Assignment #2:A Gif Story

To be honest, my initial feeling of this class was of all my other classes. It was another 10 o’clock class that I had to get up from my Cozy cover for.

I think everybody can relate to not wanting to wake up for an early morning class. lol

My mindset was immediately changed when I signed on to our first zoom meeting and here was the class was all about. I was intrigued!

I was overjoyed at how well detailed, laidback and understanding Professor Seslow was. I also loved that I could go at my own pace in this class.

My thoughts towards being able to set my own workflow pace were like:

“This class finna be a breeze!”

I love that the lessons are user friendly. With the recorded tutorials, our class work is self explanatory. I feel as thought this course can be used as a crash course”Blogging 101 for dummies.”Lol

What I’m really looking forward to is creating my own blog website!

I already have so many ideas as to what o want to blog about. It’ll be like my personal journal that I share with the world & my fellow
CT101 classmates.

I LOVE HERE!!!!!!!

Im so ready to create/explore all kinds of creative content to build my portfolio.

I can’t wait to see what our next assignment is all about. Should be FUN!!!!!!

(Disclaimer besides the websites given to use to create gifs, I used some content also from tenor.)

Louannie N. Smith

Assignment 2!- GIF

Prior to taking this course I was really nervous into what I was getting myself into! Digital story telling? What could this course possibly consist of? Are my skill sets good enough to achieve in this course?

Is CT101 for experts!?

This was my reaction after I finished my first Ct101 zoom session! Getting to know what we were going to do in this course seems very exciting! In my opinion, this course is going to feel like 15 weeks of actually learning something interesting!

CT101 is so much more fun than my other courses! I actually enjoy working on assignments in this course! On the other hand, assignments for my other courses… not so much







Me every time I do something creative in this course! There’s so much potential! I know once I absorb as much as I can from this course, I will continue creating content on my own!



CT-101 Expectation

Nervous Anxiety GIF by blackbear

When I signed up for this class I was very anxious, I am not a young person and the internet can be very intimidating.  After our first class meeting I felt relaxed. First there is no need to spend money on a text book, then no quizzes no test how great is that, and the class even though it’s all zoom has a real nice flow it’s like coffee with Ryan an easy to follow conversation.

Relaxing Hot Tub GIF by JAMKOO

The things I will be learning in the class will be things I can actually use in life, unlike other classes where there maybe formulas and equations to remember the contents I will be learning in this class I feel for me will be useful.

Hard Work GIF by memecandy

The techniques I will learn  in ct 101  I believe will not only help me become more comfortable with the internet but will teach me things I can use and do with the internet that will enhance someone else’ online experience.   Even making my first GIF was so exciting for me. It expresses my enthusiasm about this class.


Ct101 GIF



I love visual learning

This class provides me with new perspectives and allows me to express my creativity . Many people dismiss the internet as garbage , but only know the negative parts . The internet has allowed us to use graphics to express moods , send a loving message , or brighten someone’s day with a joke . With these same animated messages we can brighten our daily lives for the better . Teachers use them in their lessons , they’re used in presentations and add excitement to basic communication . Using visuals to convey messages makes me feel centered in my creative state . This not only encourages my eagerness to learn but to do it with pride . This course is excellent and makes me feel happy !!!



Assignment 2-CT101!

When I attended the first zoom meeting, I thought that the professor was going to explain what the assignments would look like. I assumed it would be a boring class and we were going to have exams and quizes on what we learned. It turned out the opposite.

Professor said NO EXAMS! This was already good for me!

This class is no way near my other classes. I’m a sophomore, so I’ve been taking the boring classes so far. However, I hope CT101  will change that.

I was ready to do this!


For this class, we will explore our creativity and experiment with the internet.

I was so excited when I found out we were going to explore our creativity. I’ve never done that before, so I felt like jumping around to express my excitement.

Below is a funny Arab dance that reminded me of myself after the zoom meeting.


Assignment 1 – Internet Happiness

Ever since the pandemic; characterized with pain, tears, depression and the boredom of staying indoors, the world endlessly itched for an opportunity to be entertained once more with sports and other activities.

When the pandemic started easing gradually in some states, the thought of a possible return-to-normal became more realistic and soon afterwards here we are: the NBA Playoffs.

The fact that it was played without fans may have affected the buzzing cheers and noise but obviously not the fun. The Lakers dominated as expected, some star players lived up to their expectations and we all enjoyed the beautiful sports.

Then comes the highlight of my week – Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semi finals, in the 2nd half at 8:32 as Lebron Dunks on Russel Westbrook.

It was so exceptional that it drew one of the most unbelievable reactions from a team mate – Mcgee.

He couldn’t just believe it!!!

This comment below from a the Youtube video says it all about McGee’s reaction. And honestly, it makes one wonder whether Lebron James sees retirement is an option if he is still this good at 35.

The week continued with more fun, surprises, upsets and more entertaining playoff games.

Assignment 2- GIFS!

The first day of CT 101 was beyond my expectations. It was really fun and I was very intrigued on learning the content of Digital storytelling. When we were introduced by the website it looked quite appealing.

When we were told to sign up and make weekly blog posts on this strange new website that’s when I got nervous because I don’t have any experience in digital storytelling what so ever.

However things got much simple when we got to know Professor Ryan and seeing how chill he was and how easy the website was. I was able to easily sign up and make my first blog post.

Compared to my other classes this has to be hands down the most interactive class as of yet. When I heard no exams I was a happy man. Finally a class where I can just be creative and forget about studying for exams in which I probably won’t use in the future.

Are Internet Memes ART??

Are Internet Memes ART? 

Let’s discuss!

(please don’t start this assignment until after 9/17 at 12pm)

First – (lets screen the video above in class and then later read the article below for more context.)

Second – The Assignment Details:

Do an Internet search for “Are memes ART?” See what you discover. No matter how you cut it, memes are here to stay…is this good or bad for Art? Is this good or bad for communication? Are memes simply just forms of self-expression? Or are they MORE? Well, why or why not? I want to know what you think. And by all means plan to search for, discover and share your favorites existing Memes via an image or URL, or embed them into a new blog post for this coming week. How will craft a narrative between using Memes and your own personal experiences?

Oh, and, you MUST create your own meme to express your sentiments for our CT101 class! Be sure to include the words “CT101” in your meme!

Perhaps, you will say “CT101 be like…”

OR, “What if I told you that CT101….”

All of this nestles quite well into in new Blog post! (thats your assignment!) Please consider the formatting of this blog post that you are reading right now. Notice how we see a mixture of images, video and hyperlinks that help give context and reference to where we are drawing resources from. (wink).

Some Online Tools for making Memes:

Giphy.com – (create a free account)

Imgur.com – (create a free account)

Make a Meme – work with some of the Internet’s classic templates

Mashable’s top 6 Meme Maker Picks – various tools

More Insight on MEMEs:

The Wiki Definition(s)

A good synopsis via how-to-geek.com

Another Take via theVerge.com


***The CT101 Meme Project will later be exhibited on the NET-ART website as a collaboration project!  Check out some of the other projects on display there now – https://netart.commons.gc.cuny.edu/galleries-exhibitions/


Are Memes the Pop Culture Art of our Era? Kate Knibbs

(I know, I know, its a dream come true assignment!)

Have fun!

**The Zoom class video recording and tutorials for Week #4 are below:


Passcode: %AE5h!&D

Assignment # 2: GIF Post

On the first day of CT101 I was a little bit nervous. Even though classes are online I was nervous because I’ve never taken a class like Digital Storytelling before.

At the first Zoom meeting, it was nice seeing Professor Seslow because I’ve heard all good things about this class and on how fun it is. Already being on week 3, I couldn’t agree more. This class is so much fun and different from all the other classes I’m taking.

Ct101 is also one of the coolest classes I ever heard of and compared to my other classes this semester it’s the class which I enjoy the most.

Since the class is at 10 am, sometimes it’s hard for me to get up from my bed. Sometimes I even change my alarm to wake me up around 9:50 when I originally wanted to be up by 9 am.

However, once turning on my computer and logging into zoom, I see professor Seslow smiling at us and I feel like I made the right choice in picking this class.

(I had to add an Office Gif, it’s one of my favorite show ever! Dwight and Micheal are some of my favorite on the show. Here’s one of my favorite clips, click here. )

Overall, I’m so excited for what else that class has in store for us all :).




Assignment #2 – Gifs!

Before starting this class, I was freaking out a bit!

Scared Freak Out GIF by The Meredith Vieira Show

I’m not the brightest internet user, so… I was relieved when I found out that the course was for beginners, and you didn’t need any knowledge on the net. Unlike my other courses, whom I have to read 20-40 pages for, CT101 seems a lot more delightful!

Scripps National Spelling Bee Yes GIF by ESPN

When I logged in on the first zoom class, I was surprised how relaxed Professor Seslow made the class feel. It was friendly, NOT intense, and something I can see myself enjoying. I felt like I could do this!

season 4 starz GIF by Outlander

That all changed when Professor Seslow mentioned we would be using “the commons”!?!!?!

Oh No Omg GIF by Friends

I honestly had no idea what the commons were, and it sounded really complicated. But after navigating through the site, it didn’t feel so scary anymore.

I realized that this is doable!

Now, I am ready for what’s to come. And I feel confident I will get the work done!

fallontonight fashion wow omg work GIF

Gifs Gifs and more Gifs

I first heard about CT101 in one of my previous courses by a classmate who spoke very highly of professor Seslow. It was later recommended by my Photography professor when I inquired about a course where I can learn media content. After learning what the course contains I was sold and honestly it was the building of the website for me. My reaction was “Oh really?”

 So even though I don’t need CT101 and I am working full time and also attending college full time I was still pondering if I should take this course.

After the way last semester ended with the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic I was even more skeptical of taking on CT101 on my already tight schedule. I barely  survived the last semester. It was exhausting.

I hopped on my computer and went to looking on ratemyprofessor.com

There were nothing but good reviews, everyone loved this class. I was impressed.

I thought; well I’ve got nothing to lose, this course sounds great.

I showed up to class with great expectations. With everything that I learned before hand and all the great reviews, I had very high hopes. I logged on to our first Zoom meeting with eagerness.

Midway into our first session I was relived that professor Seslow and this course was exactly as described to me. Professor is very nice and seems really down to earth and there is a nice calm vibe to this course, it’s very refreshing compared to most of my other courses this semester. All in all, I don’t regret taking this course at all, I happy I’m taking this course this semester and I excited to see the fruition of this course.


Happiness on the internet

While i am on the internet i like to explore for tv shows, games and new music. When quarintine sarted I was streaming some shows and found out it was pretty good, and that was one of the things that gave me happy during the lockdown. I love using the internet, i have done so much research and found out so much things, the internet has been a good source of knowledge and fun that gives me happiness.  Gaming has been a large part of my time at home,

One of the shows I watched was Smallville, this show is just as old as I am but it is very good, it was very long and sometimes it was hard to follow, but this show was pretty good, it is basically about superman and how it was for him learning his powers and where he really came from. To be honest I am kind of a geek, most of the things I do on the internet are fiction related and it is actually fun for me.



Assignment #2: First GIF Post!


On the day of our first lecture, I remember going onto the CT 101 website and reading through the syllabus. It felt overwhelming, especially the part about being required to do 2-3 assignments per week. It’s been about a year since I’ve last been in a college classroom, so I was a bit worried if I could handle the workload.

However, despite the initial fear I had of the class, after meeting Professor Seslow in the Zoom meeting, I began to understand the class a little better and realized Professor Seslow’s main concern was not to follow some strict guideline, but to allow us to utilize creative freedom.

Personally, I enjoy being creative and doing artistic works more than working with numbers like in calculus and computer science. When I heard about all the creative content we would be making in CT 101, like blog posts, I admit that I got a bit excited.

Compared to my other classes, CT 101 is definitely my favorite class of this semester. All my other classes require me to read 40 or more pages per week on topics I am not really interested in, and then I’m assigned very specific questions regarding the text I read. It’s certainly straightforward, but it’s also very dull and boringly systematic.

After completing the first assignment about Internet Happiness, I realized how powerful digital storytelling was. There’s so much more appeal in telling stories through the use of organized text, design and moving visuals rather than just tiny, compact words (like in a newspaper).

Considering how much society relies on technology and the virtual world, learning how to create stories digitally is invaluable.

My major at York College is Communications Technology with a concentration in Web Design, so learning how to create appealing, EYE CATCHING messages for online audiences is definitely a plus.

I’m really excited to see what this class has in store for us. Hopefully, by taking CT 101, I can learn what makes applications like Imgur so popular, and overall, expand my creative horizons.



Assignment # 1: Internet happiness

My internet happiness has recently become YouTube by which I remain connected with my passion. I love Art and History, so documentaries on where we come from and what we have been doing with with our environment in the good as in the wrong way interest me a lot.

I am not a painter but I am crazy about Painting, same thing about Sculpture and Poetry. YouTube is for me a gate through museums and Poetry Recital.

I hope that this class help to confirm my choice to major in Communication Technology as I still fell uncomfortable. By the way, I think that the beginning is pleasant enough to keep hope.

Thank you Professor for your patience. CT101 is the only class that matches with my rhythm as an English Learner.