Final Blog Post: my final “ty <3”

It’s the end of a GREAT era

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I’ve learned many things in CT101: website making to finding my own sense of uniqueness, using my words, as well as understanding that IT IS okay to talk about yourself. In this class, I was able to talk about my experiences in life and other classes and understand the importance of digital storytelling. I noticed that I’m very quiet in class, I usually say nothing other than smile and laugh along with Professor Seslow, but online I have so much to say, my blog post can go on and on and on.

(I’ve also learned to NEVER do anything last minute )

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And that’s something that I enjoyed. I enjoyed talking about myself for once and I hope to apply these new skills later if I still want to keep my website domain in the future. 

Which you should check out at

(hover over the logo).

I do think I’d maintain the website until I can no longer post because it’s something that I have for myself. On my website, it feels as if it’s another art portfolio for me and I’d like to share my experiences and my achievements there.

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I believe my assessment grade would have to be a B because I feel like in the end, I didn’t try my hardest and because I missed a few classes because I would end up waking up late and a few more classes because I got sick during finals week. 

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Here are all of the blog posts that I’ve done this semester:

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On my website, I display my experiences in my art classes, painting, and photography, and post some of the work that I’ve done. 

Website building was very hard. I was too focused on the small effects that it would do when someone would hover over the main menu, I was too focused on the colors that I used and how everything is organized that I forgot to include more content in my website.

Some frustrations were since I missed classes, it was hard to try and understand why would my post not pop up, and why would my different pages look like this and not like that.

But I overcame it by rewatching the lecture over and over again and just by playing around with it myself and got a better understanding that way.

Professor Seslow be like:

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Going back to my website, this is my home page:

It looks a bit weird because I’ve included images largely so that when someone would visit my website, it covers the entire desktop. This is set up like a portfolio from my work that I’ve done during my AP Drawing in high school to things I’ve done this semester.

(you can go directly there by hovering over the pictures that I included)

This is my oil painting page.

At the top, I have the work that I’ve done in oil paint, and below I have my blog post under oil painting.

(each medium is categorized, so I have oil painting and photography)

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This is my photography page.

At the top, I have some photographs that I’ve done recently, and below I have my blog post under photography.

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This is my about page.

Here, I talk about myself and what I plan to do on my website.

It was a great run!
I hope everyone enjoys their holidays and it was a pleasure to learn something new with everyone!

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ty <3

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  1. Excellent work!
    I love your website and how you built it to showcase your awesome art work!
    You must keep it going!
    Thank you for the kind words and I think you are being too hard on yourself with your final grade!
    Great work was completed across all CT101 criteria~

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