Final Blog Post

Hey. This is final the last chapter of this class. I may not have known everyone very well, but it’s been a pleasure being here.

Alrighty then. Let’s get down to the last hoorah!

Coming into this class, I didn’t know that it would be this much fun. As stated in my previous posts, this is the first class I’ve ever taken that allows us to use memes in our assignments. The creative freedom Professor gave us is truly unparalleled.

Here are all the blog posts I made this semester:
As in terms of grades, I don’t think I deserve a good grade this semester. Blog posts aside, I haven’t really attended class as I wanted to and should’ve. Being that attendance is a part of our grade, an considering I don’t have every blog post done, I don’t expect a high grade by any stretch of the imagination. The highest I can see myself getting would be a B, but that’s being extremely generous.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to build our own website/domain. The first time I was given a chance to make my own website was way back in middle school. It was pretty much infomercial of old videos games. Now, I’m here building my own portfolio website. It’s truly incredible how life comes full circle.
Speaking of which, here is portfolio website: NoonMoonToons. Since it takes time for me to learn new software, the website isn’t the best as it should be right now. But this is a good steppingstone.
There’s not much to see as of now. Most of the action is on the projects page. That’s where I have all my drawings.
I also have my merch store attached in the “Store” page. It’s a print-on-demand website where I make the graphic design and the workers behind the site produce the product.


This is just the beginning. I plan on fledging out this website in the future to make it even more visually appealing.
This really is it. I can’t believe it’s actually the end. I hope everyone has a good one and we’ll see each other on graduation day. No, I’m not crying. Someone is chopping onions.

2 thoughts on “Final Blog Post”

  1. Thank you so much!
    Great work here buddy!
    It was a great semester, filled with huge amounts of creative output and execution by all.
    I especially enjoyed the class dialogs and how those talks transcended into blog posts and carefully curated GIF / Memes!
    You art work is great! I am enjoying your website and how it has progressed – please keep going!
    Thank You!

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