Final Post

This is my final post. I have had a lot of fun and learned a lot.

This is the blog post I published on my website. I fist decorated my website with a logo before adding finishing touches –>

My website follows a black and white theme.
Overall I found it a bit difficult to figure out. I was just trying to use the default wordpress template until I realized I needed a plugin. So I downloaded the Custom Layouts Plugin.
This made it easier to customize my website.
This is some content on my website.

I wanted my website to have a bit if an informative feel. Concerning design and where to get things from.
 Thought I have had plenty of practice I want to get more familiar with WordPress and all of the different elements. In this class I have come a long way from never having posted a blog post to posting an official blog post. I am very grateful for the journey. Here is my previous work–>
Assignment #1
Assignment #5
And then there is this post. A final reflection. For this class I think I have gotten a B. For a portion of this class I was a bit behind on blog posts. But I did eventually get up to date. Concerning my website I honestly do not know what I will do with it. I am a little tempted to continue posting blogs on interior design. I will make sure to utilize all of the knowledge I have learned in this class.

1 thought on “Final Post”

  1. Thank You so much!
    Excellent work across our class array of creative and technical assignments!
    Great work on your weekly posts, and making progress and evolution on the process!
    And a new website has come into manifestation too!
    Yessss keep posting more blogs on your passion for interior design!

    Thank You!

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