My daily thoughts process using Gifs

So like most Gifs come in handy when you have everything to say but you don’t exactly know how to say it. I find that with being in college and working full time, I experience at least 10 emotions throughout the day.

I am the type of person that turns off their alarms and says “5 more minuets” then I’m late.

Having a job is sooooooooo not fun

What I really want to say:

What I really say:


And of course my happiness is coming home:

But for some odd reason I decided to take an evening class, not just any class STATISTICS….

Although my day is usually uneventful, my nights are always my favorite part.

Assignment # 1 Internet Happiness

One thing that makes me happy is cars. To be specific i love woking on em from doing a regular maintence change to hooking up the car with a crazy exhaust system or even doing a sick custom music build




Outside of school beside on doing my assigments for all my classes and doing my hw and prepping for quizzes and tests. I’ll always be working on my car to the point where my parents think I have an addiction because for any reason i find an excuse to go do something to car from washing it to putting on a sick decal to make it look cool

Assignment #2

So far this course has been really exciting, it has filled up my expectations for this course and has been really motivating. this course has made me look forward to learning more about what this is really about. It is still kind of confusing but it is fun to be in this class.

Assignment #1- Internet happiness

Hello Everyone! Yea, I’m a bit late because I was having difficulties posting on this site, but today I’m going to be talking about what on the internet makes me happy.

One thing that makes me happy is Video games.

For as long as I can remember, I have been obsessed with video games.
I would sit down not only play games but also keep up with any game-related news on websites like IGN, watch YouTubers like PewDiePie, and play online with friends.

But I put the games on pause while I get my life together. I had gotten an office job, starting going to school full time, and planning for the future.

Unfortunately, due to Covid-19, I lost my job, haven’t seen any of my friends(in person at least), and have just been incredibly bored.
But now that I have a lot of free time on my hands, I found myself going back to games.

As soon as quarantine is over with and it’s safe to go back to work, I will be abandoning the games, but for now, it’s cool because I got to go back to what I enjoyed most.
As for COVID-19, I hope everyone stays safe and pulls through this pandemic.

Also, to anyone reading this, if you own a Gaming PC and would like to play online with me, add me on Steam.





This me 10 minutes before my first CT-101 class.


… Get my morning Coffee.

This is me 10 minutes after first CT-101 class.

When I learned what we were actually going to be doing in this course. It was like breath of fresh air.

We live in the digital age and since we’re  going to be stuck at home taking classes again…

Yup me too…

It would be great to not only become more technologically literate but to have our own platform where we can share our experiences  with one another.

Also, I think we can all benefit from some humor.  Some of the content that has already been post is not only fascinating but hilarious, so kudos to all of you. I really enjoy reading each post.

On a different note,

Don’t attack me but … I think Gif should be pronounce JIF.

Only because Gif to me it too close to GIFT and when I hear someone say it, it makes think of presents. JIF even though it’s a brand of peanut butter,  my brain doesn’t confuse the two thing. So fight me.

This class is awesome though. Unlike my other courses I feel that I have  complete freedom to express myself. To be honest,  I feel awkward turning  my camera on in classes. I don’t know, there is just something about it that make feel self conscious and exposed.

Homer gets what I mean.

This class has so far inspired me to become more creative in ways I didn’t think of before.

But unlike my other classes where we need to spend an arm and a leg for books. Our text book is the internet and as we all know…

I hope everyone has a great Sunday and if your football fan you should check out Mr. Chiseled Adonis (Warning: Strong Language) for some hilarious highlight commentary .  See ya’ll next class.

Assignment #2- Gifs

Before attending my first CT 101 class, I had already mentally prepared myself to be drowning in the rigorous workload that is often seen in college courses.

On the contrary, I was pleasantly surprised by the relaxed environment. The professor seemed genuinely excited to teach the course which changed my perspective about the class. Sometimes, when professors portray a certain attitude towards students it affects the energy of the class. Hence, it was a nice change in scenery.

Furthermore,  the assignments offer students the use of creative freedom to display our ideas, emotions, and thoughts within our assignments. I was intrigued by the idea of writing blogs instead of answering textbook discussion questions. I felt confident with the ability to learn about the lessons rather than cramming facts into my head for tests.  As a marketing major, this was indeed a different world.

Compared to my other courses, CT 101 is a hands-on course where we review our work with our peers and create blogs that are related to the skills we are taught in the previous class.  In addition, I expect to learn about different outlets on the internet, For example, GIF’s and how to create these features, we often see on the internet.

As a senior, this is the perfect way to end a chapter with some creativity. Although I graduate in Spring 2021. But you get the idea.

Assignment #2 – Making our First GIF Post!

It’s time to go to class … here we go again…

First Day Of School GIF by MOODMAN

First, when I read about the class, I thought it was going to be a super complicated class with a lot of writing (writing is not for me …) but when I read that we were going to use digital tools to make a digital narrative I found it very interesting. So, after read that the word “design” came to my mind..

Leonard Nimoy Spock GIF

Then, with the prefessor’s instructions on how the class was going to be and seeing that one of the purposes of this class is to learn and have a good time, I thought, “mmm yeah, this class is for me!! lol”

happy love actually GIF

I think the most noticeable difference of this class compared to the others is that “creativity” is used much more here. In my other classes there is not much space to put something of your own. Here as in this assignment, there is a lot of creativity since you decide what to put, what to write and what to show and that is something that makes you like the class more.


I hope to learn a lot in this class and develop my creativity further. !!

Zach Galifianakis Thumbs Up GIF

Assignment #2- Gifs

When I first signed up for the class I was not sure what to expect.


After the first class I really enjoyed this class. Learning about the course and what we were going to do made me happy. Some of my other classes makes me stress out a lot. With this class work is fun. Doing homework makes me excited and I actually enjoy doing homework. After the first day I was already looking forward to the next class.

This class is very fun and I like being creative. Big Thumbs up

Me after hearing that there are no test for this class. Hearing that made me very excited and Sounded very good. Also me after seeing how nice and cool the professor was.

This is my type of class. I could get creative and have fun doing homework and enjoy being in class. I made this using Giphy.


Assignment #2-Gifs

The first day of CT101 I was happy with the communication and understanding of the professor it was refreshing to see.

Hearing about the course was fun because it provided a break from grueling memory-intensive classes. No equations, real life experience, count me in.


Although work is required, CT101 is a good relief compared to other classes because being creative and having fun is an essential part in making your work the best it can be.

I find this class very useful in navigating the future of our online lives. This is one of the most important times to be taking a class like this because it prepares us for expressing ourselves more directly and eloquently online.

Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

Happiness is something that can mean a lot of different things for our species. We derive satisfaction and pleasure from many abstract things that help us express ourselves. Something that I’ve always found satisfaction, freedom, and excitement in is skateboarding. Although it sounds simple, skating is something that teaches you many lessons in life. Ever since I was a child I viewed a skateboard as just wheels and a piece of wood. This can be said for many other innovative inventions that have changed the world for the better. I believe skating is one of those inventions. Skateboarding has such a passionate and devoted community that understand how life changing skateboarding can be. Throughout my life skateboarding has always been something I can do to free my mind, let out frustration, or socialize with people of the same interest.
One aspect of my life skateboarding has directly enhanced is my ability to persevere even when something seems impossible. Learning tricks on a skateboard is one of the most grueling and tedious feat. This allows skaters to learn the importance of perseverance even when something seems impossible. This leads to another lesson skateboarding teaches. Controlling your emotions is something everyone needs to practice to become better at in life. If everyone was having emotional outbursts our lives would be very different. The following video Discusses the topic of controlling your frustration when learning to skateboard.:
Skateboarding becomes something so emotionally attached to who you are as a person that you couldn’t imagine your entire personality without it. This is why skateboarding is something that brings me high amounts of happiness in my life. It is something that can bring me back to difficult times in my life, emotional pain I’ve overcome, and allows me to imagine my progression through skating and my progression through life as a person in general.

Assignment #2 – Reaction GIFs

The feeling I had getting out my bed to find my laptop for classes because school officially started AGAIN

Family Time Reaction GIF by Lifetime

On the first day of CT101, it was also my first full day of classes. I wasn’t thinking much of the class. I was just TIREDDDDDDD but I still had to get ready in case I actually had to participate.

mornings GIF

Yeah, it wasn’t that early of a class but it was too early to be on a video call to introduce yourself pretending to feel friendly when in reality wanted to not talk at all but still 1..2..3.. ACTION!

good morning monday GIF

After listening to what the course was about and the creative content. I felt like it was a class that didn’t make me feel like it was a graded class where i have to overwork myself. Like God actually listened when I said “I needed a break!” I was SHOCKED in a good way.

Oh My God Omg GIF

CT 101 may be my easiest and most creative class. The best class this semester. In this class I can learn things and enjoy learning instead of learning without loads of coursework and the class being too serious.

Excited Nbc GIF by America's Got Talent

Exactly what I need in my last year here at York College.

Assignment #2-Gifs

Before fall semester started in general, I was already feeling a bit overwhelmed.  Adding a strictly technology based class to my schedule put the icing on the cake.

I am not the best at anything technology related lol. That is why I was extremely happy when I realized that the class was a “101” course meaning it was for beginners!


The first day of class is finally here. I am a little bit nervous still but very excited to start.

Teen Choice Awards 2019 David Dobrik GIF by FOX Teen Choice - Find & Share on GIPHY

Meeting Professor Seslow for the first time was a pleasure. He was very welcoming from the beginning of the zoom meeting and spoke very calmly. 

During class we discussed the CUNY academic commons account sign up, what the syllabus for the course is like and future assignments. I was shocked when he said that there are no tests for the class. I was like….

The zoom meeting ended and I could say that I was really pleased with the first day of class. I look forward to doing our future assignments, seeing my classmates post and also posting more on the CUNY academics site!




Assignment 2 – My expectations

Before enrolling to CT 101, like I always do with all my classes, I went to Coursicle to learn about the class and know what to expect. Then, after enrolling I went to Ratemyprofessors to find learn a little more about my Professor. One of the students called professor Ryan – the GOAT, that made me very excited to meet professor Ryan – The GOAT

Greatest of all time










One of my expectations coming into this class is that we may have to create our own contents using software like Photoshop/Illustrator. I was also expecting to creativity through blogs. I was not sure if we would design a website or digital portfolio, but at some point I decided to calm down with all the wild expectations and see for myself as things unfold.



The first class was very cool and easy, the atmosphere was simply free and friendly.

Cool Class


So far it’s been great. Just last week, the professor introduced us to some programs that can be used to create gifs, it gave me the freedom of creating gifs from any clip, instead of been limited to what people put out there. I felt fulfilled learning how to do it myself!

I did it!


With the little I have been exposed to in this class, I simply expect the best introduction to the digital experience of communication. I can’t wait for more of what to come.

Can't Wait