DS106 Project

I was intrigued by the bucket ‘list assignment because I found that it allowed me to think about a topic that is relevant to the event happening today. It made me appreciate things and think about things I want to accomplish.

Similar to, the reason I chose my next assignment, Before and After. This assignment entails using a photograph from the past and digitally blend it with an image of the present as mention in the description of the assignment. In my experience, a before and after image can have a powerful impact showing the difference time can make within a community for better or worst.

The assignment on the ds106 allows students to use both writing skills and digital skills. I enjoyed viewing the writing assignments. However, I wanted to choose a topic that I often don’t use as a form of expression which is visual. Thus, this assignment allowed me to push myself into choosing the bucket list assignment. These skills are important especially in my field of study because storytelling is a significant part of advertising.



Assignment #4 – DS 106 Part 2

Hello everyone!

For this blog post, I will attempt a Visual assignment from the DS 106 website. The project called “Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs” requires you to tell the story of a movie with 10 GIFs or less.

Summarize a movie with Animated GIFs

So, I thought about all the wonderful movies I can play with!

For this project, I chose The Little Mermaid.

After choosing a fine movie to renovate, I then proceeded to Pixlr to combine all the delightful GIFs I found and tell its story. And…


(That’s as far as I get with French, by the way)

As much as I love my creation. I cannot tell if it was done properly as I’m not sure if the GIFs are supposed to move since they didn’t in the original assignment.

Nonetheless, I think it came out absolutely splendid!

I hope this will inspire you to create your own movie story.

Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility Assignment

While I was on the DS106 Assignment Repository, I chose visual assignments because I’ve always liked those. When trying to pick which assignment to do, I couldn’t decide. It took me a while to find and decide which one I liked best and felt like I could do. When I finally decided, I choose Pop Star Out of Place.

However, I didn’t pick a Pop Star because I had a different picture in mind. Firstly I opened up Photopea to create my assignment. Secondly, I opened Pixabay to find a good quality picture of a river. Once finding the perfect one I opened it on Photopea.

For my “Pop Star” I selected two characters from one of my favorite shows, Friends. Joey and Chandler have so many funny moments in Friends that it was hard to pick. I found an image that goes well with this background. The only problem was that the image I picked wasn’t really transparent.

I knew I had to use the Magic Wand or Magic Cut to fix this. I took a while to crop out the white and grey but this is how my final result turned out…

The techniques I learned while creating this can be very useful for my future assignments. I can even tell a whole story using the same methods. I do hope to better my skills at editing such images so they can look more realistic. Both Photopea and Pixabay were easy and fun to use to create this. If I were to do another one, I would’ve chosen a different assignment to experiment more. Another assignment that stood out to me and that I want to try was Word Cloud.

Word Cloud was harder to work with and I kept having difficulties trying to open it up. However this was one of the first that caught my eye and I’m still        going to try it soon 🙂






Digital Storytelling Project Flexibility

While searching for my first project I was pleased to see the diversity provided throughout the DS106 catalog of assignments. I scouted the page for anything that caught my eye and I came across a “Create a commercial” assignment.


Although it seemed daunting and time consuming I decided to dedicate my  time into making something unique that I consider important.  My commercial is a retro take on a revolutionary piece of technology being developed by Elon Musk. This technology is called Neural link and it is involved in brain mapping and implantable brain–machine interfaces. This technology truly has the ability to change our world which drew me to making a satirical video for it.


The process of rendering a video was very frustrating because I ran into many crashes in my program and had to do a lot of trouble shooting for it to finally create the final product.


My second project I chose from the daily create was the “What’s in your toast” image creation.

I decided to choose this project because I had a spark of inspiration to make a “stress” toast. I think it’s very symbolic of where we are in life right now. It’s a form of coping that you can insert any issues you’re dealing with into. Here’s my toast…

The Internet’s Own Boy – Reflection Post

For a longer reflection post,

We would like you to watch the portrait documentary of Aaron Swartz, The Internet’s Own Boy. Swartz was a prodigy web developer that participated in some seminal web projects – RSS, Creative Commons licensing, and Reddit.

He founded Demand Progress which successfully campaigned against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) with a broadly adopted 24 hour internet blackout of well know sites like Wikipedia. Swartz was later arrested by M.I.T. police for systematically downloading thousands of academic articles from JSTOR and federal prosecuted with charges of wire fraud and 11 violations of the Computer Abuse and Fraud Act. Facing possible jail time, Swartz committed suicide at the age of 26.

Larry Lessig who was a mentor, colleague, and friend to the much younger Swartz commemorated his life and work with Lessig’s appointment as Roy L. Furman Professor of Law and Leadership at Harvard Law School with a lecture titled “Aaron’s Laws: Law and Justice in a Digital Age.” 

**Assignment – In a new blog post, find a moment in either the documentary about Swartz or the Lessig talk that you relate to as an important idea/moment in Swartz’s work as a programmer and/or activist. Tell us why you find it significant and find/make a visual artifact that represents your thinking as well and embed it in the post.

Picking a Domain Name!

Domain Names!

It’s time to choose a domain name  that can represent your digital self! <– (we will watch this video in Zoom class together)

You can’t (and shouldn’t) pick just anything.. this is important!

It has to be unique and also available! It should be relevant – it could be based on your real name, a nickname and or something meaningful to you.

You will need to search for its availability using a domain registrar and you can pick from a number of different ‘top level domains (TLD)’ – for example .com, .net, .us, and .org – then you can have an example like – “mypersonalsite.net”

As we go forward to select and register our domain names (don’t do this on your own please, I will be walking you through the process in class next week!) You’re also going to need web hosting, which will allow you to put files up online and will be discoverable through your new domain name! We are going to use a form of ‘shared hosting’ where you get a portion of a server – think of it as having an apartment in a building. With this shared hosting you will be able to do a lot of things including installing your own instance of WordPress! (via WordPress.org and not wordpress.com – they are a lil different)  With wordpress installed you can then start building your website for your domain name. I will cover a series of demonstrations on how to do this and I will record all of the demonstrations and tutorials.

We use a company called Reclaim Hosting, with which we have a contract with so you can enter a coupon code and start your account for free.

The coupon code will be e-emailed to everyone starting next week – so I will be reminding you to check your York college e-mail address to get the code.

**This Week’s Blog Post Assignment: Write a blog post that shares a few of the potential domain names that you would consider using for your website. List them and say a few words about why they would be good examples for the website that you will build. 

What will your new website be about? This part is totally up to you! If you wish, you can use the website project itself for a specific project, for example, perhaps you want to share your passion for cooking and poetry. Which means you will be primarily writing blog posts about cooking and poetry. This can also be applied to sports, or gaming, or politics or journalism, or simply put, website that fused together many interests as well as your ct101 assignments.  Share your thoughts, excitements, fears and any other sentiments about how you are feeling about this next chapter in your life as a website owner! Please include a few hyperlinks and or screen shots of some of your favorite websites, let us know why you like them! 

DS106 Part 2

Story timeeeee!…..

Once upon a time….. there was a king whom was told he would never win again! They buried his name, questioned his greatness and trolled him for reasons that doesn’t even make sense!

Yet… the king sought for revenge! he remained patient…

Yes! Lebron James.

One of Lebron’s biggest rivals, The Golden State warriors and Curry got the best of him for years! Critics said Lebron would NEVER win again!

Ha Ha Ha..


BTW.. this is my reaction anytime someone questions his GREATNESS!




The Job is yet to be done… to be continued….

A picture that shows everything I love


This collage contains several aspects of my life that bring me relaxation . On vacation my favorite thing to do is sit on the beach . I could sit on the beach and take in the beautiful scenery for hours . I enjoy swimming and doing water sports like jet skis . This reminds me of the future that awaits me , soon I’ll be able to vacation whenever I feel. I love to go on adventures with my boyfriend and have deep talks . I used a picture of two individuals in the car to represent the intimacy involved in communication . Us simple speaking about day , what we want for ourselves, making jokes and giving eye contact keeps us in touch . The picture of the yoga mats represent my love for personal time . I love to sprawl on my mat and stretch in my backyard. It brings me peace and allows me to contemplate on my next move . It also reminds me of why I started my spiritual journey and gives me the push to keep going . I placed the picture of birria tacos because it’s the newest thing I’ve tried . I’m a foodie and love to try new cuisines . This brings me relaxation knowing I’m able to experience the world around me . I love getting involved with the diversity the world has to offer . Last but not least , organic food shopping makes me happy . Eating healthy has an effect on your mood , brain functions , gut health and your outlook . I love to eat properly to take care of my vessel and learn new ways to stay immune from illness .Food is truly medicine , and it’s exciting to learn new uses for it 

DS106 Project Preview

For the Ds106 project I decided to just explore this assignment which was quite challenging so I chose to experiment with it.

So I had a hard time trying to create a unique version of a key by combining two types of keys, using illustrator and photoshop. It was difficult but at least I got to experiment with the assignment. However Im thinking of trying a different assignment as well.

Are Internet Memes ART??

A meme is defined as a cultural item spread via the internet in the form of image, video, phrase, etc. Meme’s are often altered in a creative or humorous way, although some instances involve serious matters such as political affairs. There are many types of memes and they have even predated the internet. The word meme was created when figuring out if there was a measurable unit describing how ideas spread and evolve through generations. This shows that memes are more than just a funny image in our age of internet culture, they exist as ideas and element of culture passed from one individual to another. Here is an example of a “meme” that has been discovered in different cultures all over the world, such as France, England, Syria, and Italy.

Art is defined as the expression of human creative skill and imagination, memes are a clear display of human creativity and imagination in a visual form. They are a documentation of our modern lifestyle, our values, and our struggles. They encapsulate so much emotion and ideology that they can undoubtedly be considered art.

Without memes a large portion of our internet culture would go without documentation. They do a unique job of connecting people from all types of culture which is why they are so often shared. Humans are extraordinarily social beings, this makes memes very significant in our development as humans understanding the world around us.

A prime example of memes connecting our understanding of everything around us has been shown when the first picture of a black hole on April 10th, 2019 was taken. This was a breakthrough in our technology that was spread throughout the world through not only media but memes.

This meme shows the magnitude of influence memes has on our social interaction and distribution of information. Without these memes made on the phenomenon of capturing a black hole on camera many people around the world would have not known this revolutionary information.

DS106 Fashionista

For my second project, I decided to work on the Fashionista assignment. I chose to do this assignment because I wanted to learn more about clothing design for characters. Coincidentally, around the time we were introduced the DS106 is when Inktober started.

Inktober, occurring every October, is a time period where artists around the globe pledge to draw and ink their artworks everyday for the entire month of October. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to stick to my pledge because I get so caught up in schoolwork, but thankfully, because CT101 is so flexible, I was able to include another addition into my collection of Inktober drawings. In the image below, you can see my Instagram post showing a sketch of a woman wearing a party dress.

Overall, this assignment was really fun and I recommend others to try it out! It’s not everyday you feel like a fashion designer.

DS106 Assignment – Part 1

The DS106 Assignment bank has multiple options to choose from but I decide to go for Visual Project because I enjoy image manipulation. Of all the different projects, the one that caught my attention is “Pop Star out of Place.” 


The process was quite simple; first I went to google to choose a suitable background that will be very absurd for a pop star performance. Also I looked for a transparent PNG file of a pop star (Miley Cyrus) and a lion. Last week, I was introduced to a nice online image editing software – Photopea. I was thrilled with what I could achieve with the FREE online program.


I set out to recreate the Pop Star out of Place, I believe I accomplished that but at the same time the combination of different images I used on this assignment ended up producing varying stories and interpretations about the scene – that is digital storytelling.


The next project  I would like to try is under Design Assignments in DS106 Assignment Bank. It has to do with branding; creating a logo for a company with an unregistered logo.

Assignment #4-DS106 Assignment

For this assignment I have decided to  go with the visual because I feel like its something I already kind of know how to do. If not I would probably figure it out. I have two options and am not sure which one to choose but I would not mind trying them both. If I try a couple of these projects I feel like I might learn some new things I never knew I could do. Doing this allows us to learn new things and discover talents or skills we never knew we had. To the left is creating a silly movie poster and the right is a bucket list.

Links to both Images↓↓


Bucket List

Learning new skills are always important. Every time you learn something new, you find out what you are good at and you are not good at. Over the years I’ve though myself how to draw. I am not the best at it but I think I am okay. I would have never known how to draw if I’ve never tried it.

For the second one that I would like to try and complete I’ve chosen the design assignment.

I chose this because I would like to create something of my own and something I would actually like myself or maybe someone else could relate to or like. For example gaming. This looks like it would be fun to create!!

Create a Magazine Cover

This is my gamers magazine. I game all the time so I was like let me create a gaming magazine.


Assignment 4 : DS106 PART 2

We start off going to the DS106 Website!

The assignment I will be doing today is taking a famous person 

and adding a quote that the person never said. I thought It would be pretty

funny and fun to try this from the visual assignment section.

From this photo I took Michael Scott from the office 

saying a famous quote from Spiderman and fusing it together.

For anyone that seen both the show and movie, this quote actually

funny enough makes sense which is why it looks more legit.

I choose this assignment because visual assignments have a massive variety of creative options and since I like making things outside the box I felt that this type of assignment would be best fitting for me. Next time I will try to challenge myself by doing a writing or video assignment!

Assignment#3: Are Internet Memes Arts?

Why would not Internet memes be arts because ? Like any other art they are from human universe and welcomed into human universe. On the contrary they appear more complete for associating creativity, talent, skills, etc., which make the user fell being an integral part of the Game.

Like any art, internet memes are  cultural elements that attract us all around the Table while we each keep our freedom of coding, decoding and encoding.  What if we interated/assimilated/appropriated it better and quicker funnily?