Now that’s a wrap!

They call it the end, but it’s really just the beginning of something new!

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We have achieved so much this semester. I’d say this is perhaps the best. While there was so much to learn, I can’t contain it, I’m happy that I was a part of CT101.

From Blog Writing to Website Building, we did ALOT! Keep reading to see everything I worked on in this class.

I liked the fact that the class was very handson and interactive. It was a great way to learn how to use technology to tell stories engagingly and creatively. Our instructor was very knowledgeable and always willing to help if we had any questions or needed assistance. The class was also very fun , and I enjoyed all the activities we did.

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I would definitely recommend this digital storytelling class. It provides an excellent introduction to the basics of digital storytelling and offers plenty of handson experience with the software used to create digital stories.

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I did more writing this semester than any other. It was totally worth it, though. Checkout my blog entries below:

These were my blog posts from newest to oldest. Guess what? The first one I did is still my favourite. It encompassed everything I wanted to speak about. I can’t believe it’s been three months, though. I’ve grown and learned so many skills.

Here are some skills I learned in CT101:
  • Storytelling: Learning to craft an engaging story that can effectively communicate a message or idea is a valuable skill for any digital storyteller.
  • Visual Design: Understanding how to design visuals that draw in an audience is essential for any storyteller.
  • Writing: Writing compelling copy that captures the essence of your story is a key skill for any digital storyteller.
  • Research: Developing research skills will enable you to find the resources and information you need to tell your story effectively.

Now on to the website!

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Maintaining and regularly updating a website is essential to keeping it secure, relevant, and userfriendly. As the website owner, I will ensure that my website remains up-to-date with the latest software and security updates and regularly check for any broken links or outdated content. Additionally,I plan to update my blog and other content on the website regularly to keep visitors engaged.

To head over to the website, visit

Now, this is the homepage. You can learn more and join the ARPPRA world experience!


After seeing the homepage, you Discover So Much More! It’s seamless and easy.

Then you can jump over to the blog
You must also beware of travel hacks!
So essentially, now is the best time to travel but travel safely using the best tips.
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Building this website wasn’t bad at all. However, it was draining. Very draining. Setting up the hosting was the issue, but building the website wasn’t bad once it started to work There were times I couldn’t access it due to server issues. However, those were resolved.
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But while I still have you here, let me shout out Prof Ryan Seslow! I’ll give him 11/10 for performance this semester.
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Check out one of his GIFs below:
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Overall, I do think I’ve maintained an A+! I deserve an A+ because I have worked hard and put in the effort required to succeed. I have demonstrated knowledge, dedication, and commitment to the CT101 and have shown that I can apply the concepts I have learned to realworld situations. I have also shown an aptitude for writing and creativity, essential skills for success in any field.
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With that being said, shoutout as well to all my classmates. Y’all made the experience great. I saw some great websites and blog posts. Amazing!
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I’m now signing out! Happy Holidays and add me on Instagram @akkeemp

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  1. Indeed, Indeed!
    The beauty of transparency displayed my friend!
    You have absolutely exceeded the CT101 course criteria expectations! Stylized them and re-contextualized them into your own very authenticity!
    Well Done Sir!

    Your final quote says it all, so very well:

    “Overall, I do think I’ve maintained an A+! I deserve an A+ because I have worked hard and put in the effort required to succeed. I have demonstrated knowledge, dedication, and commitment to CT101 and have shown that I can apply the concepts I have learned to real–world situations. I have also shown an aptitude for writing and creativity, essential skills for success in any field.”

    Thank you so much!
    Across all criteria, including the amazing job on your new website!
    Thank you!!!

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