Well its a wrap, like the cliché saying “all good things must come to an end

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When I started this class I really did not know what to expect, I figured I may learn a new skill but I was not sure if I was going to have fun.  

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At the same time, it was always frustrating for me because certain things were a bit difficult for me to understand even when I went back over the zoom videos and youtube videos and I know it was my fault for not understanding. 

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Assignment 3










Throughout the course, you could see that there are progressions in my work. Even though assignment5 is in the past, I still enjoyed the idea that I created and still went back to make changes along the way.

Making the website was quite difficult even though I had experience in the past with website development. That was the most frustrating part for me but with time I slowly figured things out. I changed the background from this

TO This

But I think I am going to change it back to image I had in the first picture. I am still thinking about it not sure yet. I would continue using my website for animations I’ve been working on and I’ve been thinking about using a  thing called Unreal Engine 5 to make a game and make the website revolve around that but I don’t think people will visit the website.

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Im still going to apply my new skills into world because this class allowed me to be more free compared to my other classes so I really enjoyed that. Reading my classmate’s post was fun and I was able to see other stories, so thank you all. Even when I was doing my animations before this class I wanted to gain some tips and I think I gained knowledge on how to apply it to my work. I believe the grade I’ve earned is between 90 to 93, I worked hard to get things right even when I wanted to give up sometimes.

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I think that’s about it, I tried to keep the post short, honestly I will miss this class wish more classes were like it but maybe ill go to the department next semester and see if there’s something there for me, even though it doesn’t apply to my major. Maybe an animation software I can use or something.

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Take care professor and

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  1. Thank you so much!
    Great work on this, and thank you for the consistent hard work, revisions and efforts!
    I greatly appreciate it!
    Your skills grew each week and you really worked hard on revising your work, asking questions and pushing forward!
    Your website is looking great so far and I love the animation!
    Please keep going and going!
    Forward motion!

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