Assignment#1- Internet Happiness


The Internet nowadays is everyone’s right hand. It has become a helpful and reliable resource over the years. Especially this year, with all the challenges we are facing such as the coronavirus pandemic, transitioning from in person-classes to online classes and working from home. It’s been a crazy year!

Internet happiness to me is watching You Tube videos and Netflix. I also love reading articles based on science and other non-fictional books. On You Tube, I mostly watch baking tutorials. I love baking!

Recently I binged watched The Crown, a series drama on Netflix.

I watched all four seasons and let me tell you something, It was AMAZING!!!

The Crown is a historical drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and the British Royal Family. It’s worth watching it !!!



Final Blog Post: Reflecting on the Semester!

Hi everyone!

Wow, it’s already the end of the semester huh? I’m both excited and sad to be graduating from York this semester; it’s really been a long ride.

I remember coming into CT 101 on the first day, nervous because I hadn’t had any sort of experience with blogging, website design or anything really relating to the back-end side of the internet. (It makes me feel so much cooler using tech terminology like that :D)

However, my fears were soon put out because all of our assignments have been fun learning experiences. I got to try creating so many different types of digital media like GIFs, memes, typography and (now) my personal favorite, Vaporwave!

My website, https://strawberriesandcream.net/ , is a personal blog where I share my art and cake designs!

I got off to a very slow start with my website development, mostly because I kept on making minor changes, and going back and forth between the back and front end of the website. I initially had some technical difficulties signing up for the website, but the ReclaimHosting support team came to the rescue in under 15 minutes!

I wish that I had taken this class earlier in my academic career, because these skills would have helped me in so many other club projects and art assignments I did. I would have also liked to take more classes in CT to get a better feel of what web design and coding are like. I’d like to do a course in this sometime in the future. I also hope I can get a job in graphic design so I can further develop my skills!

I really hope that I earned an ‘A’ in this course, because I tried to apply as much of what I learned into each one of my posts, and I had so much fun creating them along the way. I tried to make my posts more fun to read by using a lot of images, and typed as if I was just having a normal conversation 🙂

Overall, this was a very fun semester for me, and I’m glad I got to meet and interact with so many other talented individuals. I hope that you have a wonderful holiday everyone! Stay safe 😀

Assignment #12: Copyright!

Hi everyone!

You know, when I opened Larry Lessig’s TED talk, I wondered for a moment why he had a picture of Andy Warhol in the background, then it clicked. Yeah, there’s gonna be a LOT of legal grey area here.

So for those of you who don’t know, Andy Warhol was a 20th century pop artist, famous for his silkscreened images of famous people. You may have seen his work around the internet:


Warhol was very careful/lucky when it came to copyright infringement. He did the Marilyn Munroe silkscreens after her death so it was regarded as a tribute. In the case of Campbell Soup, he was insanely lucky. They literally wrote him a letter thanking him for promoting their product AND sent him free soup!

Keep in mind, Warhol was making money off of this, none of which went to Campbell Soup. I literally can’t imagine any company today doing the same. There was a very interesting case brought up against his foundation on whether his work with the Prince series was considered “fair use” or not after the photographer sued the foundation. The decision was ruled in favor of the Andy Warhol Foundation.


“I’m talking about people taking and recreating using other people’s content, using digital technologies to say things differently.”

– Larry Lessig

But in today’s society, it’s really hard to determine what constitutes “fair use”, because it heavily varies from case to case. Can I sue Andy Warhol for using my photograph in his work? That’s about as effective as trying to sue Picasso for appropriating African art and culture.

Yup, copyright is a double-edged sword. However, I don’t think that this should discourage us from creating art. Everyone has a right to express how they think and feel through art, and maybe your creativity is stimulated by seeing the things in your environment. No harm in looking for inspiration from the things around you.

Assignment #11: Vaporwave!

Hi everyone!

It’s official: I’m in love with Vaporwave art <3

I love everything from the retro aesthetic to the vibrant, neon colors. Here’s two versions of a Vaporwave artwork I made with the character L from Death Note.

If you’ve watched the show, you know that apples and potato chips are significant to the plot, and it wasn’t until I finished both of the versions that I realized how much it reminded me of the second opening theme.

I had so much fun recoloring the chips and adjusting the sizes and orientations of the apples. The kanji over L’s eyes in the second version translates to “genius” in Japanese, and the chips I chose are a very popular brand that I personally enjoy eating. If you haven’t tried seaweed-flavored Calbee potato chips, now is the time! 😀

Assignment #10: Visiting A Classmate’s Website!

Hi everyone!

I was looking through all of the awesome websites that my classmates created. Everyone did such a good job with the design and layout of their webpages so far.

I visited Claudia’s website, ClaudiaBakes, and wow! I really enjoyed reading through her recipes, and the pictures were absolutely mouth-watering. The recipes were laid out in a very neat, easy-to-read format, and her instructions were clear to follow. As a fellow baker, I hope I can try out some of these new recipes! I think I’ll begin with the homemade carrot cake 😀

I also visited Brandon’s site, NBABrandon. As someone who knows little to nothing about basketball, I thought that his site was very informative. It was mostly image-based and kept you up-to-date with whatever’s happening in the NBA currently without overloading the reader with too much information. I look forward to seeing the new content when the NBA season starts!

Final Blog Post

So this is really goodbye…

The end of the semester…

CT101 has been a tremendous all around fun ,learning, unique experience.

I can honestly say I enjoyed this course.

For the most part, I feel so much more comfortable being able to express myself through a blog.

I learned how to support my feelings and emotions using GIFS, videos, images and text that are super short and simple.

One thing that I REALLY REALLLYYY, I mean reallyyyyy enjoyed about this course was the freedom to blog about my own interest!

Throughout the semester, I frequently blogged about my favorite athlete, there was simply no better feeling being able to just blog about something that I actually enjoyed.

No seriously, I literally blogged about Lebron James multiple times throughout out the semester, here’s a quick recap of previous blog posts.

In addition to this, I was able to create my very own Website for the first time!


My website is strictly NBA CONTENT!

like whatttttt

I literally own a website where I can publish what I want!

CT101 allowed me to learn, create, edit, publish and allow me to post! This was a great experience! Also, I had peers who commented and gave feedback on my website! That was really awesome! I appreciated it a lot.


I appreciate Professor Seslow’s clear instructions and guidance as well. Being able to look back a Zoom sessions, really helped me a lot in learning how to create my website.

Now, after many many weeks of building knowledge and learning how to create and publish. I finally got to complete my website!

Overall, the only thing that I can say was a bit stressful, was me not wanting to miss a step. I viewed Zoom sessions carefully, so I didn’t have to miss any important steps.

But it was all part of the process!

Now… what grade do I believe I earned…

I have to admit… I believe I earned nothing less than a A-!

I say this because I completed all assignments, in addition I tried my best to include everything I learned over the semester in my work!

Overall, every good thing must come to an end!

And the semester is upon completion!

I appreciate you all! and everything I learned in CT101!!



CT101 Final Blog Post

What I’ve learned in CT101? Well…what haven’t I learned in this course!

I’m taking a whole lot of digital knowledge I never experienced before. CT101 has truly been a delightful class to take and keep up with. Every week, we learned new and exciting things about the digital tech world.

I’ve learned to use and make memes and GIFs. I’ve learned to blog and post, which I have never done in my entire life before this course!!!

My first ever post was about one of the wonders of the digital world. I love NETFLIX! I mean, it’s a great way of distracting yourself during the pandemic (and from it as well…). One of my all-time favorites is The Office. They are hysterical, and without the internet, nearly impossible to keep up with!

I’ve also learned to complete assignments through the DS106 Assignment Repository website. The first one was a visual assignment about a Pop Star Out of Place.

I really enjoyed placing Ariana Grande in some random place. She was naturally in sync with the wolves!

For the second part of that assignment, I had an awesome time summarizing a movie with animated GIFs. For this assignment, I chose to recreate a family favorite, The Little Mermaid. This was one of my favorite posts because I had a lot of fun creating the following:

I had a great laugh going through the motions, something I could only get in this course, of course!

The next step in our journey through CT101 was creating our own websites!

I had a wonderful time creating my brand new website claudiabakes.com. At first, I was very anxious. The thought of creating a website freaked me out! But being in class and listening to the explanations of the process made me eased into peace.

Proceeding with the website, I added a home page, an about page, a contact page, and a recipe page with categories! I began blogging and adding recipes to my new website. It was exciting, and honestly, very therapeutic. I felt like I was talking to someone like I do when we’re in person, but this is online! It’s amazing what the digital world can provide you with social skills like no other.

Back to the process, I’m not going to lie; it was hard keeping up with all the steps, especially for a beginner user like myself. But once I got through them, I realized it wasn’t so bad after all. I am eternally grateful for all the step-by-step instructions because, without them, I would be completely lost!!!

Now that I’ve learned so much from CT101, I will conquer the internet with all these new blogging skills! I am having all these great ideas about my brand new website. I will continue to build my blogging website, post my new ideas, and spread the inspiration! In the future, I hope to open a business of my own. Thanks to the skills I learned in this course about website building, I now know how to make a website for my future business.

I’ve learned to become my own critic and I can honestly say that I deserve a well earned A+. Like my fellow classmate Clark, I also believe in thinking positively. I aspire to be a successful student of knowledge, and indeed, I can say I have become very knowledgeable of the digital world through CT101. This was possible through working hard week after week, which I can truthfully admit I did. I tried very hard to keep up and I have completed all the assignments I needed to complete. I’m thankful for all the hard-working students who inspire me to keep at it too!

Admittedly, I can also say this has been one of the most wonderful courses I’ve taken this semester. Although a liberal course choice, an amazing choice nonetheless! I had a lot of fun blogging and creating new content every week. I will miss reading everyone’s posts and the ideas they share. I’ll miss having this much fun while learning something new in CT101!

CT101 Final Blog Post

So this is going to be my last post Professor said.

All emotions aside, it was a great experience! I enjoyed exploring the internet. Especially giphy, if you haven’t already noticed^^

There were 3 things that I learned, which  I am considering using in the future. GIFs, vaporwaves and how to create my own website. I am planning to add more things in my website to expose my creativity. I feel that keeping up with my website will allow me to explore myself as well. I dont know how much potential I have honestly, but I believe that starting with something like this can really help me become an open minded student.

My grade

I believe my effort matches a grade that has the letter A and a plus right next to it. Trying to be funny here! I dont know why I found it hard to save images and removing pictures from one place to another. Because of that, I think I should get an A+ because that was by far the most difficullt thing I did throughout this semester and I managed to do it! Good Job for me! I also believe that nobody should be judged by their creatiivity, so a bad grade shouldn’t exist. Am I right?!


My website will consist of traditional recipes from my mother who is from a place called Yemen. It’s in the Middle East.

Unfortunately, as of right now my wesite does not have alot of content  because I have been busy with school. But, I hope I will continue and make it better when I have a break so that I can share my culture with the people out there. I share food because I believe that just like how food brings people together, sharing food recipes can do the same thing as well. This website does not discriminate!

Speaking about my website, I struggled in the begining with buliding it. I wasn’t use to the features the website offered, so I would get frustrated. I had so many things happening, from school work to home work. It was frustrating for me to complete my work , especially with other classes in mind. But, I managed to do it! This was a fun class and I wanted to enjoy it without having to think about other things. I mean, it wasn’t awful because Profesor Seslow is an amazing teacher! But, I wanted to show more! I wanted to go out and put in!

Heres my attempts for making a vaporwave. Im getting there!

This class allowed to open up to the arts of the world! It was a pleasure being in this class. It was fun and exciting being a student in CT101!

Stay safe everybody!



Final Course Reflection Blog Post


The end of this semester, man what an interesting one indeed.

Man.. to recap from the beginning there is so much to say. To begin, when we first got introduced to ct101 commons website

I was honestly nervous because I didn’t know what to expect but it really felt like a social media online forum where we can post our creative ideas. When we started learning about memes that was really fun.

When I heard that in a college course we were making memes I found that hard to believe because why would any course teach that. Since that point on I knew this class was going to be really fun.

Moving away from memes… we were introduced to the

DS106 assignment bank    where it consists of many community submissions of works to do like photo mashups, video edits and even audio assignments. I was assigned to pick one from the photo assignment and I did a cool photo mashup of Dunkin Donuts and Mc Donald’s combined together!

We were then introduced to the concept of vapor waves which was honestly amazing because vapor waves is a true form of art and gives out this amazing aesthetic retro vibe which many celebrities get influenced by today. It is very chill and brings out calm vibes whenever you see any retro gif.

We were then told to create our very own website, being honest I was very nervous because this is something I always wanted to learn how to do but I felt that it was really complicated.

After we signed up for the word press account it was similar to the ct101 website we were already using and so then I started working right away. We created our own domain name and a theme for the type of content we wanted for our site.

this is my website > click here

The website is called SlimShakey because that is the persona I have on youtube and so it would resonate well if it was my own site. This website as you go through it consists of floors like a hotel and each floor you explore has a creepy element. The website is horror theme because I love horror movies and always had a fascination of creepy conspiracy theories and so I included creepy stories, unsolved conspiracies and creepy photos. If your into horror this website is for you. After the class ends I do plan on maintaining this website and expanding it to reddit users because it has many popular horror forums and so people can discover my website.

Overall this class was really fun, it was unfortunate due to COVID I couldn’t take this class in person but the zoom meetings were funny and interactive. I think I deserve an A because I was always on time with my assignments and I had a lot of fun working on the assignments. This class out of my other classes make me feel like I can be myself and do something I love.






What is copyright? “In simpler terms, copyright is the right to copy. This means that the original creators of products and anyone they give authorization to are the only ones with the exclusive right to reproduce the work.” –Investopedia.

Why is there copyright? I believe copyright exists to prevent someone from duplicating the original work of another. It exists to protect what we call “intellectual property.” Honestly, I have no idea what that means but from what I figured from Professor Sewslow’s post and what I read on other sites,  intellectual property is unique original creations that necessarily took a significant mental activity to create.

We practice copyright laws to protect that awesome content from getting remixed, modified, or reshared without permission!

We should all be aware of copyright laws. I mean, nobody likes a copycat, right? Maybe. I don’t think all situations are the same but, according to the law, they should be. So let’s be smart about the content we just love to re-share, share, and switch up a little bit!!!

Fair use is a doctrine that lets us use a limited amount of copyrighted content without the permission of the copyright holder. It is a way to give some liberty to use content without getting into serious trouble. This doctrine should be used more often since many of us have amazing ideas about other people’s work. I believe, most of the time, these ideas enhance the original version in creative ways almost to say, unlike anything else!!!


While watching Larry Lessing’s TedTalk, the quote I found most compelling was the following:

“Never before in the history of human culture had it been as professionalized, never before as concentrated, never before as creativity of the millions been as effectively displays, and displays because of these, quote: “infernal machines.”

This quote was referring to another type of machine, but I believe it reflects well with what is going on in digital technology. It clearly identifies the true intentions of those individuals who re-use, re-share and re-shape content. Lessing mentions this later on by saying that people take and recreate other people’s content using digital technologies to say things differently. Lessing also mentions the content serves as tools of creativity that become tools of speech, which I thought was very inspirational. To me, it is clear these people are doing it for the sake of creating something new and not to copy information and call it their own.



*CT101 Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information*

CT101 Final Blog Post & Course Completion Information

**Please read all of the information below carefully & mark your calendars**

Please e-mail me with any questions at – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

Im always here to help.

Here we are in the final 2 weeks of our Fall 2020 semester. I wanted to get things set in advance to help and give everyone enough time to complete our course. Please know, I am here to help in anyway that I can. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to me. Please know, it is not too late to catchup if you are a bit or even far behind.

The last day of classes is Wednesday December 9th but I will be hosting a live Zoom session scheduled for Thursday December 10th from 10AM -12PM to serve as a platform for those who have specific questions, need help with troubleshooting their websites and helping clarify anything to help us complete the semester. (the zoom link info is the same as always) As you know, the Zoom sessions are not mandatory but serve as a synchronous space for our class meetings. Most class sessions have video tutorials that are recorded and added to the weekly blog posts on our class calendar page here.

**Final Blog Post Submission Guidelines**

Please make sure you follow each step below – Each student will write and publish a Final Course Reflection Blog Post. (The details are below)

You will publish this post to the CT101 website. You will E-Mail the direct link of this blog post to me – rseslow@york.cuny.edu no later than Friday December 18th by 12 pm – Noon, please

*Please do not e-mail the final blog post link to me before Tuesday December 15th.

*The e-mail subject should say: “CT101 Final Blog Post/Your First & Last Name”

Here is the e-mail subject example – CT101 Final Blog Post / Ryan Seslow

Here is an example below for finding a blog post’s direct URL – (this is the direct link to the content you see at the moment in the web browser address bar at the top of the browser) The post must be published in order to copy it and paste it into your e-mail to me – it would look something like this below.

*Your final blog post is Mandatory, it serves as our final exam and final project and it must include the information stated below:

Your final blog post will be a detailed narrative and re-cap of what you have learned in CT101, and a reflection and assessment of what grade you have earned in our class and why you deserve that grade? (Yes, you must include this part!) 

What did you enjoy about our class and how you will apply your new skills into the world. Will you maintain and keep up your new website? If so, how? If not, Why not? Your final blog post should include a culmination of supporting images, GIFs, hyperlinks and writing. Please let this post display the best of your skills sets learned and applied! (The post must include more than 1 single image, GIFs, Hyperlinks and supporting Verbiage! Make it your BEST work!)

*Final Website Link & Description –  As a part of the final blog post each student will be sharing their new website link URL (your domain name) and will give a brief descriptive tour of their website and share how the website is being used, plus a few words on your successes, frustrations and an over-all assessment of building and having a website. (If you did not build a website this semester you must state that in your final post.)

**Not mandatory, but if you would like the opportunity to present your final blog post & website to me during a Zoom session next Tuesday the 15th or Thursday the 17th @ 10am – 12pm I will be in Zoom and happy to meet with you there!

*The Final Blog Post submission requirements as stated above are Mandatory, please let me know if you have any questions.

All questions should be sent to – rseslow@york.cuny.edu

Im here to help!


When Professor Sewslow first introduced the vaporwave, I was blown away. I did not believe such artistry existed. What I mean is, I had never seen vaporware before.

The concept looks like something quite easy to accomplish. But looks can be deceiving!

I had a hard time trying to develop a vaporware-worthy picture. I mean, when Professor Sewslow created his version of a vaporware image, it was almost too easy! (Image provided below)

This was far from what I thought I could accomplish!

After battling my way through photopea and losing everything! I decided to try an alternative. I went to snorpey.github and tried to complete something close to the Professor’s vulture-pop image:

I came up with this:

It may not be the greatest vaporwave example, but I am proud to have completed something pretty close!


Classmate’s Website Review

First of all, I’d like to say all the websites I’ve viewed so far look exciting and very innovative. Some of them are the following:


In this website, Janett brings a concept of motherhood, which I love because I am a mother myself! I’m excited to view the content Janett will post because I love hearing other people’s views on motherhood. I hope she posts some content and fills out the About section. Don’t be afraid, Janett, you’re doing great!

The next website I’d like to talk about is Saul’s website, https://thephantomchronicle.com. His take on his new website is unique. I really enjoy reading his posts, “Enola Holmes A Fresh Take on the Holmes Family” and “A Summer Worth Forgetting: The Death of a Once Great City.” They inspire me to write more in-depth on my own website, so thank you for that, Saul! I think he shares his thoughts beautifully, and everything flows nicely. I agree Enola is a great film and can’t wait for that sequel!

Another great website I came across was Isacc’s website, https://paperpig.net. Right of the bat, I can tell this blogger is an artist. He incorporated his Instagram page, which reveals his talented creations. I can tell Isacc has been drawing for years and his work demonstrate that. I can’t wait to read the next blog post!

Many of the websites I view are up to date or missing minimal additions to make the websites their own. Adding a contact page, switching up the fooders/sidebars, and posting some new content goes a long way! So keep up the great work!

So, What is Copyright?

This week, lets delve into copyright… So, What is copyright?

From the content below (and there is a lot of great stuff to explore) please select a blogging prompt to respond to – you should respond to at least one but of course you can respond to all of them!

Why is there copyright?

How much should users of the web think about copyright as you and others share, re-share, and remix content on the web?

What is fair use? Think about these questions and watch Larry Lessig’s TEDTalk  – How creativity is being strangled by the law

**Assignment Option #1– In a new blog post, find a quote from the Larry Lessig talk (link above) that you find compelling and tell us why. Also respond to the questions posed above. 



As a further reflection on “fairness” and fair use consider two cases that actually tangled with the legal system under copyright law. First, Andy Baio a software developer for Kickstarter writes and speaks about his experience being sued by a photographer and is forced to settle and pay thousands of dollars. This is despite the fact he believes the law is on his side and so does his pro-bono counsel the EFF.


https://www.creativemornings.com/talks/andy-baio/2  <- link to the video


Second famous appropriation artist Richard Prince is sued by photographer Patrick Cariou for Prince’s use of Cariou’s photographs in a number of collages. At first the courts sided with Cariou the photographer, but then on the appeals court reversed the decision in favor of the Prince’s remixes being fair use.

**Assignment Option #2 – In a new blog post, find a quote from both Andy Baio’s case and Richard Prince’s case that you agree with, disagree with, or both. Tell us why. Also tell us whether you think law around fair use is working. How would you change copyright law and fair use if you were in charge. 

**Assignment Option #3– In a new blog post – Digital Storytelling Prompt on Fair Use – Create an image, GIF, video, and/or piece of audio that reworks a quote and/or image found in any of the linked essays or videos above. Think about possibly creating a poster that uses an image and quote (https://photopea.com will help). Or create a video or audio remix that samples from the Andy Baio and/or Larry Lessig talks. Or maybe come up with something on your own that is inspired by these discussions. In your post, remember to use hyper-links to reference texts incorporated in your work as well as give context to the work.

Have Fun!