Final Course Reflection Blog Post

Goodbye fellow CT 101 classmates and Professor Seslow.

Overall CT 101 has taught me how to use many internet tools like how to make memes, how to make gifs, and lastly how to create a website. Learning how to make gifs and memes was pretty easy to learn, I really had fun creating them. I made gifs using GIPHY and found IMGFlip to be the better site when making memes. There was a huge variety of templets we could use, as well as the types of memes/gifs we wanted to create. Because their are many fandoms the possibilities were endless. Both gifs and memes are used to communicate with one another especially during the pandemic because everything was moved online, it felt as if you had to be able to understand the meaning behind certain memes/gifs in order to fully connect with others. When it came to creating domain names it was difficult for me to actually come up with a unique name, especially because my first and last name are already long. The freedom we received when it came to writing our blogs was helpful because we did not have to be “tied down” to one specific topic. I did have some issues with WordPress, for example after a week of registering my domain name into WordPress I could no longer login so I emailed Professor Seslow and he gave me some guidance on how to fix the problem which indeed did help me. Another issue I had was categorizing a post I had made, again with Professor Seslow guiding on which steps to take, I fixed the problem.

I think I deserve an A because although I was behind for some assignments I managed to catch up. Also I have seen a growth throughout the assignments, I remember the professor always had to remind to insert links and now it’s sort of a habit. I have tried to comment each week but could not keep up, especially during this month of December because there were just too many things happening at once.

Meme I created to represent the progress we have made in CT 101.

I enjoyed the freedom of creativity we had and the encouragement that the professor gave us. It was also really great to see my classmates’ creations, it helped me a lot as well. Just getting an overall structure of how an assignment might be done. Not to mention the professor’s recorded tutorials that were available right after class had finished. I am thinking of applying my new skills on any future assignment I have and also with my Sunday class which I could also use even more to my advantage by making the transition of online classes to in person classes more easily. I also think that using gifs and memes get a message across faster, I have applied them when texting friends and family.

The encouragement from Professor Seslow and classmates was always appreciated.

Tour of Alejandra’s Creativity:

I really would like to keep up my new website until the time is up but I’m not sure if Spring Semester will be busy or manageable. I will try to, especially since I will be going to Mexico for winter break, that will give me the opportunity to take some new photos and I can even create a category dedicated to those photos only. And of course both music and news are always happening so it would be easy to update those categories on my website. Although it would be somewhat hard to update my website during the winter break because of Wi-Fi issues I will really try to write out more poem blogs and have them be published weekly. And although there are always going to be excuses not to do something I want to try my best to at least try to keep m website updated with new News, Podcasts, Music and Photographs.

And just like that we are reaching the end, the following are past assignments, from the first one to the last one there are huge differences.

Past CT 101 Assignments:

Assignment #1- What is making me happy on the internet?
Assignment #2- How’s CT so far?
Assignment #3- What Do You Meme?
Assignment #4- DS106 Fun
Assignment #5- Digital Art Making Immediacy
Assignment #6- The Mid-Semester Assessment Post
Assignment #7- Domain Names
Assignment #8- Domain Registration
Assignment #9- Customizing my WordPress Page
Assignment #10- Pages & Categories and First Blog Post
Assignment #11- Social Media &WordPress

It’s crazy to see all our year’s worth of work just linked to listed assignments but it is also very fulfilling to see. Professor Seslow has shown a great interest in our knowledge and has encouraged us weekly to keep trying to better our CT skills. With that being said I hope we all take a moment to thank the professor and use the skilled we have learned.

Happy holidays and stay safe!!!

5 thoughts on “Final Course Reflection Blog Post”

  1. Excellent!
    Thank you so much, Alejandra!
    Great work on this final post!
    Im always so excited to read these, and see how students react to how much great work they completed – especially once they organize and recap all of this energy from the last 15 weeks! I really enjoyed your style of writing and how you organized your posts! Each written section always had supporting media to help expand the content and meaning!
    You have created great work consistently each week! This practice also transcended through all of the class criteria. Your blogging skills evolved each week, you participated in class discussions and commented on the works of your classmates! Plus, you have built a great website! Im super excited to see how you will keep adding to it, a section for photography sounds good! Have a wonderful trip to Mexico, the light is so beautiful there, you will have great pictures!
    Thank you for the words about our class! I love teaching this class and helping us all learn together in a community setting!
    Happy Holidays!

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