Assignment #6- The Mid-Semester Assessment Post

Mid Semester Assessment Post

Assignment #1:

Recap: This was my first time blogging like this and I actually submitted this assignment late because I was confused on how the whole process worked. It wasn’t until we had our first in person session and that was where I got the clarity I needed to move forward with the rest of the assignments. I think the most challenging thing at the time was choosing which GIFs to use to express the emotions I was feeling but it was fun. I’ve never made a GIF before so it was a really cool first time experience.

Assignment #2:

Recap: I was a little bit confused by this assignment. I thought that we had to reflect on our week and what made us happy and post it to the internet. But then Professor had commented on my post and told me that the assignment was to mention what things ON the internet have made you happy, so that was a silly mistake of mine. Nonetheless, it was nice sharing what made me happy in a blog format and that just gave me another outlet to express myself creatively.

Assignment #3:

Recap: I really liked this assignment because I’m a sucker for debates. People’s opinions are different and sometimes justified but in a discussion like this, where memes are questioned to be art or not, there are many opinions that like to deter what art really is. I also liked the irony of debating if memes are art in my response and inserting memes into my response as well. I think the most challenging thing was trying to explain myself as much as I can because I want to sound convincing. I wouldn’t mind blogging about a debate or discussion and express ourselves through memes or GIFs, I think it was informative and engaging.

Assignment #4:

Recap: In this assignment I learned how to hyperlink an image and this has only showed me how much I’ve learned in this class, I was born in a generation of technology and there is still so much more to learn about it. I really liked the creative freedom on this assignment and the thing about it, no one assignment is the same and even the topic is different too.

Assignment #5:

and ..

Recap: Being a journalism major, there is a lot of writing involved when it comes to the classes you have to take. Before coming to college, I always had a journal that I’d write in to and share my thoughts on paper. This assignment allowed me to be transparent and it was nice to write it all down on a safe platform. I learned to create a piece that involves pictures, stickers and edits that involve music and writing. Learning and using the skills that was learned is all that school is about and this really executed that.

How am I doing in CT101?

I think I’m doing fairly okay in the class, I can do better as far as submitting my work when it is supposed to be turned in. I can also participate more in the class, the online portion of it. I’m honestly not sure if I commented enough on other people’s post so that is something that I can work on as well. I’m glad that I haven’t completely given up and it is better late than never. I’ll take a C grade over an F grade any day. I do think I have the potential to do better but I’m honestly just overwhelmed with all of the six classes that I’m taking. I can excel in one class but then my other class suffers, it is hard to balance and I’m doing all that I can. I work and I’m in the middle of my softball season, yes I am an overachiever but I’m also not a quitter so I take what I can get and what I’m working for.

How many points have I earned so far and what grade do I believe I am maintaining? 

I’m going to be honest and say that I have not kept track of any points or calculated my grade so I have no idea what grade I might have in this class. But if I can take a guess, I would say a high C or low B. I show up to every class, even the in person ones and I do my best to complete all of the blogs and assignments to it’s fullest extent, although I submit it late. I would like to continue to do my best and hopefully, the work I do will reflect upon my grade and god willing that it is a good one. I also am not the type of person to meticulously keep track of grading because I feel like that’ll slow me down. Just do the work and do what you’re being told then it’ll all fall into place. I know that I will get the grade I deserve so I just do my best.

What have I learned and retained the most?

I definitely learned the shortcuts on the keyboard PC of creating a hyperlink, taking a screenshot and printing a page. These are skills that I will carry on with me until my fingers stop working or I no longer use a computer/laptop. Regardless, I can share this information with others and they can pass on the knowledge. I also learned to make memes and GIFs in a storytelling way which was fun and I would probably use that again some day, I don’t deny it especially in a digital world.

What new skills have I developed , cultivated and displayed regularly in my weekly posts?

I learned to properly blog, in a more organized and engaging manner. Using different fonts, indentations, bold, italic and even the sizing of the font to create a more cohesive post. It never occurred to me to organize it in a certain way since it is being read from a screen but in a way it is just like writing an essay or newsletter.

How do I assess my performance through self-reflection in this class?

I may assess my performance through self-reflection in this class by looking at all of the posts I’ve done and if I did what was asked of me. The evidence is all there, I just got to go through it and complete what needs to be done. I know that I have three or four other assignments that I have to catch up on and I will get there. I already wrote down what needs to be done, I got the assignments lined up, the videos to watch lined up and I have a separate paper that I write down the requirements needed for each assignment. It makes me process the assignments easier and it stresses me out less to lay out what needs to be done.

What do I know now that I did not know before taking this class?

I did not know that you can create memes and GIFs using your own imagery, I just had a naïve way of thinking that there was this special process to making memes and GIFs. I’m pretty sure with the rest of the semester ahead of us there is still so much more to learn. Again, I did not know all of the shortcuts on the PC keyboard: taking a screenshot, creating a hyperlink and printing.

Do I see my weekly blogging work expanding creatively? If so, please explain –  or am I stuck in a loop where my posts seem to look the same most of the time, how will I change that?

I definitely see my blogging work expanding creatively because the limits are endless. There are so many different ways to express myself on this platform and I plan on taking full advantage of it. I plan to freely write my thoughts, express my emotions and no response will be the same or plain. I know that the more I work on these posts, they are bound to improve and progress. I am not the type of person to move backwards from what they learned because once I learn something, I use what I learn and apply it to the next thing that I’m working on.

Are there any assignments that you are missing? If so, list them. Are you commenting regularly on your classmates posts? Are you responding back to comments given to you by the professor & your classmates? Are you participating during the class time? If not, explain why. This is the time to be accountable. How will you make needed improvements?

I’m currently missing assignment number 7, 8,9 and maybe 10. I’ve definitely have been in a weird state of mind and been off the rails as far as handling all of my classes but the comeback will be real and I refuse to quit or allow a temporary emotion take me over and win. I am not commenting regularly on my classmates’ post but that is something that I got to work on to and it is all a work in progress. I definitely haven’t responded to anyone’s comments including the professor’s comments so now that it has been brought to my attention, it is on the to-do list. I honestly participate more during in-person class time rather than online. I feel like the online portion of the course is good but not as good as the in-person sessions.

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