Internet Happiness

What is making me happy on the internet?
TV Shows

As I try to keep up with this very busy semester, I’ve been watching Brooklyn 99 and I love it so Far! One of my favorite moments happened in season 2 when everyone showed up with the same cheap bottle of wine.



Other than my obsession with BK99 right now, memes generally make me happy as well on the internet. I have been wanting to delete my Instagram for some time, but I can’t do it because it also makes me laugh when I need it the most.


Aside from the memes though I also like the internet especially right now, because it allows me to communicate with my friends even those that don’t live anywhere close to me and honestly, sometimes all you need is to talk to your friends


Assignment #2 – My GIF Reaction Story to CT101!

Finding CT101 Was Like Discovering Dreamland! 

discovering a whole new world

Let’s be honest when someone asks me if I’m doing okay, my reaction is always the same. “No, I’m not, I’ve been in online school since last year March and quite frankly it’s getting on my nerves.” As a senior who is graduating this year, I am more than ecstatic to be done with this form of learning but I had to get through one last semester, and finding electives is very frustrating, to say the least.


However . . . when I was about to completely give up on finding a course that would not only be fun but engaging my sister recommended CT101 and it was the best thing to happen to me for spring 2021 (Woohooo)!

On the first day of CT101, I was very much excited about the opportunity to express myself creatively. I always wanted to take a Fine Arts course for my last semester, something where I could paint but COVID -19 had other plans (lol) but . . . listening to Professor Seslow describe the course gave me a breath of fresh air!


This course by far is my most exciting, intriguing, and mentally stimulating one. My other courses are very much constant reading, taking quizzes, endless slides after slides of information being shoved into my brain, and professors lecturing for hours. It is quite boringgg! I could hardly stay awake.

me in my classes bored for dear life
Making Gifs is Sooo Coool

So far this course has surpassed my expectations (mind blown). I never thought about learning to make my gifs for someone who uses them every day. I am equally excited about learning to make memes and other ways of communicating on the internet. This form of creative course was something I initially did not think I would take, in part because I prefer painting but I am so happy I gave this a try. I look forward to what else this course and Professor Seslow have in store!

happy dance
Thank you, Professor!
CT101 so far

Assignment #2 – It’s GIF for Me, but JIF is PB.

" "Well I hope everyone had their breakfast this morning, or at least ate something.  My Impression of CT101 was bewilderment. I wasn’t sure what this class was about, I just registered because I needed a class to fill the credits for my degree and I wasn’t sure what the class was going to be like.

However I was surprised to see how enjoyable the first class was. There wasn’t any tension in the air for any 10 page assignments rather polite discourse. I usually have to think about what I need to write but now its more like " "

I’m not in a hurry to write the blog but at the same time I actually feel more excitement bubbling at my fingertips to display the thoughts floating around in my head. So that leads me to be more " "

ecstatic about doing the weekly blog rather than doing any lengthy paper.



Assignment #2 – Making our first GIF post!

Welcome To My Post!

Whats Up Hello GIFAfter recently selecting Communications Technology as my major, I was worried about how each of my classes would be like. I wasn’t sure if CT 101 was one of those classes where we would have to slog through a 2-hour lecture or one that actually makes me want to log in and look forward to every time we meet. I bet you can imagine my face and how I was feeling the first time I was introduced to this great class a few weeks ago.

hell yeah dancing GIF by collin

The course description led me to believe that we would spend a lot of time learning how to discuss different topics on the internet or reading many articles that we would have to replicate at some point. I was surprised when hearing more about the course through the syllabus and what’s in store for us this semester.

suprised humbertotan GIF by RTL 4
Me listening to the Professor talk about the class.

Compared to some of my other courses, CT 101 has so far proved to be my favorite. I have been able to express myself more in the past 4 weeks than in the past 2 years I have spent taking any other class. It definitely serves as my breather throughout the week while I try and tackle the huge workload I have from my other courses. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for this class and for my own digital expertise to improve even further!

Game Of Thrones Yes GIF by MOODMAN

Assignment #2 – Making my own GIF post!

First Day of CT101

On the first day of class, I was feeling emotions of excitement. I was excited about being able to take this class and thankful that a friend of mine recommended it to me right on time!

Even though I registered for classes very late (three days before the deadline) I still managed to score and get lucky with a good class, CT101!!!

I was thrilled in starting this course because it is out of my normal element and very much different than all other classes of course! No studying, no math, no essays! This class allows our creativity to take over and explore a new side of media where there is no wrong or right, formula to follow, or steps to be taken. We can experiment with various different elements and today we are experimenting with GIFs.

Animated GIF

In this class, we are taking a break from the 10-page essays that we all despise

we can put our pencials down, because…no essays in this class!
Personal Use of GIFs

Personally, I love using GIFs, especially on Instagram and text messages. Whenever I don’t feel like writing or maybe don’t really know what exactly I want to say, a GIF will do the work for me.

But now, I will be able to create specials GIFs that will resonate with me! I am excited!

Exploring Gifs

A New Perspective

At the beginning of college I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study. But, eventually I decided, that I liked writing so why not study it? For about 2 years, as an English major, all I did was write and read and write some more. Eventually, by the end of Sophomore year I got really tired of research and writing and I am almost finished with my major requirements.

So, after some exploring with the Digital Studies minor, I realized I can take cool classes like CT 101 that allow me to create, edit and publish my own media! That was definitely something to get excited about and also to look forward to for this new semester since it fits right into my interests!

And it’s safe to say that after 3 weeks of working, I really like this class. It’s definitely my favorite class so far because there’s not as much pressure for me to write or read and it is actually a relaxing class to be in for a morning session.

Giphy VS Imgur

After scanning through both Giphy.com and Imgur, I’ve realized I prefer Giphy since it generates actual reactions. Even though Imgur is popular with reddit (Which I love) I am less likely to visit their site for my reactions. But, they do have some funny (and dark) memes like this one:

Making My First Gif

After some thinking, I decided to make my first Gif about One Piece, an anime I grew up watching and I still watch ever so often to keep up with now because it is still a running show. One Piece has its’ funny moments and one particular aspect that I find funny is Luffy and his continued fight with zombies. For some context, this is a YouTube compilation of those funny moments (so you can check it out if you want!).

Completing the process of making my own Gif was both intriguing and rewarding because I realized it isn’t as difficult as it looks and I can now make so many other gifs based on things I like. I am even more excited now to see where this class goes and I also like that we have our 1-Hour sessions each week to check in and talk for a bit!

Made my first GIF post!

I am graduating in may of 2021! Spring 2021 is my last semester at York College. Since I had some options to take elective courses, I chose CT101 and loving the contents of this class.

This semester, I enrolled in some interesting courses. CT 101 was definitely one of the course that I look forward to attending every week. When I was looking for fun courses to take this semester, I was like this:

Looking for something

Then when attending the first class of CT 101 this semester, I discovered that this class is more fun than what I had imagined. I throughly enjoyed the first lecture given by Professor Ryan Seslow.

This is how I felt during the first lecture of CT 101 and I throughly enjoyed each part of it. I am learning new and entertaining things each week and this is truly fascinating.

When Professor Seslow teaches a topic I am very interested about, I am like:

Compared to my other classes, CT101 is obviously very fun and enjoyable. The class work is the most fun part of this class. I enjoy working on every single assignment. The fact that I am using gifs and memes to express my emotions is the best part of this class. I am looking forward to learning about all the interesting lessons in this class.


Assignment #2

Hello guys, so I am a logistics and supply chain major. I took this class because I needed an elective for my last semester. I though this was going to be a class all about creating a website and the complication of creating a website. I felt like I got slapped in the face after the professor went through the syllabus on the first day.

After we went through the syllabus on the first day, this class seemed pretty interesting to me. Learning the history of digital media is something I never thought about.

I am very familiar with things like access, excel and different SAP systems. I usually work anywhere from 45 to 55 hours a week, so my work life is very stressful and time consuming. Unfortunately, I am not a huge poster on social media like Tik Tok and Instagram. I like to keep my life private for the most part. I hope that I can express myself a bit more towards the end of this class using memes or Gifs I have created now and in the future.

In comparison to my other classes, this class is interesting because of the engagement and self expression we have. I am currently taking 5 classes. I enjoy 2 of the 5 classes I am currently taking. All of my other classes are death by slide show.

In my opinion, one of the biggest take away from this course will be the different ways we can convey a message. Sometimes people respond to things that are relatable and pops out at them. For example, when I end a text with my wife I send an emoji, Gif or meme. She always gets a kick out of it and I am still able to express myself.

CT101 The Origin Story

CT 101 was one of the only classes open that was a part of my major when I was stressing to register in January.

I wasn’t sure if I would be able to find enough classes to become fulltime but CT101 held me down and gave me hope that I could.

Rocket Power Thank you

When I found out exactly what the class was about, my interests were peaked. I haven’t blogged in years but I was excited to get back to it.

Excited Carlton

After the first week, when I failed miserably at making my first blog post as cool and interesting as possible, I might have gotten a tad bit defeated.

office sadness

But when I started figuring it out, and especially when I figured out how to make and control my gifs, I felt powerful.

louise laugh

Now I cant wait to use my new powers for good and get really creative with my future posts in this class. Stay tuned

dont touch that dial


Internet Happiness

I love watching clips of my favorite shows on the internet. Regular show is definitely one of my favorite cartoon series. Each episode is so random but they find a way to link them all together. This is a Gif where muscle man get thrashed from a game boss who came out of a television set. I find it very amusing when you can extract the funniest clips from your favorite shows.

Here is a short clip where the two main characters from Regular Show knocks their boss Benson unconscious and he wakes up in a hot sauce drinking competition. Now Benson has to deink the Mississippi Queen to impress a girl he likes. Just imagine experiencing a situation like this with your boss, it probably wont ever happen. That is why I enjoy pulling pieces from this series.

If you ever work in an office where you know everyone this is the show to watch, its called the office. Here is a Gif of Michael Scott not doing his work as usual. I currently work in an office and there are some very slow days where I just bang on my mug all day. When work is slow at my office we usually send Gifs like these to get a couple laughs.

Are Internet Memes ART? 

Are Internet Memes ART? 

Let’s discuss! You know that you want to!

**The Zoom class video recording and tutorial for Week #4 is posted below at the bottom of this blog post**

First – (lets screen the video above in class and then later read the article below for more context.)

Second – The Assignment Details: A New Blog Post is in order.

Start by doing an Internet search for; “Are memes ART?” – See what you discover, gather those links and be prepared to share them in your post. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay… but is this good or bad for Art? Is this good or bad for communication? Are memes simply just forms of self-expression? Or are they MORE? Well, why or why not? I want to know what you think. Lets create a compelling way to share our response. And by all means plan to create, search for, discover and share your favorite existing Memes via an image or URL, or embed them into your new blog post for this coming week. How will you craft a narrative between using Memes and your own personal experiences?

**Oh, and, you MUST create at least 1 of your own memes to express your sentiments for our CT101 class! Be sure to include the words “CT101” in your meme!

Perhaps, you will say “CT101 be like…”

OR, “What if I told you that CT101….”

All of this nestles quite well into in new Blog post! (thats your assignment!) Please consider the formatting of this blog post that you are reading right now. Notice how we see a mixture of images, video and hyperlinks that help give context and reference to where we are drawing resources from. (wink).

Some Online Tools for making Memes:

Giphy.com – (create a free account)

Imgur.com – (create a free account)

Make a Meme – work with some of the Internet’s classic templates

Mashable’s top 6 Meme Maker Picks – various tools

More Insight on MEMEs:

The Wiki Definition(s)

A good synopsis via how-to-geek.com

Another Take via theVerge.com


***The CT101 Meme Project will later be exhibited on the NET-ART website as a collaboration project!  Check out some of the other projects on display there now – https://netart.commons.gc.cuny.edu/galleries-exhibitions/


Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs

(I know, I know, its a dream come true assignment!)

Have fun!

**The Zoom class video recording and tutorial for Week #4 is posted below:


Passcode: T6j4m1!!

Assignment#2 First GIF post

Hi all, for those of you who don’t know, my name is Anju. I am a Chemistry major and this is my final semester here.

To be honest, I took this class because I wanted to fill in my credits and had no idea what this class was about except that my friend told me that it is fun and interesting.

So my first day of CT class, I felt more relaxed and clueless compared to my other science classes; and then professor Seslow said that we are going to learn to create GIFs!!!! YAY!!!

I love GIFs and sticker reactions. I use them almost all the time and have always wanted to create my own reaction GIFs. So far I am enjoying this class and the fun, new creative stuff that I get to learn and I am looking forward to more.




Assignment #2

Hey peeps,

I’ll just start off with saying , the pandemic has made me the most anti-social person on social media, unfortunately.

However, I do find myself   scrolling on Instagram. The recently added “Reels” section can ultimately take up minute’s at a time, if anything hours glued to the screen. I personally enjoy beautiful home decor videos,  or inspirational quotes. But every now and again, a prank or animal video with voice-overs can cause me to slap a knee.

Anywho,  in the near future,  I look forward to keeping up with the latest trend of social sites just so I don’t fall out the loop.

Assignment #2: Reactions towards CT101

Hello once again to all. Honestly speaking when I signed up for CT101 the purpose was to use it as a class to fill out my schedule. I had no idea what the class was about nor what it entails. Also, the name “communications technology” sounded quite boring to me, from the perspective that I’m  a pre-med biology major.

However, all this quickly changed after the first class. I realized that the class was going to be very interactive and taps into my creativity. At this point I’m thinking “Hmm, wow. Interesting.” This was partly because this isn’t a traditional class, where there’s a PowerPoint lecture, you study and take quizzes and tests. This was a game changer for me, as I’ve never been in a class with this format.

After I made my first post in assignment 1 an d I read it over, I experienced a type of satisfaction I haven’t experienced in a while. I was even more proud of myself when i received a few comments from my classmates stating how much they liked the post. This was precisely how I felt, below.

After the second class I realized that i have the opportunity to learn how to use my computer as a communications tool, using practical hands on experience. It’s like i’m falling into the creative corner of my mind which I didn’t know existed. I plan on fully tapping into it this semester.

By the end of this class I hope to learn how to create a blog, design a website and explore the creativity I never thought I had. The only thing I’m limited by in this class is my imagination. The sky’s the limit.

Until next time. Stay creative my friends.

Did Someone Say Digital Storytelling as a Course?!

I did not choose this course; the course chose me, and I almost missed it!

In planning and registering for classes, my main goal is always to compile 5 classes in one to two days of class per week instead of having classes all week. It gives me more mental space. After realizing that one of my elective courses needed to be dropped, I spent hours seeking a course that would remotely interest me and teach me something of actual use, and now, here we are.

My initial expectations of this course lead me to imagine myself becoming an internet magician, and so far, it is still how I feel.

I have been creating, that is: drawing, writing, mixing, dreaming, and envisioning since I can remember, but with the progress and changes happening in our time, especially in matters relating the internet, I have discovered some insecurities and have also found myself doubting if I can survive or keep up with it all. This course, I truly believe will help me assert myself optimistically.

During our class’ introduction, I knew I made the right choice. In between professor Seslow’s warm welcome, and the discussion of the course’s description, expectations, and goals, I knew this course was worth committing to.

In comparison to my other class?

Although I do appreciate my other courses, most of their dynamic is lacking. I can understand that after X number of years, teaching just becomes a part of a professor’s routine and/or lifestyle, however, as the world is changing, so should one’s desire to evolve and find new ways to motivate and stimulate.

Potential is essential and time is unforgiving. I see this course as a gateway to internet unity and equality. It doesn’t matter who you are, what your “tale of woe” might be, we all have something to say and what’s to be said is important.

Welcome all,
to Digital Storytelling, where you are valid and heard.

gifs all around, assignment #2

The first day of CT was cool. I was recommended it by my friend Chelsea. I did like hearing about it and the things that I could create. Creating gifs will be new to me but I can try

The way it compares to other classes is this class feels a lot more of a relief. Learning how to use the internet better and making new things that I see other people make is a cool concept. 

The potential of this class seems to be unlimited. I do not know what new thing we will learn next but for now, I made some gifs.

Me when I’m hungry

Me when I’m lurking around

My sister’s dog Moka trying new food