Assignment #1

What makes me really happy on the internet, is that I am able to connect with my friends who are in different states. I could play online games with them, and communicating with them is truly a blessing. I have two cousins who are in the military, and I am able to contact them easily through an application called Discord. Another would be YouTube, and finally, it would be a game called Valiant. 


  1. Discord is an application that lets you communicate and meet new people in communities all around the world. There are communities based around many niche things. Being able to communicate via Text or Video Call is also a bonus.
  2.  YouTube is an application as many know that lets viewers watch and broadcast videos. I feel as though YouTube has become such a mainstream source of media, that it has become a part of my daily routine. Of course, there is skepticism involved regarding the media posted
  3. Valorant is an online tactical shooter game. I have made many friends and actually met my neighbor online as well. It was quite a shock for both of us. As there was a 3 year age gap, we didn’t really communicate all that much in person. Until after we met online, and every now and then we would play together.

Assignment#10: Exploring the WordPress Potentials

A lot of the things that I wanted to add to the website are now up, that include pictures of both One Piece and Basketball stuff as well as the some of my favorite videos about both. You can check them out by clicking here.

There will be more clip of plays/funny moments posted as I work on the site more. I have also added a small blog about the site and what’s to come going forward. Which you can access by clicking here. I plan on messing around more and add a navbar and some other features so it looks more clean and different things can be accessed without it all being on one big page.

Assignment #9: Customizing Fun

Customizing the website so far has been a little annoying because sometimes I get things to work while other times things seem to be all over the place.

Me during website customization so far.

I have picked out a small chibi icon for the website as well as some images which I plan on including on the domain. Icon is of Luffy from One Piece. Icon is a cute chibi version of Luffy:


While these are the cover image and basketball image that I picked so far. The image I picked for the basketball side is one combined with LeBron James, Stephen Curry, and Giannis Antetokounmpo who have been my favorite NBA players for a while now.

The feature image of the site will be the whole One-Piece crew. Which is also taking place in my favorite arc of the show; Wano.

There is a lot of work to be done but this is a nice start to the site. Now that I have added some pictures I plan on adding clips from both the show and the sport as well as some comedic relief at the end of it all.

Assignment# 8: My Domain

After a lot of trouble and going back and forth with preview/draft and deciding if I should publish or not my domain is finally up! It was a little confusing at the start but as I went along my WordPress journey things were starting to click. I ended up picking sauravonebasket as the domain because I wanted to post both One Piece and Basketball related clips onto my website. I have some clips in mind that I think are good enough for the start of the domain and will be adding on more as I go along. I was hoping it was a little bit similar to mmm.page where everything can be dragged easily instead of going into the taskbar on the side and looking for it but once I was able to put some time into it I figured out what I needed to do.

Setting up the domain was easily because I just followed Professor Ryan’s video. The way we post and make changes is also very similar to how we already post our assignments so that makes things really easy and I hope to be able to do better with this going forward.

Assignment#7 – Domains!

Having my own domain for my portfolio is something I will be working on towards my last semester of college because it is something needed for my field of work. So, I have given some thought to what I would like it to be, but since this is CT101 I think I can choose something that doesn’t have to be too professional.

Five possible domain names:                                                                         sauravsingh: This feels the most professional.                                                  saurav: Just my first name to make myself standout I guess. sauravandonepiece: This domain is something I will most likely go with because I can see myself just posting random onepiece clips onto my website.                                                                                                                           sauravhoops: There are two things I love and that’s One Piece and Basketball and this domain could be used to post some of my favorite moments in the NBA.                                                                                  sauravonebasket: If I take too long to pick between the two above I will just choose this so I can hopefully put both of my interests in one page.

I have been playing basketball on and off since middle school and making a website solely for putting my favorite moments of basketball onto seems like a good idea to have even if I don’t end up doing it now, I can still do it later on when I have more experience working with domains and hopefully have my own. One of my favorite things to do is watch Inside the NBA a show with: Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and, Shaquille O’Neal. They usually make really funny jokes or just go off topic so seeing some of the basketball legends having fun is really entertaining and sometimes I might end up using for my favorite basketball clips.

Finally, of course, I can’t forget about One Piece. It has a special place in my heart, and it will always be there as it has been with me for a very long time even before basketball. There are too many moments that I know of which I can use for the domain a lot of them are just the main character, Luffy, being very simpleminded/dumb. One of those moments being this, where Luffy butchers the meaning of his crew mate so badly that he just goes with it. And many more to come!!

I am very excited about working on this project and in the end I might end up making a hybrid of the two topics which posted above because I don’t want to have to pick between the two, and hopefully others like what I also find very enjoyable.


Mid-Semester Reflection

While I am late on this assignment, the things I have worked on prior to this assignment have all been really enjoyable. I have learned to use gifs a lot more than I already did use with friends and now send them to friends for no reason. I do feel like I spend a lot of time trying to find the right gif to use for certain things when the first choice is always what I tend to go back to. As for the grades I feel like I don’t deserve the grade which I once wanted at the start but since I am trying to finish up on everything, I missed a passable grade would be very ideal.

I like the assignments we have worked on so far and these are the some of the things I have done so far: Assignment#1                                                                                                               Assignment#2                                                                                                              Assignment#3                                                                                                      Assignment#4                                                                                                     Assignment#5

CT101 has been very good when it comes to just having a bunch of ideas in your brain and putting them onto a blog like post for others to see and relate to or learn/see something new. Making posts interesting and also a little bit unique so they stand out is also something I have seen with some of the posts from fellow classmates.

Using gifs is something I do day to day and with this class it has become a better experience because I get to describe some of those gifs to people that might not know what they mean, and I have also seen some gifs which were very interesting.

Participation has not been something that I have done a lot, sometimes it’s the nerves when you’re typing something onto someone’s post and after writing up a few lines I suddenly get a random feeling of something that I don’t like and smashing the backspace button which leaves me with no interaction with others. But there are times when I have interacted with others, and it was a nice experience. In my opinion it takes a lot of effort to just post a comment onto another person’s post, but it can be different from person to person.

What I know now that I did not know before taking this class is definitely, telling a small story from using just a small one second gif. Seeing others use gifs and making things is very entertaining and sometimes its even relaxing just siting back and reading about assignments and randomly seeing a gif I wasn’t expecting. Just being able to relate with others is something I did not see myself doing a lot before so I kind of know that as well now.

As for my creativity expanding it is definitely something I notice. This is due to writing different assignments on different topics but using the right gifs and sometimes taking a really long time to choose that gif which feels just right for the assignment. It can be challenging at times to do something which I feel could work for an assignment, but I have to end up scraping everything and starting over. Looking at some of my older posts I feel satisfied with what I have been able to do so far.

Assignment#5: Creativity

Creativity for me is seeing something for more than what it is and more than what its labeled to be. While a lot of people will tell you to “think outside of the box,” that can make things harder than they need to be. Sometimes it’s hard to say where my creativity comes from when I work on certain things whether it is a coding project or if I am playing a game of basketball and there is a play I want to try doing. But one thing that I noticed about myself is that the more I enjoy doing something the more creative I seem to get in whatever it is that I am doing. As for Immediacy and Intuition in my opinion work well together because with immediacy you can be involved in something very fast and to do that you need to have good intuition which is understanding what you’ll be getting involved with.

My mmm page is very basic and I could not seem to put much creativity in it even though I know what I wanted to show but to bring it out onto the page is a lot harder than I thought. I put everything there which I think is fine and I picked things which interest me, and I hope that they might be of liking to others.

Using the mmm website was very straightforward and the small tips they gave were very helpful in creating what I wanted and it has many different options for customizing the pages. It was also very easy to pick up which was very helpful as I was able to not stress about how to do certain things on the website. I ended up using a lot of different small chibi (“Japanese slang word describing something short”) gifs of One Piece.

Assignment #12 CT101 Final Blog Post

CT101 Final Blog Post/ Nader Nagi 

It is the time of the year, Christmas approaching, and a whole new year is ready to come. For college students, we all know these last two weeks of December are where we work and study extra hard for our finals to make sure we get the best grades possible for our hard work and dedication.

Nevertheless, it is my last and final week as an undergrad, and I can say that these past five years have been a successful, teachable journey: many successes, failures, sleepless nights, tears, happiness, and many other memorable moments. I recall certain times when I wanted to give up, thinking about dropping out of college. However, I can proudly share with everyone in CT 101 that giving up is not an option when you have a dream, and here I am at the edge of my dreams.

But wait, let me not be so happy for now because I still have my only and final work post for CT 101. So, please come with me and share my overall opinion on CT 101. In this post, I will give you a detailed recap of everything I’ve learned, earned, and completed for CT 101, so please feel free to share your opinion about my work, and if I deserve a good grade for my work.

CT 101 “Digital art” is a class that allows its students to share their imaginations, expression, and feeling through storytelling using random pictures, videos, gifs, memes, and many other fun platforms. Here I am writing my final graded assignment for CT 101. I will conclude my semester experience with CT 101 as the most interesting, valuable, entertaining class I’ve ever enrolled in while attending York College.

For now, let me share the type of project and assignment I was required to do, let’s start off with

Assignment #1- Happy on the Internet – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(To share what makes you happy on the internet)

Assignment #2 stressful first week of classes- How I feel about CT 101. – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(To share and express your thoughts about CT 101 in the first week using Gifs and Imgur, as well as sharing some of the histories of Gifs)

Assignment #3 To MEME or not to MEME- The Art of MEME’s – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(To share the searched information about the existence of MEME’s. TO MEME or NOT to MEME.)

Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(Using DS 106 Assignment Repository, Pick two topics and recreate the assignment using your own style)

Assignment #5 – Digital Art Making Immediacy – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(Using the mmm.page, share and express what makes you and inspires you to be who you are today)

Assignment #6- The Mid- Semester Assessment Post – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(Recap on all of the above assignment)

Assignment #7 Domain Names – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(thought on the type of Domain names you would like to use for your websites)

Assignment #8 – Domain Name Registration, Hosting Set-Up & WordPress Installation! – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(register the domain using the free coupons, set up and install WordPress into your first and official website)

Assignment #9 customizing my website – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(Customize your website as you wish to be observed by others, Pages, posts, categories, installations, and navigating the menus)

Assignment#10 My beautiful Yemen – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

( your first post on your new website)

Assignment # 11 Social Media N’ WordPress – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu)

(to share the website URL and progress, comment and share your thoughts about others websites)

Through these great posts, I can say I have enjoyed learning about all types of fun Giphy, memes, Imgur, MMM.page, DS106, and all the history that relates to each of the above. However, what I enjoyed the most has become one of my most remarkable skills. Some of these skills are creating Gifs and using the photopea website to recreate imaginary objects the way I want to make them look. Check MY Assignment #4- DS106 – CT101 Digital Storytelling (cuny.edu) and look at “the concert you want to be at.”  

Another fun, enjoyable, valuable skill I’ve learned, is of course, how to register a domain and start building a website. This skill will allow me to make money, help others promote their business, and stay up with the technical building.

Will I maintain my new website? Of course, even though this website started as a school assignment, the professor gave us full ownership of the website, and I will take full advantage of the opportunities. It may not sound like a great, successful idea for now, but magics happen, and someone from this class might become a millionaire simply by using their new website as their future business. 

I shared many posts, videos, and photos of Yemen on my website Naderphotogrphy.net.Through this website, I will continue to inspire and inform everyone about Yemen’s lovely culture and traditions and ignore the negative perspective gained from the news. I will continue to post some historical events, places, cities, trips, and many other fun activities that I can accomplish while in Yemen through this website.

The main question of this post is, do I deserve an A grade? Yes, I believe I deserve this grade. Let me show you why. Looking back at my posts, many will agree that I have developed a new style each week; my post has become more creative, fun, and enjoyable to read. Of course, I can’t simply grade myself because I will be biased, but look at some of my professor’s comments that have encouraged me to work harder and perform my best work every week.

when I ask if I deserve the A

Here are some of the comments 

Epic post! Thank you so much for the thoughtful crafting of this post! Indeed a work of art itself! I really love the memes that you have created, and curated here. I love the use of context, hyperlinking to essays and other student’s posts to! Plus the mention of DOGE! This is what we come here for! Well done! Great work, and really nice example for our classmates!”

Excellent work on this! Thank you so much for the thoughtful and well crafter response! This is great example for all to refer to! Thank you for the kind words about the course, there is so much more to come! Keep rockin’ it!”

This is the beauty of seeing each other work in process, contrast, and more contrast, and more…Thank you for the really great posts each week! You have developed a “style” in your blogging!”

These comments made my day when I was reading through them, so I decided to work harder and show the skills I’ve learned from Professor Ryan. 

Aside from the posts and skills I developed from CT 101. I was a very active student. I read through my classmate’s work and shared my opinion about their posts. I was active during the lectures by asking questions and clarification when I was confused with something. 

To ensure that I deserve the A grade, let me take you on tour through my website to observe the work and skills I’ve developed while building my website. 

Home Page

It is the home page of my website. It includes my website logo, an organized menu that provides a home page, blog, about, history, and photography, as well as a brief introduction to my website.

Also, on the home page, I included a brief introduction about Yemen and a photo of my beautiful home city Ibb. I also used the home page to remind visitors to look at other posts in the history section.

Of course, let’s not forget about the blog section where most of the work will post. The blog section gives the website visitors a hint about the type of projects that have been posted.

The history section of my website will include historical information about my home country Yemen. As we can see from the above picture we can see a historical introduction about the Shahara Bridge.

The second post is about the beautiful Socotra Island, on this post, visitors will experience the magical moments of observing some of the most beautiful photos of Socotra.  

The third post gives my website visitors a taste of Yemen’s most knowing locations such as Bab Alyemen, Rock palace, Sab Kindom, Hadhramaut kingdom, and the old city of Sanna.

Finally, let’s not forget to look at the about section that includes a few paragraphs introduction about who I am and what I share on my website.

The process of building a website was precious. I was able to learn so much about building a website, adding pages, and playing with the website’s format. It was so much fun but challenging to complete, it took time and courage to complete, but the results were outstanding.

My current usage of the website is to share some of the stunning history and pictures of Yemen, but soon, I will also add more creative posts about NY, Sport, Art, cars, and other stuff related to my everyday activities.

Sadly, this is my last post in CT 101, and I would like to give a special thanks to the most fantastic professor Ryan. His way of teaching was incredible, fun, and totally different from the other professor. His lectures were well organized, clear, and straightforward.

It’s hard to say, but it must be said, Good Bye everyone. I wish you all a happy holiday and a successful future. It was great meeting you all.

Final Course Reflection Blog Post

Goodbye fellow CT 101 classmates and Professor Seslow.

Overall CT 101 has taught me how to use many internet tools like how to make memes, how to make gifs, and lastly how to create a website. Learning how to make gifs and memes was pretty easy to learn, I really had fun creating them. I made gifs using GIPHY and found IMGFlip to be the better site when making memes. There was a huge variety of templets we could use, as well as the types of memes/gifs we wanted to create. Because their are many fandoms the possibilities were endless. Both gifs and memes are used to communicate with one another especially during the pandemic because everything was moved online, it felt as if you had to be able to understand the meaning behind certain memes/gifs in order to fully connect with others. When it came to creating domain names it was difficult for me to actually come up with a unique name, especially because my first and last name are already long. The freedom we received when it came to writing our blogs was helpful because we did not have to be “tied down” to one specific topic. I did have some issues with WordPress, for example after a week of registering my domain name into WordPress I could no longer login so I emailed Professor Seslow and he gave me some guidance on how to fix the problem which indeed did help me. Another issue I had was categorizing a post I had made, again with Professor Seslow guiding on which steps to take, I fixed the problem.

I think I deserve an A because although I was behind for some assignments I managed to catch up. Also I have seen a growth throughout the assignments, I remember the professor always had to remind to insert links and now it’s sort of a habit. I have tried to comment each week but could not keep up, especially during this month of December because there were just too many things happening at once.

Meme I created to represent the progress we have made in CT 101.

I enjoyed the freedom of creativity we had and the encouragement that the professor gave us. It was also really great to see my classmates’ creations, it helped me a lot as well. Just getting an overall structure of how an assignment might be done. Not to mention the professor’s recorded tutorials that were available right after class had finished. I am thinking of applying my new skills on any future assignment I have and also with my Sunday class which I could also use even more to my advantage by making the transition of online classes to in person classes more easily. I also think that using gifs and memes get a message across faster, I have applied them when texting friends and family.

The encouragement from Professor Seslow and classmates was always appreciated.

Tour of Alejandra’s Creativity:

I really would like to keep up my new website until the time is up but I’m not sure if Spring Semester will be busy or manageable. I will try to, especially since I will be going to Mexico for winter break, that will give me the opportunity to take some new photos and I can even create a category dedicated to those photos only. And of course both music and news are always happening so it would be easy to update those categories on my website. Although it would be somewhat hard to update my website during the winter break because of Wi-Fi issues I will really try to write out more poem blogs and have them be published weekly. And although there are always going to be excuses not to do something I want to try my best to at least try to keep m website updated with new News, Podcasts, Music and Photographs.

And just like that we are reaching the end, the following are past assignments, from the first one to the last one there are huge differences.

Past CT 101 Assignments:

Assignment #1- What is making me happy on the internet?
Assignment #2- How’s CT so far?
Assignment #3- What Do You Meme?
Assignment #4- DS106 Fun
Assignment #5- Digital Art Making Immediacy
Assignment #6- The Mid-Semester Assessment Post
Assignment #7- Domain Names
Assignment #8- Domain Registration
Assignment #9- Customizing my WordPress Page
Assignment #10- Pages & Categories and First Blog Post
Assignment #11- Social Media &WordPress

It’s crazy to see all our year’s worth of work just linked to listed assignments but it is also very fulfilling to see. Professor Seslow has shown a great interest in our knowledge and has encouraged us weekly to keep trying to better our CT skills. With that being said I hope we all take a moment to thank the professor and use the skilled we have learned.

Happy holidays and stay safe!!!

CT 101 Final Blog Post/ Elijah Adkins

Final Blog Post

What I have learned: My Reflection

Before arriving to CT-101, I heard of the class prior. My journalism class with Professor Moore kept reminding me and the rest of the students how useful the class would be, especially for those into Journalism. I knew nothing about this class so I took what was said with a grain of salt and did not expect to be using my creativity in a class such as this. When I heard about the class, I thought it would be some sort of online art class and it was something I had no plan on taking due to my terrible artistic drawings. I cannot draw and the thought of taking an art class brought nightmares of what I dealt with in my high school. However, doing advisements with Professor Moore, I was informed that the class would help with expanding your Journalism skills to the next level by using the art of the internet. I decided to give it a try, putting myself at risk and not really knowing what I am in for, but it was a great decision.


My initial reaction to hearing about the class

The Introduction:

Upon enrolling in the class and missing the first day of class due to being tired and accidentally sleeping past the class time, I did not know what I was in for. I was already saddened by the fact that I missed my class on the first day due to not waking up on time, but I was also confused as to what the class would be. I joined the class group chat and saw some fellow students speak about the class, but not that much engagement was happening. So what I did was go on blackboard and checked the class to find out that we will be doing our activities on commons which I was also introduced to in my English class. Commons was a new site to me in the fall semester and I was still learning how to use it. Our first homework was commenting on a post and I never knew how hard that could be, being in the position that I was in. I eventually found a post that said “Welcome back” and I commented on this post, but later realized that it was the wrong post to comment on and I saw the rest of my fellow classmates commenting on the correct one. So already, the beginning of classes were a learning curve for me even though it should have been basic.

The Blogs:

After homework week 1, even though I struggled, I was starting to understand what I had to do and assumed that this course was going to be easy. That was until we were assigned assignment #1 which made us create our very first blog post and it’s also where the journey begins. Creating a blog post was not new to me as ironically, I had to create many blogs for my Journalism class with Prof Moore. However, I never had to create a blog post in the fashion that I had to for this class using the commons website. Not to mention, the usage of hyperlinks, images and the media to help assist with creating a great blog post.  The post asked what makes you happy on the internet and my creativity came into play since I used Gifs, videos and hyperlinks to express that Youtube, the social media platform on the internet that I use everyday is what makes me happy on the internet. Specifically, the reaction videos that showcases various different Youtubers giving their expressions on certain things such as sequences in films. The example I used being reactions to the new Spider-Man game coming out next year and their reaction to the main Villain being Venom. Assignment #2 tasked the class with expressing their thoughts on how they feel about the course so far in which I went into detail similar to my reflection about my thoughts and experience with the class so far. This assignment mainly was for testing our abilities to use Gifs and Memes to which goes into the next assignment asking whether Memes are Art or not. I answered this question in my blog post stating that Memes are Art and I even made my own meme. The next following blog posts went to a more advanced level that I was ready for.

Assignment #4 – DS 106 Assignment Bank (Looking for your best skill and worst skill and using a prompt by the site to help create your masterpiece and translate it over to a blog)

My Blog: I discuss writing as my specialty and I find an assignment that challenged me to write a poem about the point of view of an object.

Assignment #5 – Creating digital art using the mmm.page (Testing your ability to create art digitally on this new program, also testing your creativity)

My Blog: I used the mmm.page and created a page that showcased my dreams being to live in a Cabin, be financially stable and just have a genuine good time with family.

Assignment #6 – The Mid-Semester reflection (Reflecting on the class and how it is so far)

My Blog: Probably my longest blog until this one where I reflected on my experience with the class so far and what I am still looking forward to.

Assignment #7 – Creating Domain Names (Having the class think about what domain name they want to use for their website building careers)

My Blog: My weakest blog due to having to think of a domain name which is important to the website’s identity. This was something hard for me to do as I never thought of what would be a a great domain name that I would use.

Assignment #8 – Process of creating the Domain name and web hosting account (Students had to write about their thoughts and opinions on creating their domain name and getting started with web hosting)

My Blog: There was no blog. The assignment required the class to learn how to set up their domains and their web hosting accounts which was confusing at first, but I got the hang of it.

Assignment #9 – Using WordPress and creating a Website (Students finally got the opportunity to work on their envisioned website and play around with the tools in WordPress.

My Blog: I actually made two blogs to this assignment without even realizing it.

My other Blog: ^

Assignment #10 – While also working on your Website, publishing a new blog post on Commons and on your website (Continuing to use the WordPress tools and creating that first blog on your site)

My Blog: I advertised my website and I still hope the rest of the class sees the Website.

Assignment #11 – Commenting on the assignment post, visiting your fellow classmates websites and leaving them a comment on their progression and publishing a new blog post (3 part assignment)

My Blog: I saw two websites that I enjoyed viewing and it showed me how creative the rest of my classmates are.

My reaction to my classmates fantastic websites

And then there’s this. The Final post, the final assignment, the finals. 

My Blog: This

Grade Assessment:

I have no idea what my grade is for this class and I dislike assuming what grade it will be due to that risk of disappointment and let-down. Especially when it’s almost Christmas and a new year where people are meant to be happy. However, if I had to guess my grade, I’d say a B+ or higher because I completed all of my assignments, but I know what I have done wrong. For example, I am not much of a peer reviewer and I don’t think I ever peer reviewed anyone, besides the websites and assignment #11 which told students to look into the peers website and leave a comment. Another reason is I unfortunately did not have much time to edit my previous post and fix the errors. Such as assignment 1 where I was informed to add in more videos which was something that should have been easily completed. Or assignment 5 where I was asked to show more of the mmm page into the blog so people can see the full spectrum and layout of it. Although, I feel like I should do it justice by posting it here which is what I will do.

My mmmpage:  Added the hyperlink to the page this time.

The full mmm page

The numbers within the screenshot are gifs that are moving under my progression work which were the assignments I had to do before Assignment #6.

Next up are some videos I would recommend of reactions that are just great to look at and feel the emotions that they are going through while also still getting those goosebumps.

This video shows people reacting to iconic villians of Spider-man making an appearance in the new movie.

Or this video that is a spoiler of the movie, but showcases the audience reaction to certain scenes in the movie, which gives that goosebumps feel to people like me who have already seen the movie.

Or if marvel is not your cup of tea, you can just search for whatever genre you like and put reaction to it and watch reactors react to your favorite series or genre. For example:

I watch these two and I enjoy their reactions and their review after the series that I enjoy. The Witcher season 2 just released and seeing people’s reactions is what makes my day as it is also insightful.

People’s Voices

Remember when I said I was having trouble with creating a domain? I remembered having a thought to myself which will usually happen at random and coming up with the brilliant idea of calling it People’s Voices like People’s Court because Journalism specifically Social Journalism, involves spreading awareness on the injustices within the system of America or any other country and giving people that voice that should be heard which is the point of my website. Giving people the platform to voice their thoughts and opinions with the use of the 1st amendment which is why my background picture is a document of the 1st amendment.


My frustrations with building a website is pretty much the tools involved due to not being familiar with them and not wanting to mess it up. There are a lot of advanced tools that will take getting used to, but other than that I like the layout of my website and the idea behind it. Knowing myself however, I probably wouldn’t be continuing to work on the website due to myself being so busy. Although, I am grateful for the opportunity to create my own website and showcase it to my fellow classmates and expressing the creative vision.

Last, but not least, my hyperlink to my website.

The ending of my Assignment 2 post and now the ending of this Finals
The beginning of my 1st assignment and now the end of my last assignment

CT101 Final Blog Post

This is my last final week as a college senior. One thing I know for a fact I won’t miss is the stress of studying, doing long papers, waking up early, staying up late because I have a lot of assignments due. It’s been a hell of 4 years of college. I just want my Bachelor’s degree and start my new chapter in life.

How I feel about graduating.

CT101 was amazing compared to some of my other classes. I like the fact that the class was online and the professor always answers within hours when you email him. I just wish we could have met at least once a month in person. To discuss problems that we are having. I loved the fact that the class required no textbook, quizzes, exams, or mid-terms. Also, students can work at their own pace.

If it wasn’t for the fact that students can work at their own pace I would have failed the class and delayed my graduation due to computer issues. I did the first two assignments on time and I had fun doing them. The assignments were interesting and fun. I was loving the class experience. Then out of nowhere, I started experiencing computer issues. For some reason, my computer couldn’t open the class website. I watched multiple youtube videos trying to fix it and I also emailed cuny academic commons, but I still could not fix the issue. While trying to fix my computer issue the assignment started piling up on me. As a result, the class started becoming stressful because I missed a lot of assignments.

This what was showing on my computer when I try to login to the class website

My only solution was to go to my cousin’s house and use her computer when she wasn’t using it. It wasn’t easy but I ended up doing most of the assignments. Doing the assignment wasn’t as enjoyable as before because I was working under pressure, trying to catch up with the rest of the class. While my cousin was pressing me for her computer because she had assignments to do for herself.

Me at my cousin house trying to catch up with the assignments

some of the things I enjoyed about CT101 were learning about Giphy’s and creating them. Giph’s are entraining, they are the new modern-day art. You can express yourself with giphy’s without saying a word and the people will understand you.

Another thing I enjoyed about CT101 was creating my website. I still can’t believe that I’m a website owner. If you type A-TOWNCLOTHING.COM on google you’ll see my website that so cool if you ask me. I’ll keep my website there are a couple of things that need improvement such as the pictures of the shirts. Other than that I’m very happy with the success of my website. Below are some pictures of my website.


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Assignment 11: Peer Review & Sneak Peak

Assignment 11 – Part 2 & 3

So the first website that I explored was Nader’s and I was already introduced with an intriguing background picture of the oceans which I’m guessing is in Yemen due to the theme of the website being about Yemen’s history. Usually a history lesson would bore me, but the pictures is what kept my attention. There are so many places in Yemen that are fantastic to look at that it almost feels not real. If that’s really how Yemen looks, I would love to go travel there. Nader definitely peeked my interest in Yemen and I enjoyed learning that it’s one of the oldest centers of civilization. There is always gossip and rumors about how civilization started and all things of that nature, but I haven’t really cared enough to do my own research. However, things like finding out Yemen is apart of that old civilization and the unknown of what is there is very intriguing and interesting to me. I am a fan of conspiracy theories and Marvel movies after all. All this is doing is getting my creative brain flowing and thinking of ideas in my head. I really enjoyed his website as you can tell.

My reaction to Nader’s website
Nader’s home page
My favorite picture on Nader’s website

The next website I viewed was Alejandra’s and I like the way its formatted and easily navigational. The first thing I checked was her blogs and my favorite blog of hers is the Poetry on TikTok blog. I don’t even like TikTok, but I gave the blog a try and already that gif she used looked wonderful. I would be ecstatic if the future looked like that picture.

A great eye-catching Gif

The blog post itself is a wonderful read though. I genuinely enjoyed reading the poem she shared on her website about this woman who wants to be alone because that’s exactly how I feel most of the time, just without the added dilemmas of her parents. I also gravitated to the poem which is a surprise to me because normally I hate poems, but I guess things can change since I have made one on my own for one of the assignments. I then checked out the photos and although it was random pictures, I understood the reoccurring theme. The photos were all locations in New York and it was most likely her favorite photos. I also checked out her recommended music and J.Cole is who stood out to me mainly because I love his music and he’s wholesome in real life from what I hear.

I have added a new blog post to my website and it takes a more sadder approach, but brings awareness to an issue I found out through my own father who has a step daughter with a mental disability and she always gets taken home with a school bus, but there’s been a shortage of bus drivers making her extremely late and ruining his regular schedule. It was only right that I wrote a story about this an bring more awareness to the issue.

A sneak peak

I hope you enjoy!

Assignment #11: Checking You Out

Happy Go On GIF by MolangI’m proud of everyone! You guys have done an amazing job customizing your websites. Each one is unique and special. We all have different quirks and interests. It’s great seeing everyone’s personality shine through. Congratulations to each and everyone of you.

Hungry Food GIF by Rosanna PansinoI think this comes to no surprise but Jida’s website is just *chefs kiss.*  It’s giving me everything and more. The aesthetic is to die for, it’s my Pinterest fantasy! I love the color scheme and how it all flows so well together. It makes me feel cozy, I can drink my morning coffee while scrolling through her blog. Please keep posting even after the semester ends, I sincerely enjoy it.

Another classmates blog I really enjoyed is Nader’s website. 

I love all the scenery this website provides. The views are breath taking. The background image really helps make everything flow together. It gives me a sense of relaxation. This is another website I could scroll through for hours just taking each image in, I wish I could visit these beautiful locations.

I goal for my website is to be authentically me. I want to use pictures that are unique to only me. Which is why I commissioned artwork from one of my friends. His Instagram is @galaxatagon  if you want to show some support.  I also commissioned art for one my pets, so stayed tuned! All of my social media is under my about page.

Assignment #10: Customizing Part 2

deal or no deal snl GIF by Saturday Night Live There are 3 perpetrators that rule my life and have my heart. They are dramatic, naughty , and the embodiment of a  New York City crackhead. Wanna know who they are? Click here

I want to dedicate a part of my page to these meddling creatures. The About page will include a brief biography about each one of them. It will allow the viewer to better understand their shenanigans when I start to blog about their daily interactions.

Allergic to animals? Well can I interest you in some Plants…

queen love GIF by Alina Landry RancierSoon I will post my most expensive plant yet and post about a $10,000 plant! Santa if you’re reading this, it’s on my wish list this year and every other year of my existence.

Assignment #9: Customizing Progress

The Rock Comedy GIF by Baywatch Movie“It’s about drive, it’s about power, we stay hungry, we devour, put in the work put in the hours and take what’s ours” – The Rock

Well if it isn’t the consequences of my own actions. I’m three assignments behind feeling overwhelmed but I will put my best foot forward.

Picking out a Site Icon

I created three different icons for my website. I ended up picking the first one because the letters were big and bold enough to actually see on the tab. I had fun designing these icons to my liking. It makes my website feel more me.


I also created a logo. You can probably tell I love soft pink and that is the aesthetic I want for my website. I know a white background is best more accessible so I plan on adding touches of pink every where else.


As for my content my plan is to create a lifestyle type of blog. I will be posting about my plants and pets in my main blog. I also created a category for tiktoks, I want to share tiktoks I think most students will be able to relate to. Under my about I want to have little bio about myself and also link all my social medias.  I’m using the theme “Twenty-Twenty-One” on wordpress and I find it easy to use and navigate as a beginner.