Assignment # 1- Internet Happiness

One thing I love the most is dance, especially hip hop. Therefore I am always on youtube looking at random dance videos but mostly my favorite dancers such as: Jade Chynoweth, Kaycee Rice, Janelle Ginestra with her husband Willdabeast Adams (don’t really believe that is his first name), Matt Steffanina, Jojo Gomez and Aliya Janell. I absolutely love them and their energy gives me pure excitement.

 Here is an example of Jade Chynoweth:

I also love and admire when dancers involve emotion into their pieces to make you feel what they feel or to tell a personal story. I don’t fully enjoy dance unless high energy and emotion is involved. I danced throughout high-school and had no choice but to go “full out” so I guess it stuck with me.

Jojo Gomez shows an example of  emotion:


Assignment #2 – Making our First GIF Post!

Making our first GIF & GIF Post Narrative!

Assignment #2 – (scroll down for the full video tutorial)

Exciting times! Lets make some GIFS and explore the contexts and potentials of this Internet Culture Sensation! GIFs are here to stay!

Imgur and Giphy are great platforms to explore and create with! They have a HUGE repository of animated GIFS to choose from! In our Zoom class this week (week #3) lets check out both of these platforms in a series of live video tutorials, both Imgur & Giphy are free to use and work with. (you can sig up for an account for free too) I will post the class video here in this post after the Thursday 9/9 section of the class.

The Assignment Details: BLOG POST!

This week lets create a NEW blog post using your Author access on our class website and embed a series of new Reaction GIF s that narrates your feelings about our CT101 class so far! Think about these questions,; What did you think on the first day of the CT101? Did you like hearing about the course and its creative content? How does CT101 compare to some of your other classes? Also, address what the potentials of this class are?! (yes, you can make this post as long you wish and make it flow like a story – This assignment description that you are reading is also a BLOG post example of the assignment!) Each reaction GIF that you use should be accompanied by a sentence or two or three of verbiage to help describe the GIF and narrative you are communicating.

Here is an example of me responding in GIF expressing: “Demonstrations and examples will be shared and executed in our class Zoom lab time, don’t miss it!” (and if you do miss it, Ill post the video from class here below)

Lets get started!

**PS – Here is a handy tutorial on how to make a GIF from a YouTube URL using Imgur from Prof. Smith a few years back –  My first GIF post

*Here is the full video below from Thursday’s class on 9/9


Passcode: M3BV3&w%


<——- snip transmission ———->

How do you say it / pronounce it? Gi-f or Ji-f?

The battle continues!

Oh, and what about some GIF history?

Here is the WIKI for the GIF file format – its a good read.

Smithsonian – History of the GIF

Mashables take on the History of the GIF

A good article for WIRED on the 30th Birthday of the GIF


Assignment #1 – Internet Happiness!

Yahallo everyone!

Since its release in 2013, one of my favorite series, hands down, has been Oregairu.

My Teen Romantic Comedy Is All Wrong (or Oregairu for short) is a Japanese light novel, anime and manga series created by Wataru Watari. It follows the story of Hikigaya Hachiman, a loner who gets roped into joining his school’s Service Club along with two other girls. They solve the problems of the people around them and begin to grow closer to each other in the process.

I grew more and more interested in the series because of how well-written and relatable the characters were, especially the main character, Hachiman.

With the light novel completed in April and manga still ongoing, the anime entered its final season this summer. Because of how busy this semester has been, I didn’t have a chance to catch up on the final season’s episodes until a few nights ago.

Despite the character facial animations being a little wonky this season, one of the undoubtedly best animated moments was the rap battle scene. It definitely caught me by surprise, and now I can’t count how many times I’ve re-watched it!

Hikigaya has since then been fondly dubbed by the anime community as “one of the top ten rappers that Eminem was too afraid to diss”.

Check out the video below! 😀

Internet Happiness – Assignment 1

When it comes to the word internet happiness. Youtube has to be the place for me. I have always had a passion to be a Youtuber and I still do plan on becoming one. Besides acting, youtube is a place where I can put whatever content I want. I mostly do skits, gaming videos, vlogs and reactions.

Here is my channel: click here

My greatest skit I ever did was a series called PSYCHO where me and a bunch of friends found an abandoned train station and filmed it there:

I believe for any upcoming youtuber the hardest is to reach 1,000 subscribers but once you reach it your smooth sailing from there!

For any other youtubers out there keep uploading and be consistent and hopefully I can see you there at the top!

Biggest goal is to reach 1 million subscribers and I plan on to one day



Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

There are so many things on the internet that make me so happy!!! One of them is Netflix.

Netflix GIFs | Tenor

I could not have survived this pandemic without staring at an HD screen enjoying the most memorable moments of modern tv. Whether you’re in the mood for something terrifying or rewatching the good all Office, there is nothing like going on ONE app/website and getting it all!

The Michael Scott Face! GIF | Gfycat

Trying to survive this pandemic has been a real struggle. Watching continuous hours of Hunter X Hunter, Dexter, or Sister Sister can be soothing when trying to avoid the chaotic actions around you. It may not seem like the best escape route, but it sure does the trick!

However, we should not avoid the inevitable outcomes of this pandemic. Sometimes we just need to take it all in and learn to live with it. After all, we are in this together and need to overcome it together.

Struggle Struggling GIF - Struggle Struggling FatCat - Discover & Share GIFs  | Funny cat videos, Best cat gifs, Cute animals

I mean, if the cat can get through it, so can we!!! (I hope)

Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

This weeks blog question is “What on the internet brings you happiness?”
Currently, I’m obsess with nail art on Instagram. I love to watch the speed up nail videos, where they show you how they prep the nail and add the nail design.
Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I would say my nail art obsession started when Governor Cuomo shutdown NYC for what felt like a lifetime for the past 4 months. All non essential businesses were closed, this included nail salons. I was having a difficult time during this time.


Usually, I would pamper myself as a type of self care routine each month. So, when it was evident that I couldn’t go, I felt a little down. I took it upon myself to look for cool nail designs I would like to try post-quarantine. I’ve gotten so invested in the process, that when I look at my camera roll it’s filled with tons of cute nail designs that I screenshot. Lol

Here are some of my favorites:


I love the creativity that comes out while creating the art. It’s amazing how these talented nail technicians can create vivid & detailed art on such a small surface. I personally feel as though nail technicians can be compared to a regular artists. I think these technicians have the perfect jobs, they have the ability to create art and make others feel good about themselves in the process. The job is simply rewarding!

Here are a few nail techs in the NYC that I’ve found while surfing through IG:

Harlem: https://www.instagram.com/p/CCMYui-F9vA/?igshid=cod19fhidi8i

Bronx: https://www.instagram.com/p/CChAV9xJate/?igshid=1rsdxg4do471a

Brooklyn: https://www.instagram.com/p/B-I9Iq3p0EN/?igshid=1pq2rl6lry77s

Louannie N. Smith

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Greetings Everyone!

My Favorite Player

What makes me happy? the truth is sports make me happy. You can imagine how I felt when sports had to be canceled for a period of time. There was no more turning on the TV at night and watching my favorite team or player play LIVE. Now that sports are managing to find a way to play, I’m super excited.

If you haven’t noticed already, one of my favorite athletes of all time is Lebron James. I enjoy watching him give it his all on and off the court. If you never watched him play or watched his highlights, please watch how great Lebron is at his craft.

Currently, Lebron James is competing for a championship. There’s no better feeling than watching his team play every 2 days. It is something I simply look forward too and enjoy watching.



Internet Happiness

The internet has always made me happy since I was a young girl and there’s a lot on the internet that makes me happy- memes, Instagram reels, Snapchat stories. Though these things bring me extreme joy, nothing on the internet makes me happier than Youtube. Youtube, as we all know, is an online video-sharing platform. 

I guess Youtube makes me happy because there’s so much to be seen on the platform. Through Youtube, I get to rewatch old vines, watch videos about braces- because I have braces and also because they are oddly satisfying- but also, I get to create and share my own videos!


Happy GIFs | TenorYes, that’s right! I create my own videos- not alone of course. When the coronavirus began to spread rapidly and we were all forced to stay inside, my sisters and I decided that we should create content for our already existing youtube channel. The idea was that we would create one or two videos just so that the channel wasn’t just filled with content from when we were younger. So one day, we got dressed up and shot our first video- and people loved it! So instead of just stopping with 2 videos, we continued making more and more, and now making videos has become a part of our schedules.

We only have 142 subscribers but it has been extremely fun seeing people comment under our videos and giving them likes or sharing them. And though I am in the videos, I always find myself rewatching them because it is so fascinating seeing myself on youtube. 

From these videos, I have seen my family become so much closer through our film days and then re-watching the videos together. So in a way, that is how the internet makes me happy- by allowing me to be expressive on youtube with the people I love the most. And -shameless plug- you guys should definitely check out our channel!

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Today I will explain to you a few things that make me happy on the internet. Theres an extremely resourceful website called Youtube that is used and navigated by millions of people in the world. On this site you’re able to explore more information on topics you would like to know more about from someone who may be more knowledgeable about the topic than you do.

Before Youtube became such a large platform, reading books on the topic you’re interested in was the best way to find information. Now that Youtube is around its so promenade you’re able to see visuals of everything you want to know especially HOW TO DO videos. Often times I’m able to Youtube many homework assignments that I am unclear about. Being that I am a visual learn I get a better understanding when someone is using pictures, graphs and words to explain things. Compared to just reading words just to read them.


I think everyone should explore Youtube for ANYTHING they want or need to know, there’s no doubt in my mind that you will not be able to find the information you need. There are thousands of videos of different people you can look into. When you do find a particular person who’s videos your gravitate to most often you can subscribe to their channel to be updated frequently with their videos.



Assignment #1 – Internet Happy

it’s the MEMES for me, literally no matter what my mood is MEMES NEVER FAILS ME…

MEMES always make me smile, laugh or both, they are usually super relatable and super easy to catch the joke. The pictures are ALWAYS spot on and can always be changed and still be funny. Any topic you can think of there is a MEME for it… I think to myself a lot “Do we all live the same life?”

& since this is a college post I am sure everyone can to relate to one, if not all of them.

Here is a site where you can create your own meme.

Assignment #1- Internet Happiness

Hello Everyone !

Today I’m happy to talk about what the internet has that brings me happiness. Online were able to share things with others and have it influence us in any way it can.

Growing up I was not able to have the clothes/ sneakers that I liked because my family couldn’t provide as much as they could. But growing up I also had the internet showing me sneakers that recently have came out or clothes that would be great to put together. I would use this to set a goal for myself and make up for the times where I couldn’t get much as a kid. Now I am a college student being able to provide for myself so looking at these great people who have found different ways to style clothes gave me the idea to change and discover unique outfits.

An example of a page on instagram that I check on daily to influence my outfits for any occasion is called “Wizard Kelly Fits”. He’s able to go to other peoples pages and introduce their fits to others without showing their faces just to take precautions.

To check it out yourself his page is : https://www.instagram.com/wizardkellyfits/?hl=en


Assignment #1: Internet Happiness

During the start of this pandemic, I have to admit I tried staying away from the internet and focused more on spending time with family indoors playing games, or starting new hobbies. We created some amazing memories while playing those games. One for example is catching my father cheating on our favorite game Parcheesi. Yup that’s right he cheated! After watching the video of us playing, we caught that he had cheated three times just in the first 15 minutes, but still came out in fourth place. We all laughed in the end because he thought he was going to get away with it. Worse yet when we accused him of cheating he had this face–>Up until recently when restaurants and stores started opening up again, we’ve barely played Parcheesi. I started focusing on training for a second job, then preparing for classes, then returning to my main job. Even though this was all very exciting to me, one can say that I was overwhelmed with so much on my plate. However, something about having a lot on my plate is exciting to me. When I’m resting I spend time on social media like Instagram or TikTok or simply searching something online. While doing this I came across an ad that made my day. A Parcheesi mobile game ad!

I can’t explain how happy I was to see Parcheesi again. It reminded me instantly of when we played three times in a row or when we had a Parcheesi winning board and my brother was in the lead. Also, it reminded me of the intense moments while playing Parcheesi. We were constantly screaming and I bet our neighbors were questioning why we were screaming at 1 am. I even brought up playing Parcheesi once again and we did. If it wasn’t for that ad I saw while surfing the web, we wouldn’t have played again until who knows when. I highly recommend trying Parcheesi out. Either with friends or family members because the game can get pretty intense sometimes, but it’s a great game. If the app isn’t for you, try playing on the website. 

***By the way, I even created my first TikTok video while playing.  Not the best video but check it out 🙂  



Assignment #1 – Prof. Seslow’s Example – Internet Happiness

I have to say, Im super excited to be back to teaching again! Here we are in the “remote” Fall semester of 2020. I feel lucky and grateful to be teaching simultaneously between 4 colleges here in NYC. I have a particular love for teaching CT101 at York College though.. CT is short for Communications Technology, and the course is called “Digital Storytelling”. (I know, the name of the course says it all!) It has quite a bit of history and I will share more on its origins soon. I love this class because it can literally help everyone. There is something here for all.. I say and mean everyone because lets face it, “we all” spend a lot of time using the Internet. We can all benefit from learning new digital tools, techniques, applications of self expression and participating in a cross CUNY community here on the commons. CT101 puts an emphasis on working with and publishing content to a class wordpress based blog whilst experimenting with what the potentials of a blog post can be. This blog post (in general) and the content below is shared from my first example and our first class assignment this semester. 

What is making you happy on the Internet?

So here we are, officially jumping into CT101 this second week. We have a ton of great stuff to cover, learn, share, create, apply, rinse and repeat this semester! Assignment #1 asks you to share; What is making you happy on the Internet?  You can find the link to that assignment here – <– Thats right, we can do cool things like hyperlink text and verbiage.. We can make an image or an animated GIF like the one above -also a “clickable thing” that redirects to another page or place on the Internet. That IDEA in and or itself makes me very happy! So in essence, the creative and practical functionality of the Internet as a whole makes me really happy. Lets dig a bit deeper..

The GIF above is taken from my profile on GIPHY. (go ahead and click on the image of the hyperlinked word to find my “stock” of animated GIFS. You can use them and embed them almost anywhere on the web. Thats the beauty of GIPHY.com – its a search engine for animated GIFs and animated Stickers, like I said, its Internet culture and Internet culture makes me happy!

I love to make animated GIFS! And guess what, you are going to learn how to make them in our class! I love GIFs and I feel that they are a huge part of Internet culture. Come on now, we all love animated GIFS! I made all of the GIFs in this blog post. These are just a few of the many of thousands that I have made (did I say thousands? Yikes, its true, I cant stop!) I blame Professor Michael B. Smith for this as he got me into GIFs and making them! Be sure to check out his blog here.

September is Deaf Awareness Month, that makes me happy!  It gives me an opportunity to use the Internet as a platform to share information about Deaf culture and to help people get a better insight and understanding of what it is like to be deaf and hard of hearing. Im deaf and hard of hearing, could you tell from our first meeting? Ill bet you couldn’t! Ill share some stories with you this week in class. (Im full of surprises!)

OK, so those are a few things that are making me happy on the Internet as well as a few ways that I use the Internet.

PS – Did you notice the formatting for this blog post? Notice how my images are the same size and how everything has been aligned to the left? This is intentional and it helps the viewer/reader easily absorb the content. You too will learn how to apply a similar format, though it may see a bit tricky to manage at first, you will easily get the hang of it!

What Makes You Happy on the Internet? Assignment #1

Assignment #1 – What Makes You Happy on the Internet?

Your goal for this week will be to read and follow the info / links listed in our class calendar for Week #2. Absorb the information and then begin to prepare and gather all of needed media, images, links and content to create and publish your first blog post here on our class website!

(This assignment was created by Professor Michale Smith a few years ago, it still holds true as a great example and ice-breaker for our first blogging assignment.)

Prof. Smith asserts;

“In a new blog post, take the time to introduce anything you want about yourself and describe a piece of the internet that is “making you happy” this week. Share what the content is about, the media format, and the online space in which is was discovered. Make sure it’s something you can ’embed’ in your post and be sure to link back to the original source of the the item.

Below is an example:

discovered recently a writer who made side-by-side comparisons of frames from the Simpsons with frames from the original movies that inspired the cartoon. I love this kind work because it shows how culture is seemingly endlessly recycled and remixed.

Here’s the original, famous “shower scene” from the 1960 film Psycho:


Assignment 1 – Internet Happiness

My internet happiness is getting all the tea. Tea in the online world refers to gossip. I love it all, whether its Facebook, Twitter,TMZ and The Shade Room. I love reading comments and these stories that are the inspiration for memes.

The most memorable Tea that was a debate amongst my friends and I was the August Alsina and Jayda Pinkett Smiths relationship. Jada, who is 48 years old, began dating August Alsina, 28 years old, while separated from her husband, Will Smith. The phrase “entanglement” went viral after the story broke.


Jada and her husband Will Smith (Left) Jada and her “Entanglement” August  Alsina (Right)

The debate over this relationship is August Alsina was a friend of Jada Pinkett’s son. He was very ill with drug addiction and other health issues. He reached out to her for help. While the age difference between obvious enough, the fact that she was still legally married and left him to go back to her husband. In my opinion, Jada used him because she was filling a void in her relationship by sleeping with him. She broke that mentor bond for selfish reasons. He was in recovery, and this didn’t help in any way.
Another thing is the double standard of it all amid the #MeToo movement. If Jada were a man, she would be considered a predator like Harvey Weinstein or R. Kelly.

Here is August interview

Here is Jada’s response


Some memes: