Are Memes art?

Memes are definitely art. Memes are just as creative as any other art work and they take just as much imagination. Memes are not just art on the internet, some people make products including memes that sell in a lot of different web pages.  Memes require people to have a funny way of looking at life which allow them to create the memes.

Memes are a form of expression for some people, they use memes to express what they feel or think and that is a great way to do that. Art is used to express feelings and thoughts and memes are just like this but people doesn’t think of memes as art because they think that they are just jokes, but that is part of their purpose, they are a way to lighten up people and to bring them joy. The best part of it is that there is a meme for everyone, theres is always one that reaches a specific type of person.

This class has been very great to explore the internet and all the great things that we could find there.


DS106 Assignment #1

The assignments on the DS106 site opened my eyes to a plethora of ideas I can choose from- which makes me really excited.

The first assignment that I will complete is a gif assignment. Once I saw the options of assignments to consider, I immediately went to the ‘gif assignments.’ I had mentioned in previous posts that I really enjoy gifs and before this class, making them was a struggle. Now that I have the luxury of making gifs so quickly on giphy.com, I do not pass up on the opportunity to make a gif. So for my first DS106 assignment, I will be doing a ‘reaction gif’ assignment. (See screenshot of the image below.)

I particularly enjoy the gif assignments because it allows me to incorporate my writing- which I enjoy doing. For this particular assignment, the instructions only require one reaction gif but I believe I will do more than one because of how fun they are to make. (Once completed, I will link the assignment in this post so the assignment will be easy to find.)

For future assignments I’d like to do, I’m thinking about doing video assignments. I actually found a specific one that caught my eye. (See screenshot of the image below.)

I had mentioned that I have a youtube channel with my sisters but my role is just to be in the videos. I am not a part of the editing process and all the logistics that would come with that. So, I think video assignments would be something I’d like to dabble with and learn more about. This decision isn’t just for youtube but with the career I want- broadcast journalist- there is no doubt that these skills would benefit me.

I’m not sure how many of these assignments I think I’d have to do for it to become second-hand nature to me but I’m willing to do as much as I have to do to become proficient with this.

Assignment#4: Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Part 2

For this project I choose the Ghost From Ds 106 Past to complete this project you have to go through the archives of the ds106 website (or search #ds106 anywhere on the internet) and recreate it to the best of your ability while still making it your own. I found an my inspiration on instagram a superimposed superman on an eyeball.

Going into this project I was a little intimidated because of my limited abilities in Photoshop. I begin looking at photo editing apps to see if I could do this. I choose the Bazaart Photo Editor and Design App its only available on iPad and iPhone.

The first thing I did was spend 20 minutes looking at eyes close up on google. This green one stuck out to me.

Secondly,  a tattered American flag (this art was inspired by a dream i had the night before)






Lastly, I wanted a good versus evil dynamic to my art and found this picture and loved it.

Now that we have our pictures lets get to work!!!

Step 1: I uploaded the eye picture on the app.

Step 2: Then I add the flag

Step 3: I have to get rid of that white boarder around the flag. On the app there is a magic button that removes it.

Step 4: I enlarged the flag, I manipulated the opacity of the flag.

Step 5:  I added the Good Vs. Evil drawing on top of the flag.

Step 6: I have to remove the black border on the image.

Step 7: I enlarged the image and adjusted the opacity of the image.

Viola! Here is the final product.

I named this piece Amerikkka

Pretend you are at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and you see my art. You read the caption write below it.  Heres what it would say

“Trump exposed the America we already knew existed” – WheelchairBae 🤘🏾 

The eye represents the prospective viewer. The green represents capitalism in which America thrives. The tattered flag represents the wars we started and how ancestors put in work for America to fit into their homes that never accepted them. The current state of America that refuses to address racial disparities. People who hate us often burn our flag as a symbolic hatred for the real people in power (Not Us). The child is next-generation forced to follow unjust laws and beliefs of ignorance, which caused a divide between good and evil. RACISM IS THE EVIL Unity is good. WHICH SIDE ARE YOU? People wear masks; Trump exposed the real racist out here. People aren’t afraid of being racist anymore. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN-Who was America Good too? Depends on perspective, The symbolism of trump not wearing his mask and catching coronavirus is the western view of “civilization” The need to save people who are different from others. The ignorance of not protecting yourself by wearing your mask from the virus exposing others to sickness is Very American. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. History is often told from the winners’ perspective now that the whole world is impacted. Everyone’s views matter now. WE NEED TO ADDRESS THE RACIAL PROBLEMS IN AMERICA ITS LITERALLY KILLING US ALL. 🤟🏾




Are Internet Memes ART??

I think memes are art because it has an author and a very important intention behind it (entertain and make people laugh). Also, I consider that art is a way of expressing feelings, and memes make it. There are memes that make you laugh, that make you reflect, that make you think, among others.

Skeptical Third World Kid meme

I believe that memes are art, but personally I think it should be categorized as the sub-branch of something (I don’t know what specifically). I mean, we cannot compare a DaVinci work which was made from zero with creativity, technique, and hard work to a meme where I can look for an image from the internet and add text to it.

The new trend of seeing and making memes is mostly in young people, but as time passes, a larger group of people are entering this culture.

Laughing Men in Suits | And Then I Said meme

I think it can be good for art and also a good way to communicate. Memes, like a work of art, can express emotions and feelings that can be equal to or much stronger than a photograph or a painting.

Sin descripción disponible.

Sin descripción disponible.

Are Memes Art?


Art is defined as “the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.” To reinforce the meaning of art, memes are created from one’s imagination as a visual representation of an image or video that is often accompanied by a text to provoke the human emotions of witty, amusing, and humorous. On this basis, memes qualify as an art form that connects with the emotions of participants who engage in it. In correlation, meme’s that relate to a majority of participants are often rapidly shared by internet users. Therefore, this relationship among users and memes has become fundamental to the success in the growth of memes and to the creation of meme culture.

Often times, memes are packed with witty humor that makes fun of oneself or a person, place, or situation. This light-hearted teasing enhances user experience and makes the internet a joyful platform to interact with. Memes also allow users to form connections with one another by similar interests and experiences that are generally reflected.

Lastly, in times where people are plagued with worry regarding health, job security, and stress of politics the world can seem quite gloomy. Fortunately, with the creation of memes, it allows people a bit of relief in uncertain times. Memes create an environment that allows users to become a part of an online community, especially thanks to content creators who continue to produce updated, relevant and entertaining material for users to share.

My opinion of CT 101 thus far…




DS106 Part 1


This is going to be my first visual assignment I will work on soon! This assignment caught my attention as soon as I saw it. Once I complete this project, I know I will display my work to several people outside of class!

As I was reading the assignment details, I definitely need to familiarize myself with Pixlr, Once I get the hang of it, I should be ready to tackle this work of art.

This sounds like a fun assignment to work on! I’ll give it a try with an NBA team I’m rooting for to win the Championship!

The image below is my final product! This is a committed squad dedicated to win the NBA Championship!

My goal with this assignment was to chose close up pictures in order for viewers to get a good look at it.

In addition, the software I used to complete this assignment is called BeFunky.com  

Are Memes Art?

YES, YES YES ! Memes are definitely art. They’re Internet Art, which makes them even more special because everyone is on the internet now. Everyone has seen some classic memes like this one

Other come across memes when they’re trending. Either way memes some of my favorite way of expressing a feeling. That’s what art is all about to be honest and memes help me release stress and they’re…

Some people don’t believe memes are art because they’re so used to seeing painted artworks, photography, sculptures or designs, that they don’t realize that there more outlets of art. Everyone creates art in different ways. Not only to express a feeling but to tell a story, for influence, to highlight a social issue, or to communicate with others.

Yes they are so sit tight and get creative with memes!!




DS106 and Future Assignments


For the two projects we were required to choose from the DS106, I decided to pick the “Design Your Own Cereal Box Cover” assignment as the project I would complete, and the  “Fashionista” assignment as a future project.

Below is my completed cereal box cover I created using Photoshop.

I wanted my cereal box to look at least somewhat convincing, so I used a lot of cereal box references like Corn Flakes, Frosted Flakes, Lucky Charms, and many other popular cereal brands. I noticed that one prevalent theme all the children’s cereal had was a colorful, vibrant mascot representing their cereal brand. This inspired me to create a cereal box cover using All Might, a character from my favorite show, My Hero Academia.

The next project I’ve chosen to do some time in the future is the “Fashionista” assignment. I’ve always loved drawing characters in my spare time, but I’ve never specifically focused on clothing and fashion. I want to expand my creative horizons a bit by learning how to draw beautiful clothing that people can wear during special occasions. When I begin this project, I plan on doing my best to design a bridesmaid dress because I’ve always believed these dresses accentuate a woman’s beauty.

Are Memes Art?

By definition, art is an expression of human creativity and imagination through visual form, which could include painting, films, graphics or sculpture. Eventually, the expressed creativity compels a particular emotion. If we are to analyze memes through the lens of above definition, one may right say that meme are art. To further buttress this, I will be exploring different memes that express varying emotions.











The post above suggests the excitement that follows after a long week of working. It is important to observe that only the image would not have been enough to fully communicate this expression. Instead, the texts helped convey the meaning. In the same way, only the texts may not be enough to express the excitement. This is why memes are considered art, they help communicate a particular feeling or emotion.


It's Monday Already
It’s Monday Already????


The shock of Monday is real!

It's real bro, wake up!
It’s real bro, wake up!


From the above post, almost everyone can share similar feelings with this guy, Monday is not always fun. However, if we continue to work hard and persevere, maybe one we will be like the lady in the gif below:

You did it!!!!
You did it!!!!















Like I said, memes are art because they express human creativity to convey a particular emotion by using either painting, graphics or films. By looking at the lady dancing, one can immediately relate it to the texts saying ‘Happy Retirement,’ and therefore associate her excitement with retirement. This is how it is: from having fun on Fridays to waking up early on Mondays, on day we will celebrate our retirements!!!

Assignment #4 – DS 106!

Hi everyone!

For my first assignment, I chose to do something with typography. I had a little intro to typography in my graphic design class and decided to try my hand at this cipher assignment because it looked pretty cool!

Cipher Typography Photo Images

Basically, you can encode any phrase that you want into a cipher, and use these alpha-numerical digits to form a picture. The final product should have two versions: one with the cipher, and one with the translated message.

For my project, I encoded my message to Base32 using Cryptii.com

As for the content, I kept using the theme of apples. You should know by now that I’m a huge anime fan, and I couldn’t think of a more perfect phrase to encode than this one:

Ver. 1 : Encoded

Ver. 2 : Decoded w/ under layer

This took me around 3+ hours to color and complete in Photoshop, but I’m pretty happy with how it came out! If you zoom in on the second image, the letters created this cool effect with the color under them. I had to make the cipher font really small because the spaces between the letters looked kind of inconsistent if they were any larger.

For my second assignment, I chose to try doing a book cover design.

Apocalyptic Alternative Book Cover

I’ve never really done any formal design projects like this, so I thought it would be interesting to try this. I hope I’ll get to learn a thing or two about what colors I should choose, what appeals to the audience etc. I think that this could go in soooo many directions: supervillains, killer robots, maybe even zombies!

Can’t wait to try it out!

DS106 Assignment

Overall my take on the DS work is still mix there is still I have much to learn but the freedom to explore this work has benefited me in a lot of ways and I can also see as being used as a stepping stone for my writing because with the writing assignment for a writer like myself that poster spoke me but also there is a lot of content I’m willing to try because this website has an endless of the network that can really benefit someone. Crazy it may seem but it kind of like another Facebook being able to take a closer look at different hobbies and writings styles, video upload by big-time streamers, and so on. Now am I still a bit confused yes but I really do like this assignment is really fun and I can wait to go in-depth some more.

Examples of Shape Poems for KidsFor example, this poem about a baby it has this creative style to and the way that it shapes like a baby I love it. But lol there was a post wherein the writing assignment page it mentioned web designers are also but of the writing genre which for some time now I was really 50/50 about but now reading that article I have a clear understanding. The DS gives you unlimited space to work out what you want to to set up your own Assisgnemt so that others can get a grasp of what they need to know

What an interesting site! Offering programs?!

DS 106 Assignment

This week’s assignment on DS 106 was pretty interesting. I got to explore some pretty dope content that I think I could possibly use for my own website when the time is right.

This week we were task with finding an assignment that we could try now and another in which we would later develop the skills to do it later. The first assignment I chose was from the “Mashup Assignment: Storytelling Through Text.”

If you direct your attention to the below this text, I’ve left a picture of what the page looks like. I also have hyperlinked the assignment name in the text.

In this assignment, I had to create a story through text. I’ve seen many of these examples on Youtube ads or on my Facebook timeline. Most of the examples I’ve seen have a thriller like a theme. It starts off as a normal conversation through text and one person always appears to be in trouble.

To complete this assignment, all I needed was my iPhone and an app called “Texting Story.” With this app, I have the ability to create a text tread between two or more individuals. Also, I’m able to edit the names of the people I’m texting and able to screen record the whole thing.

This is what the app looks like for iPhone users

This app is quite effective in creating this assignment. The harder part is just coming up with a storyline to make the text thread interesting. It was a little weird because I was basically talking to myself. But I made it as interesting as possible.

Here is the finished product of my recreation of “Storytelling Through Text.” Hope it is as entertaining as it was creating it!

The second part of the assignment was to find something that I needed more informative knowledge to create. For this assignment, I wanted to learn how to create my very own Logo. this assignment could be found in the  Visual Assignment folder.

This how the assignment looks. I wanted to know more about this process because when creating my own blog website, I intend on creating making my very own to put off my site. This would personalize my work a little bit more and people tend to do better with remembering visual rather than words. I would love to create a logo that helps me become memorable with my CT101 peers.

To do this website I’m not sure what I would have to use as yet. But I intend on doing some more research. I’m pretty sure in this day and age I could find some app to help me with the process.


Louannie N. Smith




DS 106 work

In this chapter of our storytelling class , we’re utilizing a new editing machine . This page is great because it shows different ways to produce visuals . I’m learning that art can be displayed in humor, sadness and through parodies . The limit is endless to communicating through art . I choose two activities from the DS106assignment bank . I decided to do the “Silly movie poster” and the “Birthdays are the worst “ assignments . I picked these options because of them being beginner level and because they challenged my creativity . I typically go for collages or emotional projects . Doing something lighthearted was a trip down memory lane. It made me remember when I was younger and loved editing on computers.

This assignment made me realize how much art was significant in my growth . As I grew, my interest in art matured . Instead of simple collages , I preferred creating pieces that embodies emotion. This was refreshing and gave me a new outlook.

Assignment #3- Are Memes Art?


What Seriously GIF

Of course, memes are an art. I’m saying this because art comes in many forms such as paintings, drawings, etc. The role that art plays is to convey one’s message and express it. Memes are a form of art because they express people’s emotions, and convey the message that it’s aiming for.

Appreciate Thankyou GIF

Although, some people might say the meme is not a form of art, however, I disagree. The reason being that just because you do not believe that it’s not appropriate and does not require the normal way of creating it ..it does not mean it’s not.

Itisart GIF

Nonetheless, It does require the same amount of effort and creativity to create something. It should be considered art formally because we live in a time where technology is everything and used.