I’ve chosen & registered my domain name, I started to add a few of my favorite blog posts that I have posted to here to CT101  and correlate best to who I am as an individual.

So far, the website has been easy to navigate.

Overall, I was stressed out about the process. But after getting it done. I felt like I accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

Going forward, I will be using my website to share my experiences with traveling and going to wrestling events. I would also love to provide step by step cooking tutorials/recipes as well as TV/movie reviews.

assignment #11- final assignment


assignment #11- THE assignment

well… the time has come. it is the last day of the semester. and that could only mean one thing…  reflection time!

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more realistically, it means everyone scrambling to get their blog posts and comments in on time (myself included) 😉

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i had an awesome time in ct 101 this semester and learned many new skills. for one thing, i learned how to make sick collages on mmm and i got to also show my photoshop express skills, talk about my passions, make memes and even build a website using wordpress. 

SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob cartwheels with a joyous expression across a blue-checkered background and over the word "Fun" in orange, purple, and yellow block letters.

i did not come to every class but those i did attend, i loved the atmosphere of the class and appreciated ryan’s style of teaching and desire for student input. it truly was an unconventional class and it’s a shame more classes can not take on a similar structure.


so what grade do i think i deserve in the class?

well, besides wanting an A, i think i also deserve an A because the only reason why i would think i would deserve a lesser grade is due to my absences. but i do not think i should penalize myself for taking advantage of the accessibility of the class as a working, full time student with a long commute.

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i know that i could have made it school many times if i am being honest with myself, but i also know that  if i had gone to school those days my quality of work in this class and all of my other ones would have been poorer because i would have had less time to complete them. i think in 2023, just a few years after we discovered most things could be done online, i do not have to feel shameful that i did exactly that.

Spider-Man GIF

i completed every mandatory assignment and with the exception of assignment 6, which admittedly was quite rushed, i feel my blog posts grew every week, were well thought out and nicely executed with hyperlinks and gifs and i  always followed  the prompts provided. i completed all of the mandatory assignments and built my website up.

i definitely plan on continuing to run my website long after this class is over. i am really grateful that this class gave me the opportunity to create one. as i’ve previously mentioned, i never thought about creating my own website before.

Silgoweb website GIF

now, i already gave myself a grade but if i had to give one to ct 101, i’d give it an A+ great professor, great assignments, and a flexible learning environment. the voices behind ratemyprofessor definitely were right about ryan- he’s a fan favorite for good reason!

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you can see all my work from the semester here :

Assignment #1- on the internet this week

Assignment #2- To GIF or Not To GIF

Assignment #3- do memes imitate life or does life imitate memes?

assignment #4-passions

assignment #5- digital storytelling project flexibility

assignment #6- making art immediacy

assignment #7: “mid” semester reflection & domain naming

assignment #9- domain name registration, hosting set up and word press installation

assignment #10/10 pt 2- word press customization

my one regret from this class was not commenting more on my classmates work because i really did admire it from afar. i’m proud of all of for how far we’ve come and i hope everyone who is reading this enjoys a great winter break. peace out, ct 1o1 !

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The Grand Finale!

It was exciting to hear, on the first day we were going to be constructing our own website! (yikes). Every Tuesday morning was highly anticipated for me because I really looked forward to all the details behind making my very own website. Now, this doesn’t go to say that I was not interested in making a web later on, based on my progress throughout the semester but I have a confession to make.

The Office gif. John Krasinski as Jim sits in the passenger seat of a parked car, wearing a fake moustache and gray jumpsuit. He looks at us with discomfort as he reclines the chair out of sight behind the car door.

Despite all that has happened in my life during the course of the semester, I have made a bad habit of procrastinating. As much as I know how capable I am of passing this class with flying colors, I had a hard time outside of the classroom with life getting in the way and time management. In the end, those things didn’t stop me from finishing off the semester strong. I have all of my mandatory blogs completed and my web is still in the works with the intent to be a true car enthusiast safe haven.

Season 1 Episode 3 GIF by Martin

This class was all about creativity on a deeper level. I honestly can’t even believe that meme’s were as significant as they were from the dancing baby. And to think that blogging makes the world go round. There are blogs for everything… no exaggeration. It was truly a pleasure learning about different types of art, meme’s, and digital storytelling. The history behind blogging; everything categorized separately but they all come together to make one piece.

TV gif. Four casually dressed coworkers jump in the air and high-five each other as a group, clearly elated about a success. Rainbow colored sparkling text reads "Teamwork."

Considering how fascinated I am with WordPress, I can definitely see myself continuing on with my blog website. Since the semester is over, I have a lot more time to focus on my website. There are still a few features I am navigating through. If someone were to ask me what my news years resolution is for 2024… it’d be to finish my website before my birthday (in February).

GIF creator Steve Wilhite confirms gif is pronounced “jif”

My published blogs.

Assignment #10

Assignment #9

Assignment #7 – Mid-Semester Reflection & Domain Name Post


Mash Em’ Up

More than a passion… call it obsession.

Memes on Memes.


BMW Car Meet!!


My website is clear-cut. There is nothing fancy about it. My intention is to grab the attention of car lovers and car enthusiast-opinion-seekers. My website will be used as a place to express feelings based on the obsession with cars. My goal is to keep my blog site as broad and wide-ranged as possible to give car enthusiasts of other make and models to speak on behalf of the love of their life. The website will include sectors for mechanics (where I will include my experiences of getting my hands dirty), my dreams cars (where I will share the photos of the cars I want to own in my lifetime), the best interior and exterior color combination (where I will share a short descriptive list of my favorite vehicle color combos) AND my first-time experience driving a manual transmission vehicle (because a stick-shift is better than auto-shift).

Building a website is far from easy. It gets very frustrating when you don’t know what most symbols represent when editing. LOL. But the beauty of it is finding out how to navigate. I know I sound like a broken record (one last example) but I’m the person that likes to open up a box of furniture and throw the instruction manual out immediately.

assignment #6- making art immediacy

assignment #6- making art immediacy

using my intuition, my creativity, and the immediacy of needing to submit this assignment 😉 , i used figma to make a to do list.

first, i drew a flower using the pen tool and then i filled it in with the highlighter tool. then, i selected some stickers of stars
after some text and a few small details, this was the final product.
then, i went to mmm and made a collage. i really enjoyed the mmm tool and will definitely be playing with it more on my free time.
i took two different aesthetic elements i like, a retro gothic look and a whimsical fairytalesque look and connected them with whimsical queen stevie nicks and included a song lyric of hers which i thought perfectly tied the two aesthetics together.
this was my final outcome:
i enjoyed working with both of these tools and will definitely seek to use them in the future. i did not know that there were so many good, free tools to use out there.
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CT 101 Final Blog Post – William Mejia

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Well…. we are at the final countdown for the Fall 2023 semester and why not write a final blog post to reflect and go out with a bang. This course has taught me that creativity has no limits. Creative freedom and expression was always a key factor for CT 101 and for that, I never took it for granted.

We Are Doomed Reaction GIF

The end is near…. I don’t mean it as if the world is ending but it is time to roll the credits for CT 101 on a positive note. What I enjoyed about CT 101 was gaining the knowledge of how powerful the internet is. There is so much access to stuff that you would never think of. I will certainly apply the creative skills that I learned in the course outside in the real world.

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As far as my domain goes, which is

I have yet to decide what to do with my domain. I thought about using it as a way to showcase all the newspaper articles that I have written for the York College newspaper but only time will tell.

Here is a screenshot of the homepage of my website.

Movie gif. Robert Downey Jr as Tony Stark in Iron Man slides on sunglasses with a smooth grin on his face. He gives a thumbs up as people in business attire and military uniforms stand and clap behind him.
This course had fun and engaging assignments and here are hyperlinks to my favorite assignments from CT 101.

Final Blog Post

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Assignment #1 Internet Happy


Are Memes Art?

Assignment #4 – Blogging about Your Passions

Assignment #5

Assignment #6 – Digital Art Making Immediacy

Assignment #7 – The Mid-Semester Reflection Domain Name Post

Assignment #9 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set Up & WordPress Installation!

The time has finally come…

I still feel the same as my mid semester post for the most part. I have definitely learned a lot from this class and a bunch of new skills. I never knew anything about Photopea, Figma, GIPHY before and I’ve never made a blog post before. I did know about the Meme Generator before because when I was younger I would make cringe minecraft memes. But overall I really do feel like these skills will be very useful for me in the future. I believe my grade should be an A or an A- because I have improved in my work from start to finish when I first started I never knew what to hyperlink and I would have difficulty but you can see in my posts the improvement I made. Also I try to comment on my classmates work when something catches my eye rather than just saying something like oh that’s cool I agree. I was absent about 6 times because that’s when I got sick so the zoom really did help a bunch. I’ll definitely keep my website up because I enjoyed making it about my interests and it was a fun process.

SpongeBob gif. SpongeBob pretends to crank his fist like a jack-in-the-box, and his thumb rises and pops out for a thumbs up. He then gestures to his thumb like "eh? What do you think?"

My website is based on my love for sharks. The sharks section consists of information about my favorite species and describes them. Overall it was really fun to build and design a website about my interests and this will be super useful and relevant for me in the future.

Assignment #10

I first chose a different theme from Twenty-Twenty One but then I got confused and switched back to it. I decided to make my website on sharks. I chose this as my background theme and made my logo a whale shark. Anytime I got lost I just rewatched the zoom and it helped a bunch.

Underwater avalanches drive microplastic waste into the deep ocean

And then this is how it turned out
I added a home, about, sharks, and contact me page.
I changed everything from default and added the classic editor plugin to make things easier for me. Also I made a section just about sharks
TV gif. Timmy from Shaun the Sheep blinks and extends 2 thumbs up as a lopsided grin emerges on the side of his face.

assignment #10/10 pt 2- word press customization

assignment #10- making my website mine

i really got into my website, and worked very hard on making the first few pieces of content. in fact, i arguably spent too much time working on it when i should have been studying for finals, but who could resist fun website building over studying?

Artist Painting GIF

i plan on using this website somewhat like portfolio. i have goals to one day get a masters degree in language and science technology. to get into the school and program i want to attend, i will need to conduct a research project and present it. in addition to this, i’d like to be able to show my interviewers something to set me apart from other candidates and so i figure this website can serve as that, to show my true passion for language.

show off the emperors new groove GIF

but it is not just for the purpose of a portfolio, i’d genuinely like to teach people things. i plan on writing posts to teach polish and spanish grammar (and more later, but i am going to start with the two languages i am most familiar with) to english speakers to keep as tabs on my website, always available for someone looking for resources.

Read Open A Book GIF by Mashed

the first post i made was an introduction, as i mentioned in my previous post, i’d like my website not be completely faceless and for people to feel a connection with the person who wrote the material they’re consuming.

Schitts Creek Comedy GIF by CBC

then i made a quick little page about entitled why learn a language? just to quickly summarize key points as why language learning is beneficial.

then i began working on the real job… explaining complex grammar of a foreign language in a way that is easy for people to understand and is not overwhelming with information but also thorough. i have made two posts under my polish page : przypadki one and przypadki two… these posts explain the declinations of polish nouns and adjectives, a huge component of the language that is very difficult to understand, especially for native english speakers. on the polish page, i inserted two hyperlinks at the bottom of the page to direct viewers to those posts.


i had to figure out how to make subpages for my page but all it took was one simple google search and now the tabs look exactly how i want them to.


i am extremely satisfied with the progress i’ve made with my website and will soon start to make posts about spanish. and one day i’d like to include essays about my opinions on linguistic theories,  the lack of bilingualism in america and other topics relating to language.

world love GIF by Learn Something Every Day

i’ve never considered making my own website and i never knew it would be a process i’d really enjoy. i am very grateful that this class gave me the opportunity to venture out of my internet comfort zone but more about that will be in my final blog post.

TV gif. D'Arcy Carden as Janet from The Good Place gives us an excited wave. Text, "Bye guys!"


Assignment 5: To Catch the Wind

This one was a little interesting to me mainly because my mind immediately (heh, get it?) went to the idea of making a kind of symbolic destination or to an activity I’ve never participated in before. “Welcome to Calm Peaceful Quiet Mind”, “Greetings From Full Night’s Sleep” but I just couldn’t feel satisfied with those options even when I tired my hand on making/editing my own image.
The skill taste gap for me is still too broad. I really want it to be a tiny little puddle but at times it feels like a chasm. So ultimately it was Canva to save the day (kind of).
The vibe was a bit Night Vale-ian, which I liked but it was quite what I wanted. I brought together a bunch of different pieces of clip art on Canva. I’m always on canva making book cover mock ups when I should be writing(oops). It seems so interesting to me that Canva Pro has so many options yet I always feel like I don’t have much to work with because my specifics are… well, too specific.
Ultimately I decided to focus on a real world event that I want to attend. Every April, when the sky is clear and the weather starts to warm, Weifang hosts their Kite festival. Weifang, China a city in the Shandong province, is famous for their International Kite Festival. Every year artists create amazing and beautiful kites to fly and show off their skills in both design and aerodynamics. From what I’ve heard its great fun for the whole family.
People travel far and wide just to see the kites take to the sky and the best part? It’s free! Now of course the opening ceremony costs about 15-30 USD but overall the event is free to attend.
I don’t remember what I was doin that week to miss it but either way its come and gone, maybe 2024? I searched the web for a variety of different images of the kite festival and found a lot of good information on it overall.  The following image was the end result. It’s a little plain but I felt I was able to show a variety of kites and capture the energy of the day. The bright crisp April day with all the kites in the air and the beautiful craftsmanship that goes into to giving them their “wings”.

assignment #9- domain name registration, hosting set up and word press installation

assignment #9- getting started

i had (surprisingly enough) a very painless experience setting up my domain. 

too easy nbd GIF

when i was picking my website name, every name i tested out was available, i didn’t find word press impossible to navigate and i felt an overwhelming sense of pride when i was able to customize the site a little bit, and of course the coupon code and not spending 30+ dollars tied the experience off with a bow 🙂


for my theme on word press, I went with the 2023 version as it was not as complicated as the 2024 version aaaand because it had the best aesthetic in my opinion. i chose the canary color scheme offered- black and yellow.

wiz khalifa smile GIF

i thought the appearance of this color scheme was both warm but serious, which is the feeling i’d like to convey as my website is informational but i want it to also feel somewhat personal. i also preferred the layout that the theme offered compared to the others.


the website is relatively straightforward to use, to customize, edit and navigate your website you can hit the wordpress logo in the upper left hand corner of the site. the menu will appear below it and you can change the appearance of the site and manage posts and pages. i have tried to work on a godaddy website before and i must say, i found that front-end website maker slightly harder to navigate so i am really pleasantly surprised by the ease of wordpress.


i have already customized by website but that’s gonna be in the next post… see u there 🙂

fallontonight hair pretty jimmy fallon whatever GIF

Assignment #5- Journey To The Center of Digital Storytelling

As I mentioned in Assignment 4, I’m very passionate about graphic design. It started out as something I did for fun, but once it began intertwining with wrestling, there was no turning back.

Keep Moving Season 3 GIF by American Gods - Find & Share on GIPHY

For my first creation, I was actually commissioned to create a booking graphic in the form of a magazine cover for a friend of mine in wrestling. I used Bazaart to put this together by incorporating the photo, text and logos to create a cover design!

Pretty simple.

Piece Of Cake Asl GIF by Sign with Robert - Find & Share on GIPHY

For my second creation, I used Procreate to make a collage. It’s pretty straightforward to navigate. Normally, I use it to draw digital art, but this was the first time I incorporated photos. Like Adobe Photoshop, there is a background layer and you can add multiple layers containing photos and what not (lock & duplicate accordingly).

CT 101/ Final Blog Post -Yasodia Sukhandan

Here we are at the end of the semester!!!


CT-101 It has been a genuinely enjoyable session, and I have learned new websites that I can utilize in my daily life. This is the first course I’m taking where we can work mainly on computers, which I find enjoyable.I enjoy how this class interacts with one another, that we discuss ideas and opinions, and that our professor constantly invites us to participate in the class and ask questions. Our lecturer was a true gem; he gave us precise directions and walked us out. I would suggest this class to others. We gain additional knowledge about WordPress, GIPHY, and Photpea that we can apply to our daily lives.Personally, I enjoy things outside of class.

Outside of class, I enjoy experimenting and familiarizing myself with these websites. I enjoyed this course, although it took some time for me to be able to make a website since I needed specific photographs  and outlines to be in the right order and at the same size.



We got to create/ register our own domain! Which was cool to me this part was fun for me because getting to choose your name and starting up the process is always fun yet challenging.

But also Putting together a website seem  like the most fun part/ yet stressful part only because me personally i didnt know what i wanted to use on my website. Going fourth its always good to have a idea where you want to start.


I just know that I’m trying; I have no idea what my grade would be overall. I try to follow all the guidelines specified on the page or syllabus, turn in all of my work on time, and address any queries or problems that come up. Additionally, I’m attempting to be imaginative and study more about the subject. All things are a learning process, hence an A+ for effort and consistency. As a social work major and psychology student, this course is not related to my major; yet, I took it to improve my overall grade anyway, and I had a great time in it. Aside from being in school i help my friend that t create a menu for a restaurant and the owner  loved it and is currently utilizing it. Right now we are in charge of there instagram page and creating posters.

Contact me page-

I also want to improve a few things for my final website, such how people may reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat. Customers can see my page, get in touch with me, and send me a message.


In closing, I would want to express my gratitude to the professor and my fellow students for an amazing semester and for allowing me to embark on this educational path. I took my first computer course at York for the first time. I’m majoring in social work as a pysch. This course has demonstrated to me that anything is achievable with perseverance and hard work. I first enrolled in this course to boost my GPA, but thereafter, I met some new individuals and had the opportunity to develop a website. I’m hoping to receive an A+ in this class because fully i know learn new skills that i can use.

To conclude my blog heres a link to my website its not fully done as yet as i wanna add little more specs to it such as images to make my page looks more appealing.

CT101 Final Blog Post/Jonathan Dedier

Hey guys! So today is the day ct101 basically ends and I’m very anxious right noww. As my journey in CT101 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect on the valuable skills and experiences gained throughout the semester. In the face of personal adversities, the understanding and support extended by Mr. Seslow have not gone unnoticed. The encouragement to persevere and the acknowledgment of individual circumstances have contributed significantly to a positive and empowering learning environment.

What did I enjoy about our class and how will I apply your new skills into the world you ask? 

One of the aspects I enjoyed most about our CT101 class was the creative atmosphere fostered by both the content and the teaching approach. Mr. Seslow’s engaging videos and the freedom to explore digital creativity allowed me to express myself in ways I hadn’t imagined. The sense of community and support within the class made the learning experience enjoyable, even during challenging times in my personal life.

“Amazing guy is above this blockquote”

As for applying the new skills I got, I see numerous opportunities to integrate them into the broader digital landscape. The ability to build and manage a website, as well as understanding the art of memes and effective hyperlinking, and making navigation menus (I’m sorry but there were so many buttons to look at when making it LOL) are versatile skills that can be applied across various domains.

 What grade do I think I have earned in our class and why do I deserve this grade? I think I’m about to… to….

(Visual representation of me right now.)
Actually wait I feel more like this right now..

In all seriousness I’m throwing my hat into the B-ring(So a B). Why, you ask? Well, even though my work decided to take the scenic route to the submission box (yeah, I was fashionably late quite often), I believe my posts are like the class clowns of the internet. They might show up late to the party, but when they do, it’s a riot!
My posts are my comedy playground, and I think they deserve a solid B for bringing the laughs. There’s a method to my madness, you see. I write like I’m talking to you face-to-face, but with an extra sprinkle of humor. It’s like chatting with a stand-up comedian, but in blog form. I mean, who said blog posts can’t have a sense of humor, right? Sure, I might have a tardiness record, but think of it as me being fashionably late to the digital shindig. It’s all part of the grand entrance! Plus, fashionably late people get noticed, right? At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

And speaking of noticing, my posts are unmistakably ME. They’re personal, they’re quirky, and they scream “this is [Your Name], and no one else!”

Now for the moment you guys have been waiting for..

My website!

Wondering why my website is on my phone? Let me break it down for you.

1. Tailored for Your Convenience: When asking a bunch of my friends they said the mobile site looked seamless for the palm of your hand. No need to pinch and zoom – every detail is crafted for easy navigation, making your visit a breeze.

2. Dive into Yorkie Goodness Anywhere, Anytime: Whether you’re at the dog park, curled up with your Yorkie on the couch, or out for a stroll, take with you wherever life leads. Access grooming tips, training tricks, bathing and heartwarming stories at your fingertips, making it the perfect on-the-go resource for Yorkie parenting.


My mobile layout showcases all the adorable snapshots and informative visuals in a stunning display when pressed also. I feel so excited about this!!

Props to my brother, the unsung hero and artist extraordinaire, who turned a simple idea into a quirky masterpiece. Those are indeed my daily specs, and my dog decided they were the ultimate fashion statement for our logo. Who knew my dog had such a knack for style?

So, a huge shoutout to my bro for immortalizing this comedic moment and turning it into’s iconic logo. Here’s a sneak peek of the masterpiece – because, let’s face it, who wouldn’t want their dog sporting their glasses? It’s the kind of silliness that makes our blog uniquely us.


But anyways CT101 taught me more than just digital skills – it taught me how to build a website, a digital home for all things Yorkie. isn’t just a project; it’s a reflection of my journey. Will I maintain it? Absolutely! It’s not just a website; it’s a living testament to the joy, challenges, and boundless love of being a Yorkie parent. So, brace yourselves – the adventure continues!

I express my deepest gratitude. Thank you for the laughs that echoed through the virtual corridors, the lessons that resonated beyond the pixels, and the unforgettable journey that has left an indelible mark on my digital and personal tapestry. As this chapter concludes, I eagerly await the next, armed with newfound skills, cherished memories, and a heart brimming with enthusiasm. Until we meet again in the digital realm, CT101—thank you and farewell.

P.S. Professor’s head always remind me of that one spongebob meme..
(Secret messsage if you somehow made it to the end)