CT 101 is one of the classes I never anticipated taking. I am a journalism major and there are two CT courses that are offered to journalism majors as electives- CT 101 and CT 240. Everyone gets so excited about CT 240 and so it always fills up so quickly and because of that, I couldn’t get into the class and CT 101 was my next option so I was like, “Well, I might as well try it out.”

I spoke to a friend who had previously taken the class and she only had positive things to say about the class and the professor. After hearing her views, I started to think, “Maybe I’ll like this class.”

On the day of class, I woke up pretty early to mentally prepare myself. Thankfully, the class was quite fun. The professor was amazing and so was the description of the course schedule. I have always been interested in writing blogs as well as the technicalities of all the things that make the blog look great. So at this point, I was channeling my  inner Annie and thinking, “Yes, yes, I think I’m going to like it here!”

It has only been 3 weeks since the class has started but I already love it! I have been exposed to so many new things and it indeed is fun. This course is not like my others in the sense that for this course, there is no focus on testing but rather effective learning for the students- and I love that! I look forward to everything this class has to offer and learning more technical features for blogs. I am happy that I stand corrected to myself and would definitely recommend this course to anyone that may have had the same fears as me. (And yes, CT 101 is awesome!)


Assignment #1 Internet Happiness

Hello everyone,

During this pandemic, I had to find a way to not focus on all the stressful and negative things occurring. I utilized the internet to help me escape from reality and laugh more often. It has been a joy to see people from different music eras and genres come together to make us laugh and give us entertainment through music and dance. I really enjoyed watching the music shows brought to us by Verzuz tv, which are sort of like a live concert of their greatest moments/hits throughout their career. My family and I made it a date night with food, drinks and a lot of happy souls and feet. It gave us a reason to smile and celebrate life more despite the adversaries we may be facing. It also was a walk down memory lane and helped us create new memories for my son. Here are a few:

John Legend GIF by Verzuz - Find & Share on GIPHY

Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

The one thing from the Internet that brings me the most happiness is my favorite show of all time, My Hero Academia.

I first found out about My Hero Academia back in 2016. I was simply scrolling through Youtube and saw a trailer for it in my recommended section. I clicked on it out of curiosity and from that day forward, I’ve been eagerly waiting for new releases on content every week.

My Hero Academia is a superhero action series written by Kouhei Horikoshi that focuses on a boy named Izuku Midoriya, a boy born into a world where everyone has super powers…except him. He is constantly looked down upon and ridiculed for this abnormality, but even so, he doesn’t give up on his dream of becoming a hero. After an ordeal with a villain, he is given the opportunity to become a hero by his favorite superhero, All Might (who is essentially the Superman of this story.)

Aside from the fantasy elements and AWESOME fights, I grew to love this series because I was able to relate to the struggles of the protagonist, Izuku Midoriya. He is constantly haunted by his insecurities of not being good enough, which push him to improve in both academics and physical training. And even though he is a cartoon character, he is actually one of my biggest role models and inspires me to workout consistently and do my best at school.

Many people might just consider this show to just be a cartoon, but to me, it’s so much more. Everything about it, from the lovable characters, the amazing fights, the overall narrative and the central moral of “Going beyond your limits” has made me integrate this show into my life in more ways than one. I wear My Hero Academia shirts, I listen to the music, I draw in my spare time and most importantly, whenever I feel burnt out, ready to give up, I tell myself “Izuku Midoriya didn’t give up, so I won’t either.” My girlfriend calls me a nerd for saying this, but I’m proud to admit that it’s helping me reach my goal of graduating from college.

Like I said before, this show has a GREAT message, but it is still a show about superheroes and villains. If you want to know why I love this show so much, check out this fight scene.

If you want to learn more about My Hero Academia, click here.

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

For me, internet happiness is watching makeup videos because I love makeup since I was a kid. During the lockdown, I started creating makeup looks because I had enough time to spend on creating a look and practice new tricks.

mascara GIF by Michelle Phan

When I can’t sleep either I watch makeup related videos on Instagram.

mathscosta instagram GIF

Also, in lockdown sometimes I even used to do makeup at midnight just because I used to be so bored.

ariana grande makeup GIF


The internet is a vast ocean of information

80% of our oceans are unmapped, unexplored, and unobserved, the more information we consume the larger our virtual ocean grows. This analogy represents my perspective of the internet, not only do we have a multitude of information at our fingertips but to quote Dorothy Parker  “the cure for boredom is curiosity.”

The internet allows curious individuals like myself answers to questions without judgment and ridicule from others.  For instance, have you ever found yourself puzzled by a question as simple as, How many colors does a rainbow have?  The ability to answer your own questions and to teach your self is an advantage that we sometimes take for granted.

Not to sound cliché but knowledge is power. I enjoy this aspect of the internet because I have a passion to learn about new things.  For example, from a fictional point of view, I read many mystery novels based on the problems that plague our young people in modern-day society such as luring young adults online and physically placing them into unsafe circumstances. The purpose of my interest in this category is to familiarize myself and create awareness for topics such as this. In a non-fictional standpoint, I use the internet to learn about trends and news that surrounds our community or reflect on moments in history. A few news outlets  I check weekly are The New York Times, Washington Post, and The Wall Street Journal.

Lastly, to reinstate the importance of using the internet for information, I wholeheartedly agree that the internet is like a vast ocean of information that connects us to the past, present, and future.

Work cited :


My Good Old Enemy the Internet

Ahhh, the internet, you’re like the annoying brother that I have to pretend to love. I can remember it just like it was yesterday, summer of 2011 the moment I made my first facebook accounts because that was the moment I sold my soul to the devil.

Nah, I’m kidding but I did actually think the concept of Facebook would be the downfall of man kind. In hindsight, I would say I was half right. The only reason I made an account was because my baseball teammates held down in a chair, inside of a hotel lobby, and forced me to make one. Let just say I don’t have many fond memories of that trip to North Carolina.

But I digress. I have stark love hate relationship when it comes to the internet if I’m being honest. On the one hand I think it is incredible place for creativity and to find information on practically everything and anything your heart desires. On other hand I think its black hole where the soul of humanity was sucked in and the words honesty and integrity have all but disappeared from our vocabulary. But hey! that just me 😅

When the pandemic hit,  as you can imagine it was probably my worse nightmare. I am people person, I love meeting new people, and making new connection. As a journalist that’s literally 90% of my job description.

So my last 6 months of quarantine felt a pretty much like this…

Pablo Escobar Waiting | Know Your Meme

But, in order to combat my loneliness and later on cabin favor. I basically bounced around Netflix, You Tube, Hulu, and Prime video. Seriously though, thank god for student discounts because if I was going to rely on social media and my parents to keep me entertain. Let just say it wouldn’t be a pretty picture.

So since I found my self binge watching roughly 2-3 movies or shows a day. I figured I might as well learn something about them in the mean while. I stumbled across this amazing Youtube channel over the summer called “Lesson From The Screenplay” Where this guy name Micheal Tucker uploads videos of in depth analysis of some of the best screenplays put on film and television.

This was the first video I watch because MAD MEN I feel is one of most well written shows I have ever watched. If you appreciate the art of cinema and want to learn more about your favorite movies or T.V. shows like myself then you will enjoy this channel.

To the creators of this channels you have my respect.

My only quarrel with the internet is that as amazing and useful it is in keeping society connected. Especially, in a crisis like this pandemic. It should not replace real human interaction. So enjoy the power you have at your finger tips but remember, look up from time to time . There is much more out there in the world for you to enjoy than whats on your computer screen.

I hope that we all have an amazing seamster. Good luck to you all and have a wonderful weekend.

Assignment 2- Creating My First Gif






This is my reaction to the first day of CT101. I am really interested in using digital media to advance my engagement in my journalism career.

CT101 is chill in comparison to my other classes. This class has no deadlines and seems very chill. Im in a writing intensive class that requires a lot of reading and writing.


 I am always thinking about the type of creative content I want to create for both of my classes. ( My previous degree is Africana Studies) I was “woke” way before it became trendy.









I plan on creating worthy viral content that people can relate to and build a more extensive following via social media. I created this gif of my one year old daughter Taraji. Her facial expressions are always hilarious.

I am a self advocate for Disabled Awareness because I have Cerebral Palsy. I use a wheelchair and constantly have to educate people about the misconception of having a disability. 

Assignment #1-Internet Happiness!!

What makes me happy on the Internet?

Youtube GIFs | TenorNetflix GIFs | Tenor

YouTube Is were I spend most of my time. It either YouTube or Netflix. You can find a lot of videos or people you relate to on the app. Most of the time I’m watching gaming videos. Madden NFL  and NBA 2k are the two game videos that I always watch. People tend to rage a lot when they play games which is funny because I do the same. If you ever played 2k20 you would know the game makes a lot of people rage.  Some of my favorite YouTuber’s that I watch are Flight, CashNasty, Chris smoove and TDBarret. I do have a lot more that are entertaining but these are the top ones.

On Netflix I move from show to show and sometimes have no idea what I want to watch. I have watched most of the popular trending shows already and I am always looking for new ones.

Angry Frustrated GIF - Angry Frustrated FlightReacts - Discover & Share GIFs      Cash Nasty GIFs | Tenor

Cashnastygaming Angry GIF - Cashnastygaming Angry Cashnasty - Discover & Share GIFs

Sometimes playing games online could be intense 😂

These are some of their Funniest moments↓↓↓

I love watching watching diy smoothie videos

I’m guilty of watching diy smoothie videos on youtube and instagram. It’s soothing to watch fruits be cut into small pieces and prepped for the freezer. When taken out of the freezer , the fruit looks like bite size pieces of candy with frozen condensation. When blended with a creamy base, it makes a whipped texture. With sorbet blenders you will see the difference between gourmet smoothies and regular ones.Gourmet smoothies are also garnished similar to smoothie bowls. A beautiful and creative garnish is a sight to see, it’s food art.



I’m interested in smoothies because they have an amazing effect when incorporated into daily routines. Fruits, veggies, oats , and , non-dairy products yield nutrients our body can’t create. When they are made with sea moss it adds a boost to help your immune system stay in shape. During this pandemic it is crucial to stay on top of your eating habits.



Assignment #1 Internet Happiness

The internet was scary at first for me, but over time the internet has become my friend.  I love that I can find new recipes from ever culture, I enjoy preparing those new meals for my family.


I can find good old time music. You name it its all there. Even helping my children with there homework, I can you tube a math problem and  there will be a  tutorial there to help me help them. The internet brings me happiness now that I am more comfortable on how to use this tool.

I am excited about ct101 and how the knowledge I acquire will help me to help my family.

Assignment 1-Internet :)

Lately I’ve been watching clips from a youtube channel called BedayaTV. Its a Saudi channel specialized in broadcasting reality programs. Sounds boring when I say that! But, its actually beneficial at the same time funny. Perfect combo!

Here’s a giff I made from a video clipp I watched Yesterday!

I love the energy they bring!

Heres a video of one of the members attempting to sing a song in which he had heard but was unable to memorize the lyrics, so he sang the rhythm.

The hype of the video is what made it fun to watch. Also, everyone joined with him and went with the flow. Positive people give you positive vibes, they say. Right?! I, myself joined with them even though I had no clue what they were saying.

Assignment # 1- Internet Happiness

One thing I love the most is dance, especially hip hop. Therefore I am always on youtube looking at random dance videos but mostly my favorite dancers such as: Jade Chynoweth, Kaycee Rice, Janelle Ginestra with her husband Willdabeast Adams (don’t really believe that is his first name), Matt Steffanina, Jojo Gomez and Aliya Janell. I absolutely love them and their energy gives me pure excitement.

 Here is an example of Jade Chynoweth:

I also love and admire when dancers involve emotion into their pieces to make you feel what they feel or to tell a personal story. I don’t fully enjoy dance unless high energy and emotion is involved. I danced throughout high-school and had no choice but to go “full out” so I guess it stuck with me.

Jojo Gomez shows an example of  emotion:


Assignment #2 – Making our First GIF Post!

Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narrative!

Assignment #2 – (scroll down for the full video tutorial)

Exciting times! Lets make some GIFS and explore the contexts and potentials of this Internet Culture Sensation! GIFs are here to stay!

Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to explore and create with! They have a HUGE repository of animated GIFS to choose from! In our Zoom class this week (week #3) lets check out both of these platforms in a series of live video tutorials, both Imgur & Giphy are free to use and work with. (you can sig up for an account for free too) I will post the class video here in this post after the Thursday 9/9 section of the class.

The Assignment Details: BLOG POST!

This week lets create a NEW blog post using your Author access on our class website and embed a series of new Reaction GIF s that narrates your feelings about our CT101 class so far! Think about these questions,; What did you think on the first day of the CT101? Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes? Also, address what the potentials of this class are?! (yes, you can make this post as long you wish and make it flow like a story – This assignment description that you are reading is also a BLOG post example of the assignment!) Each reaction GIF that you use should be accompanied by a sentence or two or three of verbiage to help describe the GIF and narrative you are communicating.

Here is an example of me responding in GIF expressing: “Demonstrations and examples will be shared and executed in our class Zoom lab time, don’t miss it!” (and if you do miss it, Ill post the video from class here below)

Lets get started!

**PS – Here is a handy tutorial on how to make a GIF from a YouTube URL using Imgur from Prof. Smith a few years back –  My first GIF post

*Here is the full video below from Thursday’s class on 9/9

Passcode: M3BV3&w%


<——- snip transmission ———->

How do you say it / pronounce it? Gi-f or Ji-f?

The battle continues!

Oh, and what about some GIF history?

Here is the WIKI for the GIF file format – its a good read.

Smithsonian – History of the GIF

Mashables take on the History of the GIF

A good article for WIRED on the 30th Birthday of the GIF


Assignment #1 – Internet Happiness!

Yahallo everyone!

Since its release in 2013, one of my favorite series, hands down, has been Oregairu.

My Teen Romantic Comedy Is All Wrong (or Oregairu for short) is a Japanese light novel, anime and manga series created by Wataru Watari. It follows the story of Hikigaya Hachiman, a loner who gets roped into joining his school’s Service Club along with two other girls. They solve the problems of the people around them and begin to grow closer to each other in the process.

I grew more and more interested in the series because of how well-written and relatable the characters were, especially the main character, Hachiman.

With the light novel completed in April and manga still ongoing, the anime entered its final season this summer. Because of how busy this semester has been, I didn’t have a chance to catch up on the final season’s episodes until a few nights ago.

Despite the character facial animations being a little wonky this season, one of the undoubtedly best animated moments was the rap battle scene. It definitely caught me by surprise, and now I can’t count how many times I’ve re-watched it!

Hikigaya has since then been fondly dubbed by the anime community as “one of the top ten rappers that Eminem was too afraid to diss”.

Check out the video below! 😀

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