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Farewell my fellow peers and Professor. This CT journey has been one for the books. I have never experienced a college course quite like this one.
Ive learned about memes, gifs, diy memes and gifs, mutlple gif gifs (LOL), and most interesting of all, wordpress <3.
I definitely intend to apply my newfound skills of word press to the world. Especially when i start my business. I was thinking of selling scrubs and nursing accessories. Something related to my career field. Or maybe something more of my passion.
With my website i used it as an excuse to research about nursing school, the curriculum, schools and different routes. i woukd probably keep up with my blog on my pagre since its a hobbie of mine now.
My page stars off with a few words about goals. It uses the words DREAM CREATE and SUCCEED. Then i put my mmm page which is my vision board. Following that is my social media platforms. If anyone wants to keep in touch you can follow my on Instagram, Tik tok and Pinterest.
Further down the page i speak about my idea and aspirations for this website. It basically states that id like this website to be a resource for inspired future Registered Nurses.
In this segment of the main page, i name the 4 different types of way you can be a nurse. You can be a Associate Degree Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Registered Nurse and Registered Nurse, BSN (Bachelor of Science Nursing). Each Tab has a link for more information on the profession.
I used pink for most of the design because that is my favorite color of all time.
In this segment, I went further into the BSN route to show you how there are 3 different ways to attain it. You can attain it the traditional way which is through a LPN to RN to BSN bridge program, or go to a 4 year with a nursing school or lastly, the accelerated way which you need a degree already to attain a BSN.
You can never have enough inspiration 🙂 (:. I added a sprinkle of inspiration photos at the bottom of the first page.
In the second page, my blog, I defined a nurse while adding a reference photo.
This part i wanted to be extra and added extended nursing professions. With your masters degree you can advance to a nurse practitioner or even a certified registered nurse anesthetist.
I believe it is always great to think above and beyond. Also to dream big 🙂
This was a breather spot on my website to stop and smell the trees after all of that information. i believe all nurses are RESILIENT. Also most nurses are very family oriented in my opinion.
This painting reminds me of healthcare. The birds are the nurses rescuing a person in need.
On this page, I broke down the nursing school curriculum for the BSN 4 year program. Each class has different credit scores. Keep in mind the higher the credits, the harder the class.
Further down i explain how all nursing students go to clinicals in a hospital setting. Here you get hands on training to become a nurse.
Every student takes a series of Core Classes which are classes every student takes, Pre-requsities which are mandatory pre nursing school courses and Nursing Classes. To graduate on time you can take 4+ classes depending on the credits each class is.
The last but definitely not the last page I made was a motivation page which consists of encouraging nurse gifs and memes. I am very big on visuals when wanting to gain something. It is almost like manifesting and it keeps you inspired and motivated. That is the best thing while in school because lord knows we ALLL want to quit sometimes. In the end i always prevail and that is what you call RESILIENCE.
I believe I deserve an A+ in this class. This class has definitely challenged me throughout and i tried my best to be more friendly and talk/textative. I am rather a quiet person so I do not talk much but this class has forced me out of my comfort zone and I am grateful for that.

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  1. Wonderful!
    Thank you so much for consistent great work here in CT101 this semester!
    Your blogging skills expanded each week as you tackled the new course work!
    Your skills have shined so brightly on your new website!
    Great work!
    The site so informative and stylized!
    Thank you so much!

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